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Illusion Looking Glass Sign-Ups


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"My name is Dr. Ellie Staple, and I'm a psychiatrist. My work concerns a particular type of delusion of grandeur. It's a growing field. I specialize in those individuals who believe they are superheroes."


"You may not remember it very well, but you were admitted to this institution some time ago in order to be rehabilitated, and I'm very proud of the progress you have all made. In no time, you will finally be able to return to the world as healthy members of society."


Whoever you are, or rather, whoever you once thought you were, you are now a patient at Raven Hill Memorial Mental Institute. If there's one thing you have in common with the rest of your fellow patients, it's that you once believed that you were someone you were clearly not. Whether it was a superhero, a dark lord, a time traveler, or anything else, you have since come to accept the truth. You are really just a normal human, with no special powers.

However, just as your treatment draws to a close, it seems that there are a few patients who still haven't managed to be rehabilitated completely.

For one, Elijah Price thinks he is a supervillain mastermind named Mr. Glass, and for some reason, he just can't stop talking about some grand plan that he has been carefully laying out ever since you had first gotten here... whenever that was, not that you can remember clearly. Not that any of it matters so much. Surely, Elijah will be rehabilitated in all due time.

And yet, you just can't shake the feeling that he is honestly as dangerous as he claims to be. But what could you possibly do about it?

After all, you're just a normal human being.


So, yeah, this event will be an Illusion event with a bit of a twist. Whereas other Illusion events involve the main cast having their identities completely erased with no memory of who they once were until the final act, this one is a little different as you might have guessed. Also, in line with our recent trends, this will similarly not have any special roles in it.

While your character is still stripped of their original identity in familiar Illusion fashion, this time, they'll be able to remember their original name and perhaps even a small inkling of their past life, but recontextualized in their minds as delusions, but we'll still go through with the matter of them having a fake Illusion identity as well. Basically, just cutting a step or two out of the usual process. Otherwise, should still be straightforward as can be.


1. Naturally, all of STC's rules apply here.

2. You should know the drill by know. Remember to be civilized. I'd also say no godmodding but I guess that'd be a bit hard under these circumstances, as powers will be nerfed for the duration of the Illusion. You're at my mercy, after all.

3. Just one character per player. No duos this time, as it seems to be Illusion tradition at this point.

4. Wow, this section was a lot shorter than I expected it to be. This isn't actually a rule, I just wanted to use up space.

If you have any questions about something I might have forgotten, do feel free to ask! Certain rules and processes may or may not be added and removed on a whim.


Appearance: Self-explanatory. Just a picture is fine if you'd like. Feel free to use different pictures between your Illusion and true identities to emphasize how they look under the Illusion.

Illusion Name: What is your character's name? Feel free to just use your character's canonical name, or make up a new name if you want, especially if it's considered an unusual name by the standards of real life.

Illusion Biography: Now that you've undergone treatment, what is the background of your character's Illusion identity? Can be as brief or as in-depth as you'd like.

Other Info: Any info of note you'd want me to know about.

Appearance: Self-explanatory. Just a picture is fine if you'd like.

True Name: What is your character's name? Do they generally go by an alias/nickname?

Age: Chronologically, how old is your character? Optional.

Canon: What does your character originate from? If your character is an OC, just say "OC." If your character is an OC specifically from an established canon, put the name of the canon and "OC" next to it, for example "Star Wars OC" or so.

Powers/Abilities/Equipment: What is your character capable of, and if they have notable items they carry around, like weapons, is there anything special about them? Just a Wiki link is fine.

Short Bio: Just a short summary of their background, and perhaps even from what point of their timeline are they taken. Even just a wiki link is fine.

Other Info: Optional. Just basically any extra info you feel is necessary that you want me to know about.

... I think that should be it.


@Gummi Bunnies as Chloe Winters Chloe Ironside (Ciconia When They Cry)
@Rwac96 as Clark Kent Clark Kent (DC Comics)
@Capri as Erin Natick Ena (Ena)
@Takumi as Hagusa Fujisaki Yukine (Noragami)
@Lucky as Liam Bishop Bishop (DC Comics)
@Jeremi as Michelle Curry Makkari (Marvel Comics)
@Minerva as Morgan Yu Morgan Yu (Prey)
@Not a Writer as Natasha Matsushita Tatsumaki (One Punch Man)
@Yun Lee as Ronald Ness Norton Campbell (Identity V)
@Josh as Sylvia Li Sersi (Marvel Comics)
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The Convergence Series GM
NPC Sheet


Illusion Name
Fujiko Mine

Illusion Biography
Just a normal, unassuming clerk at a jewelry, who clearly let her dreams of living a daring life of adventure get the better of her. But at least she's all better now, right?


