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Lockdown at Cordova [OOC - DED]


Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd
Name: Daniel "Danny" Michaels
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Appearance: Danny has short dirty blonde hair, but not buzzcut short. He has cheerful brown eyes. Typically he wears a simple tight blue t-shirt, black gym shorts, and a pair of blue basketball shoes. Danny stands at 6'9 and weighs 250 pounds. He has a muscular build.
Occupation/Student: Student. Danny is the starting power forward on the Cordova basketball team
Additional Information (Optional): Danny aspires to play college basketball at the local University, that is if he survives.


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Name: Theodore "Theo" Blixt
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Appearance: Theodore can best be described as "the gay ginger." His skin is quite pale with freckles littering his body. His deep red hair curls in all directions ending above his big green eyes shielded by his rectangular glasses. Theo is seen as having an overall feminine structure; he has a slender form, slightly underweight, and stands to 5'7''. His iconic outfit consists of a purple long-sleeved shirt holding a pocket on his left breast, complimented by slightly worn jeans. He wears dirtied, dark brown hiking boots to complete his clothing.
Occupation/Student: Student/Senior
Additional Information (Optional): Theodore is considered a "bookworm" and spends the majority of his free time in the library. He is extremely bashful and anxious causing him to greatly fidget when conversing with others. He's an outcast and tends to keep to himself, lingering in a less crowded area if possible.
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The Six Lands
Name: Rebekka

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Appearance: Rebekka is 5' 5". She is a strawberry blonde with freckles all across her nose. She also has a scar on her brow. Her eyes are a hazel green and she is always wearing a flannel shirt, with Jean's and lace up boots. She is very muscular and not slender whatsoever.

Occupation/Student: Student (Junior)

Additional Information (Optional): Rebekka is a foreign exchange student from Norway. She loves animals and works with her father in the lumber industry every summer. She extremely brilliant but her accent is thick so it's hard to understand her at times.

Lila Renn

Hell on Earth.
Name:Kira White.



Appearance: She is quite tall, with long, dyed red hair. Her eyes are a piercing green. She usually wears a white tank top, with a black jumper and black trousers. She has a slender build but is quite strong for her lithe build. She usually carries around a small taser and a dagger.

Occupation: security guard

Personality: She's kind and outgoing. She hates anything that can threaten hers or another student's life. She is protective over her students and does not tolerate rude students either.

Additional Information (Optional) She has a thick Scottish accent, but none of its likes,(Such as Iron brew.) She has a small amount of training in the martial arts.

Lea the mom friend

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Name : Ginny Curley
Age : 14
Appearence : short, long dark brown hair, blue eyes, pale with freckles, wears a pink shirt with long sleeves, a purple skirt, long white socks and black shoes
Occupation/student : Student
Additional information : Loves the teachers, doesn't have a family, doesn't like other students, is very shy and a scared-cat
Hey I'm looking for something to start my Halloween binge. Is this still open?

I'm asking because the oldest post is May 26th.

Also is PTK in effect?
Name: Alice Kingsley
Age: 24
Appearance: long wavy blonde hair, pale pasty white face with slight bangs underneath her eyes, giving her a perptually tired look, piercing blue eyes, soft feathery voice.
Occupation: Libarian.
Other: Favorite book is Alice in Wonderland.

I'm going to post this anyway and see if it gets accepted or not.