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Open Looking for partners <3 Let's write together


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Hello all!

If anyone is searching for a partner for a one on one roleplay, feel free to message me and tell me what type of story you're interested in writing.

I suppose It's important to mention I play both males and females. I'd be fine doing romance with M X M / M X F / F X F just let me know.

I personally like to include Romance, Fantasy, Drama, Paranormal, and Historical. (Everything can be mixed and matched.) Or a sweet heart warming slice of life.
  1. Historical / Fantasy: I can tell you that I've been craving to collaborate and write about was a fantasy Chinese Palace Drama.
    1. I've already been creating characters for this theme, my potential partner could either pick and choose existing characters or make their own.
    2. The main characters of the plot would be the younger generation of royals such as Princes and Princesses or nobles / peasants and the complicated power struggle for the throne.
    3. It would also have drama and intrigue, for example the main characters uncovering evil plots or solving problems
  2. Modern / Fantasy: I'm also interested in a supernatural High school or college theme. Students can be (though not limited to) Vampires, were-wolfs, ghosts, or hybrids)
  3. Slice of life: Celebrity X Manager
  4. Slice of life: College roommates
  5. Modern / Fantasy: God / Goddess X Human
  6. Historical Fiction: Assassin X Royal target
  7. Historical Fiction: Bodyguard X Royalty
  8. Historical Fiction: Rebel X Royal Heir of Tyrant
  9. Modern / Action / Suspense: Killer X Detective
  10. Modern / Action: Undercover Agent X Mafia Member
  11. Modern / Action: Secret service X Presidents Daughter
  12. Modern / Action: Superhero X Villain / Superhero / Civilian
Otherwise I'm up for chatting and helping others get themselves out of their writers block! I personally get stuck in my head, or so I've learned. And then encourage each other and give each other constructive criticism and what not!

;) Thanks for reading!
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I'd like to do a number five...
Let me think about it.

You say sometimes you get stuck? I have the exact opposite problem. I imagine, plan too much.
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