True Name
Fujiko Mine

Unknown. It's not polite to ask that of a lady.


Though she is a normal human for all intents and purposes, Fujiko has a wide array of skills under her belt, being a skilled marksman, thief, acrobat, hand-to-hand fighter, pilot, driver, disguise, the whole nine yards. She always makes sure to have a pistol on her at all times as well, no need for anything heavier than that.

Short Bio
Not much is known about Fujiko's past. What's there to know of a famous thief, after all? A woman of contradicting accounts and background, suitable for a thief in the night like her. The only thing anyone can really confirm is that she often works alongside other famous thieves, notably the famous Arsene Lupin III...


Illusion Name
Peter Petrelli

Illusion Biography
Peter was born into a wealthy and politically influential family, with his parents being corporate executives and his own brother even breaking into the political world as a junior senator. While Peter himself had little interest in politics, he was far from an underachiever, instead dedicating his efforts to preserving life as a hospice nurse.

However, over the many years Peter had worked the job, it proved to be an emotionally harrowing one. Though he had managed to save many lives, he is haunted by those he feels he failed to save, those who had died under his care. Thus, it was the job that his family attributed to his decline in mental health, especially once Peter began spouting delusions of not only having super powers, but the idea that many others were out there like him in that regard as well. Whether out of genuine concern for his well-being, the potential embarrassment of having a delusional link in the family while in the public eye, or a bit of both, Peter was quickly admitted into Raven Hill to treat his delusions.


True Name
Peter Petrelli

29 years old


In short, Peter has the ability to mimic the abilities of other powered beings by simply being near them. Though originally he could only use one power at a time, eventually he learned how to "store" powers and be able to re-use any ability he had previously used before.

Short Bio

Peter is taken from sometime shortly after the final season of Heroes, but before the events of Heroes Reborn. This really only matters to me.
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He is a muscular man with short, bleach-blonde hair and brown eyes. He has two forehead scars and has red lines coming down from his eyes, natural birthmarks.

He normally wears loose pants and normally wears tank tops so he can show off his musculature. He is heavily tattooed all over.

Russell Onizaki

Russell was a bit pudgy as a boy, and was relentlessly bullied when he was younger for his weight. He took to playing online games as a physically fit oni character to escape, only for that character to overtake his mind.

He thought he was destined to become the oni in his games, so he took to physically mold himself into the image of the oni he always had in his mind. It went to the point Russell actually thought he was the oni. But, of course, he was fixed, right?


Itto "No, I’m not Russell Onizaki" Arataki

Genshin Impact

Geo Vision - Gifted to him by Morax, god of the earth, Itto has the ability to manipulate the earth.
Masatsu Zetsugi: Akaushi Burst! - He will throw his bull partner Ushi at opponents. Enemies will, without fail, always attack Ushi before Itto.
Royal Descend: Behold, Itto the Evil! - Unleashes his inner oni strength and Geo abilities to attack foes with intense strength.
Redhorn Stonethresher - Itto’s claymore.
Oni King's Kanabou - Itto’s club. Only used during his special attack "Royal Descend: Behold, Itto the Evil!"
Sumo Abilities - He’s a professional sumo wrestler.



But We Were Happy
Appearance:Screenshot 2021-11-24 9.30.20 PM.png

Illusion Name: Liam Bishop

Illusion Biography: Liam was picked on as a kid, due to his intelligence being only slightly higher than normal kids his age. As such, he made grand fantasies where he created his own "clones" that served the whims of everyone.

To keep the delusion going, he also believed that he was a time traveler, but his delusions spiraled so badly that he died being a hero to the people in his delusion. But that didn't really happen. It was all in his head.

He's better, right? RIGHT?

Other Info: Liam is autistic.

Screenshot 2021-11-24 9.30.20 PM.png

True Name: Bishop

Age: Unknown

Canon: Legends of Tomorrow

Powers/Abilities/Equipment: https://arrow.fandom.com/wiki/Bishop

Short Bio
: https://arrow.fandom.com/wiki/Bishop

Other Info: I will be playing Bishop as autistic


South of the Border, West of the Sun


Illusion Name: Morgan Yu

Illusion Biography:

Morgan was originally born in Stuttgart, Germany, and studied as an engineer at both MIT and China's Tsinghua University. Now, Morgan is a Director of Research for Laika Group, a corporation focused on space travel and mining. A brilliant scientist and charming young woman, she focuses on designing safe and more effective equipment for space walks and mining. She's also a bit of a workaholic and adrenaline junkie, testing all her designs first.

