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Open Looking for Dungeon master and players


Yello, howdy, and greetings to one and all. I’m looking for partners and roleplays, and will be putting up a post in the 1 X 1 board for more plots and general tastes.

So what is this for? This is a roleplaying site, not a dnd site, so I don’t expect my hopes to get high. I’ve never played DND nor have I dmed, but I’ve been looking through the lore for a while now, it’s given me some interesting ideas, some thoughts and plots.

So to you my wonderful roleplayers, I am looking for a Dungeon Master/Game master, either to run the actual Table top, or to run an rp.

I’m looking for a more experienced partner to present my ideas to, please do temper your critism, I’m an unoriginal hack, who excels more at improvisation, sudden spontaneous energy, and rapid spit balling of ideas. When left to my own devices my plots, or worlds, sort of become illogical, sometimes intentionally, as I try to go as fantastic as possible, sometimes poorly, as logistics of how societies names, and cultures will slip my grasp as I follow the rule of cool.

I am , a writer, is some skill. Adequate, moderate, mediocre, at best.

This is where you step in! You can join as a player and I’ll do my best to flesh out my ideas, and let you explore them, again, improvisation I do enjoy, and your questions cna help me shape our plots, plans and settings.

So, why bring this up? A more experienced DM probably will have no interest, unless they have writers block or desire to mentor, but I was hoping we I could give you my ideas, for Villians, characters, plots, or setttings and they could maybe add details, help refine, and finally use their own players as Test subjects.

i do not enjoy luck, I do enjoy the playing of roles and story telling, so that’s why I have not done dnd or gotten into it.

Please note, while I brought up dnd, again this could be done for more traditional roleplays as well. At the moment, I heavily, do not trust my own performance, as the roleplay leader. Lots of my partners dissapear, and never return, assuredly because of real life, but they never answer or come back. So I’ll have no idea!! And that does mess with me!

If you desire to know more, feel free to message, or look at the other posts I will be putting up in this forum. Thank you!