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Looking for Roleplays to Feature!


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Okay, so we're working on drawing new members to Storyteller's Circle to get activity picked back up again, and part of that involves getting our front page looking better! Our current content on it is months old.

SO. If you have a new roleplay you have posted up in the bulletin board (or have an ongoing one that you need more players for), you can post a request here for us to feature it on the front page.

To qualify for a front-page feature your roleplay should have a developed concept world/lore/story etc and be open to multiple players.

To get a roleplay featured all I require is a short advertisement blurb, an image to go with it, and a link to a recruitment thread in the bulletin board. Keep in mind that these will be going on our front page, so make them look good! I reserve the right to return a submission for revisions if it's riddled with errors, lacking in substance, or is outrageously long. To give you an idea of the length of an article advertisement that is ideal, then just look at the length of this post. On average, this post is about the right size for a featured roleplay advertisement. Short and sweet, but enough length to give a solid impression of the nature of the roleplay in question. If it's a bit longer or shorter, that's fine, just don't overdo it.

If you need examples of past featured roleplays, just scroll through the home-page to take a look at them.

Note: For people who have accumulated featured roleplays via donations, this will not detract from that available total. This is an open offer to everyone, so if you have 5 available features you haven't used, and take up this offer to have a roleplay featured, you will still have 5 available features to use whenever you would like after we close up open feature submissions.
Name: Heavenbreaker: Future of Tamriel
Link: https://www.storytellerscircle.com/...-of-tamriel-elder-scrolls-but-with-tech.9129/
Hey all, Mythy here. Had an idea to use the setting, races, and concepts (magic, divines, and daedric princes among others) in a Tamriel that had advanced in tech, if not style. Energy bows, laser-edged blades and the like, as well as tech-magic foci. The racial concepts and tensions still exist, and conflict occurs, but it isn't until recently that tempers have begun to flare across the land.

Enter the Techno-Wizardry Cult that is "Heavenbreaker". A secretive cult that has been growing in reputation over the years, it is said that their leadership and devotees gain bodies more machine than human.

The game will be set in Cyrodiil mainly, and the Player Characters will wake up imprisoned by a sect of Heavenbreaker due to the spark of a divine within each of them (I am counting Talos as a divine, so I can have a maximum of 9 player characters). After their escape, the PCs will need to come to terms with their burgeoning powers, as well as try and unite Tamriel before it is too late.
(Request: Caption "High-Ranking Heavenbreaker Cultist")


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We're All Mad Here
Name: We're All Mad Here
Link: https://www.storytellerscircle.com/forums/were-all-mad-here/
E-min_11zon__1613072141_199.119.28.100 (1).jpg
Imagine a world... with no rules.
Go ahead - imagine it.
It sounds pretty good, right? A world where you can make whatever kind of character you want, with no limits? To create whatever you want? Sounds pretty good, right?
I'm not joking. This isn't that false advertising some people put onto their sites "Be whoever you want, DO whatever you want", this is a world with as little rules as possible. I'm not kidding. So far we have, like, one, I think.
So, come on down with your craziest ideas, your most far-fetched of worlds. This world is your oyster. You can befriend it, ride in it, see the world, live in it, or suck the last ever-loving marrow from it's bones. The choice is yours. Just be careful. Even you aren't exempt from the consequences of your own actions.
After all, we're all mad here.
Won't you join us?
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Name: Extinction War
Link: https://www.storytellerscircle.com/threads/extinction-war-sci-fi-mech-squad.9146/
In the galactic community, it used to be that no one wanted for everything. All needs were filled, and everyone was happy. Generally speaking, it's still like that near the core systems.

This story is not about the core systems.

This story is far afield, where the Devourer has arrived from beyond the galaxy's edge. A hivemind of creatures unlike anything that has been seen on the planet, they only seem to have instinct to attack, devour, destroy. Their bodies are covered in chitinous armor, and their weapons are scything claws made of bone and guns melded to their bodies that shoot living projectiles.

After the initial rush, where hundreds of colonies went dark, the galactic navy was able to fight back. Old war machines were used to stall the advanced while new ones were created. Exoskeletons became the norm for all support personnel and vehicle crew. Frontline fighters would be given powered armor according to their role, and many new vehicles were created.

But the Pilots and their Legionnaires are the true trump card. Using the greatest advances in training and technology, Pilots are a force to be reckoned with. In their exosuit, they can rival, if not beat, any standard grunt — even in their armor. The pilot has great freedom in weapons and loadout, but even with all these advantages, the biggest is the Legionnaire. A large robotic titan, the Legionnaire can be piloted or they can be controlled by an onboard AI specially suited to both the model and the pilot. Because not every pilot is the same, every Legionnaire is different, made to specification and to augment their natural abilities and skills.

We will follow a new squad of pilots and their battles against the Devourer...


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Name: The Mummy: World War II
Imhotep was gone for good.

