Open Looking for a partner or two

Im in the mood for either a vampire or any supernatural rp.

I have a witch, a vampire, a werewolf, and a mermaid that i would love to rp with
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I might be interested. Do you have any specific plot in mind? I thought I would be most interested in a mermaid, which is still interesting to me, but honestly, I'm thinking a werewolf plot could be intriguing. It's the only one of the four I've never done a story with.
Hi, i do not have a specific plot. c: And im good with either or of the two haha. O we could possibly mix the two together?
Mixing the two would work fine, depending on how they're mixed. A story involving both werewolves and mermaids is interesting to me, but a were-maid is less interesting. I'm often wary of adding too much to any particular character.
Like the mermaid and the werewolfs could either be at war or something like that. I wouldnt mix the two in a werewolf/mermaid hybrid.
I'm not super into a mermaid-werewolf war, it doesn't quite make sense to me, because I can't quite tell what they would be warring over.

But we might want to discuss further through private messages. Just in case someone else it interested in rping with you too :)