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1x1 Looking for Semi-adv.- Adv. Rp partners~ (MxM) (Edited 6/22/19)

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board' started by LadyDovahkiin, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. LadyDovahkiin

    LadyDovahkiin DragonFanatic

    Edited- Re-made the thread to a multiple choice search thread. (6/12/19)
    Added four plots. Took out serial killer plot and crime genre. (6/22/19)

    So, I am looking for long term Rp partners. I have been roleplaying for about 9 years now. I know others see and rp differently so I'll put now the way I prefer doing it. I first love to post around two paragraphs minimum; with 5 to 8 sentences in each paragraph. I do not accept one liners ever. Sorry, no. I also write in third person using she/her/he/him pronouns and prefer if you did as well.

    As for pairings, I will only do M/M (male with male). I prefer being the 'submissive' character in most RPs. Though with some RP, such as the DetectivexSerial Killer. I would prefer if our characters were switchers; where they can be submissive and dominant at times, no concrete position. Something I also wanted to add was that if the RP ever gets to a sexual nature I only RP vanilla.

    Oh, and I am open to putting together RP character sheets or description in paragraph form.


    ***The starred ones are the roles/genres/plot's, that I really would like to do.***


    Genres I am open to doing-

    Family*** (When I say "Family", I mean a setting where either both or one of our character has a child/ren and they meet and eventually become one family. Or where our characters are already married and adopting/having, etc.)
    Fantasy (levels: High magic (final fantasy or Jrpgs in general), Middle magic (skyrim, the witcher, etc) Low magic (things like Conan).) {I prefer Middle.}

    Romance (I usually have some romance in all my rps)***
    Slice of life


    Merman/Human (I'd rp the merman)***
    Angel/Demon (Happy with either)
    Vampire/Mortal (I'd rp the vampire)
    God/Mortal (I'd rp the god)
    Reincarnated lovers
    Teacher/Students parent (I'd rp the teacher)
    Reclusive Author/Editor (I'd rp the author)***
    Doctor/Patient (I'm happy with either) (I have an itching to RP a multiple personality disorder patient)***


    To be Added.
    Genres I am not open to doing, currently-


    Plot's I'd like to do~

    Flowers, Secrets, Intrigue.~ (MxM)***
    You guy is a Delivery Man who picks up flowers from various shops and takes them to be sold in bigger stores. But there is one store in particular that has gotten your attention. It is run by a young man around your guy's same age and they are very soft spoken but very knowledgeable on plants of all kinds, though flowers are an obvious favorite. They have been wanting to ask them out for a few weeks, but then the other week they went in to finally ask them out, they weren't there someone else was. They were told that my guy was out of town for a while, no idea how long. Now about a month later he is back but something is troubling him. There are bruises on his skin and he isn't as smiley as usual. Will he find out what happened? What about asking him on a date?

    Childhood friend and maybe more?(MxM) {Fantasy Medieval, RoyaltyxBestfriend/Bodyguard} [I'd use my character King Rainerius, on my profile.]
    Your guy is the King's personal bodyguard and childhood friend. He is the one that came up with the idea of calling the King his ‘Queen’ after the prince tried on a dress in private. Not knowing that his best friend had been watching. The two have feelings for each other but the council does not approve of him and insist on the 'Queen' marrying another ruler. Can your guy convince the King to ignore the council's will?
    To become a Family~(MXM){College}
    My guy has been in town for only a month now but, he is Mr. Popular already. Which is the complete opposite of what your is. Well, your character fell secretly for mine from the moment he set his eyes on him. For what reasons... Well, your guy has many. But, the biggest is how kind my guy is to him and all peers at school. He has made it clear that he does not judge others by their school (they are in college) 'rank'. In fact, my guy even called your guy his friend.
    But, there is something... interesting about my guy and that is that he's obviously hiding something. He has a secret he holds very close.
    Well, your guy decides to follow mine home and discovers... him with a kid?! And it's not his younger brother either. No, he's a father but, how? He is very responsible. So how did this happen? Also, what if your guy accidentally gets caught spying by mine? Can he get my guy to trust him with the knowledge that he has a son? Will love blossom between the two guy's over time?
    Poems, Understanding, Love? [I'd use my character Septimus Parker, he is on my profile.] !!!
    Plot- So, my guy is in love with the ever-popular guy in school (your guy). But my guy is extremely skittish and quiet, so he started writing love poems, light, happy, dark, sad and he put them in the guy locker. Always signing his poems as anonymous. After weeks of receiving mysterious poems your guy really, really wants to know who was putting these poems in his locker. So one day, fate is with him when he sees a person, clearly male, in a hoodie put one in. Then leave. He follows my guy and he finally confronts my guy when he was sure that they both were alone. What'll happen next? What if your guy is also abused but hides it?
    Listen to your heart... Before you tell him Goodbye~ !!!
    Plot- Our guys are married. They've been married since they were both 18-years-old and just out of High-school. They grew up knowing each other and inevitably fell for each other in Middle-school. They seemed extremely happy but they did take a break in the first year of High-school, to see if they really belonged together. They both tried dating others but each and every try failed. They simply did not feel complete with those people. So, naturally they reentered a relationship with each other and it stuck.
    It's been seven years of marriage and they were very happy. Until recently. Recently, my guy has been drifting away slowly but surely. Can your guy figure out why? Can he fix it? What secrets is he hiding? Did he cheat? Could he be ill? Why is drifting away?

    If interested in RPing with me or have questions, feel free to comment below or to PM me.
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2019 at 4:05 PM
  2. LadyDovahkiin

    LadyDovahkiin DragonFanatic

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