But the evil legacy of the Hom-Dai lives on.

As World War II rages on, a new evil has arrived in Egypt in the form of the German Nazi forces. The Nazis have recently learned about Imhotep and the curse that gave him his powers, and now they want that power for themselves. With an army of soldiers wielding the power of Imhotep, the Nazi forces would be unstoppable.

The Medjai, the sacred guardians of the immense supernatural powers within Egypt, are now hopelessly caught in the middle. Severely weakened after the Battle of Ahm Shere, and unaccustomed to taking sides in political conflicts, the Medjai remain equally wary of both sides of this war, seeking only to keep the magic they guard out of the hands of those who would abuse it. Nevertheless, the Nazis have made no attempt to respect the Medjai’s neutrality. The Medjai know the secrets of the Hom-Dai, and for that, they must yield to the Nazis’ will or face utter extinction.

Here begins the O’Connell family’s next great adventure. Never quite losing their thirst for adventure, the patriotic Evy O’Connell and her swashbuckling husband Rick enlisted as spies for Britain very early into the war. Now, as the only ones with any real experience in dealing with the Hom-Dai, Rick and Evy have been dispatched to Egypt once again to thwart the Nazis’ plans and finally put a permanent stop to Imhotep’s curse.



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Name: Kingdom Hearts: Renaissance

Since the beginning, light has served as a counterbalance to the darkness, especially in the hearts of men. Over the years, there have been many who sought to destroy the light and plunge the world into darkness, but for every such evildoer, there have also been a number of brave souls ready and willing to fight back against the darkness so that light may prevail. Sora was one such soul; together with the many comrades he has met in his young life - including his childhood friends Riku and Kairi, as well as the ever-loyal Donald and Goofy - he has fought to keep the darkness at bay wherever it may arise.

However, Sora has mysteriously disappeared after using the Power of Waking to save Kairi. Master Riku left soon afterward to search for Sora, but then he too mysteriously vanished. In their absence, the darkness has now become bolder than ever, rising yet again to claim more worlds. A new foe, known simply as Noctis, has now been abducting some of the light‘s greatest champions in other worlds and forcibly extracting the light from their hearts, leaving behind beings known as Wraiths who exist to serve him and to spread his influence throughout the worlds. But the light will not be defeated so easily; Sora and Riku’s friends and allies - particularly Master Aqua, Kairi, Donald, and Goofy - have taken charge of the search for him and for Noctis, seeking to stop the latter's plans before it's too late.

And more recently, newly-chosen Keyblade wielders and other new heroes have been emerging as well to help fight the darkness. Kairi and Master Aqua now wait in Traverse Town, where Master Yen Sid foretold they would soon encounter the other new heroes. In addition to this, there have been reports of crystals of pure light being spotted in some worlds, as well as Noctis and the mysterious Wraiths, who are searching for these crystals for some unknown reason.

The war between light and darkness continues...

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Life on the Edge GM
Name: Life on the Edge

Link to interest check here

Hey hey!, welcome to Life on the Edge's interest check and sign ups. A slice of life roleplay set in Night City, heavily inspired by the Cyberpunk Red TTRPG and Cyberpunk 2077 videogame. Live the life of a mercenary, on the fringe of society, where many engage in illegal or semi-legal acts or life-styles. We navigate the complexities of living on the Edge, bothersome neighbors and keeping up with the latest cyberware implants. And we do it together. You don't need to have played the games.

Your characters are going to see an ad mine puts up on the net and on the streets, looking for a group of 3 to 4 mercs to share a small appartment with and to work as a team. You will all benefit from a higher quality lifestyle, better paying gigs, shared contacts.

||3 free bunk beds and a sweet chance | 15:56 by A.I. Bunny:||

>Hard working merc with a brand new appartment in Watson, mega-building 11.
>Looking to form a merry band of fellow mercs.
>4 people are better than one, see where I'm going with this?,
>We split the edds fairly, pay rent, get big, get fucking rich.
>Give me a call



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Name: Afterlife

Link: https://www.storytellerscircle.com/threads/afterlife-ghost-themed-spy-superhero-rp.9943/

You are dead.

But this is not the end for you. At least, it doesn’t have to be.

But first, allow us to introduce ourselves.

My name is Aidoneus. I am the Director of the Afterlife Society. Like you, we have each died before our time, and have remained here on the earthly plane. But even in death, we have chosen to put our lost time to good use, eliminating the evils that no force among the living can stop. What exactly this entails may vary at any given moment, Some of our agents choose to guard the realm of the living against the many supernatural dangers that threaten it, be they human spirits who have succumbed to corruption, or non-human spirits seeking to cause as much harm to humanity as they can. Others choose instead to guard the living against each other, stopping those living human criminals who might otherwise be untouchable by mortal authorities: tyrannical governments, organized crime syndicates, serial murderers and rapists, and the like.

I offer you the chance to join us in this cause: to help you give meaning to your tragic deaths.