Hello there (General Kenobi), I've been thinking for a few days how exactly I wanted to phrase this, because I wanted to seem interesting but not overbearing. I'm looking to do a down to earth, realistic* role play, centering around adults (aged 20 to 40, for variety), that deals with mature/adult themes, and by that I don't mean sex (I'm not looking for smut), I mean topics like loss, work, fear, family, etc. I play an ensemble cast, focusing on a husband and wife, the wife's not-blood sister, and the husband's not-blood brother. The sister has her own family with her own husband and children, but I really only reference them**. I don't have a starter, because it is a very open-ended concept, and I don't really have a plan.

I don't have a preference of reply lengths, and I'll do my best to match whatever you prefer, but in the spirit of honesty, I'm not excellent at matching multi-paragraph length replies, because my style of RP is focused on interactions between characters. In the real world, I'm a small time actor, so I read a lot of plays, which seems to have given me a focus on dialogue and movement. Most likely, my responses will be a paragraph in length, and I have no qualms against people who give one-liner replies, just as long as it moves the story forwards.

I don't write smut. Full stop. I'm not good at writing it, and it makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable, especially in a forum like this where I don't know you. However, I am okay with sexual themes/implications/etc. I write innuendos and sexual references when they're fitting, so it isn't that I'm a prude or puritanical.

Is this something you're into? Let's talk about it, and we can decide together more of the details. I'd prefer 1x1, because sometimes big groups can get confusing, but I'm not opposed to working with two partners, and not just one. If we can make it work, let's make it work! One of my favourite parts of role play is the collaboration, so I really want to work with someone to create the RP, not just create a scenario to puppeteer someone else's actions.

*I said realistic, but I'm willing to bend the rules on that a little bit. If we want a little bit of magic or powers, I'm willing to work with that. Are you into this, but like to play a mermaid? As long as she can walk on land, let's do that. I'm more than willing to work with you and adjust the rules. Do you want to be able to read thoughts? Awesome. My only request is that your character(s) be humanoid (i.e. not an anthropomorphic animal. Werewolves are okay, dogmen are not), and can still function in a city-like setting.

**That said, if you're looking for a character (or characters) to play, and want to be part of the family, feel free to play either the husband, or one of the four kids. The children are very open ended, because I adopted them from a former partner who never really gave them personalities. The husband has a bit more substance to him. All five have names that I'd prefer you use, if you choose to play one of them. This isn't a requirement, just an option.