Blue winter rose

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Ey I am blue winter rose,

As the title suggests I am looking for some people to roleplay with. I add two ideas of my own underneath. If you have another idea or any suggestions for changes or additions let me know. I will let you know if I like it or not. I like fantasy but, I would also be up for other genres like Post Apocalypse or adventure. I am not a fan of fanfiction. Although I am fine to roleplay something that is based on something but, I don't play canon characters.

Little girl with amnesia

One day you find a young girl somewhere in the forest/garden/park. She doesn’t seem to know who she is or where she comes from the only thing she can tell is her name, Aleria. You can’t impossible just leave her there. But, what else can you?


-the human can have private problems, work friends, money relations etc. etc.

-I can also play a partner or a friend of the human

Oops we have magic now

Two lab partners work closely together on a project to reactivate braincells after they got damaged. One day one of the experiments went wrong and they got exposed to the treatment on accident.(or they could test the treatment to see if it wasn’t damaging for healthy people) Over a course of a view weeks both of them notice strange things. Like a part in their brain is activated what wasn’t before. Giving them the ability to do telekinesis and more. How are they going to keep this a secret for their spouse? Their boss? Would they be able to help people with their newfound powers and what’s more if it could reactivate that part of the brain would it help for people who lost brain function.


-One or both of the lab partners could have a partner already, they could fall in love as the roleplay progresses but, they don’t have to. I prefer to go this route.

-perhaps there are some side effects as well