Open Looking BNHA Rp buddies! (Specifically looking for BkDk)

Hey there! Call me Purple or Dragon~ I'm new to the site but definitely not new to roleplaying, even if it's been a hot dang minute since I've taken up the keys to rp. (Fanfiction, though, that's been fueling me lately lol).

Anyway, have some quick info before we get started I suppose:

  • I live in the Central time zone
  • I work two jobs and I'm in school right now, so I'm a busy bee and reading and writing is how I decompress after a long day.

  • I'm honestly not picky where I roleplay. Either here or on Discord are preferable.
  • If you wanna hit me up on Discord I'm Lil' Dragon#8933
  • I'm not too worried about reply lengths. I prefer one to two paragraphs minimum, but I understand sometimes it's hard to squeeze out that much. As long as I'm given something to work with and I'm not carrying the rp all by myself then everything is chill with me.
  • I have a few barely fleshed out preferences below, but I'd love to hear any other concepts you may have!
  • If you wanna do anything NSFW I'm down, but for the love of the gods don't be a child. I'm 28 years old, so I assure you, I'm well above the age to write smut myself.

Okay so! Concepts I'm a huge fan of in no particular order:
- Fantasy AUs
-Soulmate AUs
-Canon Divergent
-Mythical Creature(ie: vampire, werewolf, etc.) in modern society
-Hybrid (with or without ABO)
-Vigilante Deku/PH!Baku

Literally, any variation of these and I'm sure more that I can't think of right now I'm into. If there's something you're interested in then just ask away. I probably won't say no right off the bat.

I can play either Bakugou or Deku. I have more experience writing Bakugou but I can do either easy. Either PM me here or on Discord if you're interested! I'll respond as soon as I can~