But of course, the brilliant are always plagued with madness.

She began seeing visions of the future, or at least, a future. One where she was trapped on a space station, fighting against an extraterrestrial threat which threatened to devour Earth. This slowly crept into her work, as research notes would come out unintelligible, talking about "NeuroMods" and "The Typhon," along with strings of numbers and questions regarding The Trolley Problem.

Her work began to falter heavily, her research becoming stranger and more esoteric. Diagrams of a skyscraper orbiting a lagrange point, repeating patterns, discussion of a computer backup. Her behavior became erratic, she began seeing shadows in the corner of her eyes, mood swings began occurring and she began facing lapses in memory. In response to an incident where she began to smash coffee mugs in a break room, the company sent her away in the hopes the delusions would stop and her work would start to make sense again.

The Board prays that the treatments worked.

Laika Group Internal Correspondence Archive said:

From: Robert Bellamy
To: Alexander Xiao
Subject: Regarding Morgan

Noticed Morgan's work she's had me send to other departments has been getting stranger. She's not on any AI related projects, yet she's been discussing backups of the brain and storage of memories. She's also asked me about the trolley problem several times in the past few days. These along with the mood swings and forgetting her password, as well as the recent outburst in the Executive Level break room, I'm worried something's deeply wrong with her.

From: Alexander Xiao
To: Robert Bellamy
Subject: RE: Regarding Morgan

She's been under a lot of stress. I will handle it. Thank you for letting me know.

Other Info: Everything is going to be okay


True Name: Morgan Yu

Age: 27

Canon: Prey (2017)


TranStar Uniform: Not only is the red suit a mark of office as a TranStar Executive, but it also contains many features needed for working in space. Light materials for easy maneuverability, warm lining to prevent the cold void of space from getting in, and a built in helmet that prevents poison gases and the dark void of space from getting in.

Hephaestus Wrench: A standard wrench used by all maintenance staff on Talos One. Nothing special about it besides the fact that it’s been with her since Day One of her escape from Talos One.

The Gelifoam Lattice Organism Obstructor, or GLOO Cannon: A versatile tool that shoots gelifoam, a quick hardening, fire retardant, expanding foam. Each can contains 42 balls of foam, and can be reloaded. This foam can allow the user to block doors, freeze lifeforms, or even climb walls if used strategically, although these uses are not recommended. The gelifoam can not stick to glass or glass-like substances.

S4 Tactical Combat Shotgun - Margrave: A semi-automatic shotgun used by Talos One Security Staff. The Shotgun can hold six rounds and display its current ammo count. This one, belonging to her mother and used in European Shooting competitions, is finely decorated in gold Art Deco Aesthetics.

PPN-8 Personal Defense Sidearm - Artemis: The standard sidearm of security staff on Talos One, this gold encrusted variant belongs to Captain Jada Marks. These pistols are frequently silenced, and it contains the same ammo counting tech as the Shotgun.

Recycler Charge: Explosions are dangerous on a space station, and resources are scarce. This is why the Recycler Charge tends to implode, attracting things around it in an area, and sucking them up before turning them into handy little resource cubes. It can suck up anything that’s not nailed down, and thus is dangerous to even organic life.

Psychoscope: A headset that gives Morgan resistance to Mind Control. Not only that, but it connects to a database allowing her to scan and store alien lifeforms and enemies by scanning them that she can access later.

ARTAX Propulsion System: A Jetpack allowing propulsion in Zero-Gravity and Low Gravity environments. In normal gravity, it allows a boost in the air when the user jumps.

NeuroMods are a tool developed by TranStar based on Typhon biology. It allows the user to expand their mental capacity, giving them skills they previously didn’t have. Some of these even give you abilities belonging to the Typhon. Requires Psi Hypos to recuperate energy when used heavily.

Human Abilities:

Hacking IV: This allows the user to access locked computers and security systems with relative ease.

Physician II, Necropsy: Allows the user to treat deep wounds with supplies on hand. Necropsy allows the user to gain important organs from alien life forms

Toughness III: GIves the user 75 more years of life, as well as gives them the ability to take more damage.

Stealth III: Allows the user to sprint without making noise.

Combat Focus: The user enters a trance in which time seems to slow around them, giving them quicker reflexes and the ability to focus on targets.

Leverage III: The ability to lift and throw anything not bolted to the floor, be it couch or a potted plant.

Alien NeuroMods

Morgan has a small group of Typhon-based Neuromods she can use.

Machine Mind: For 90 Seconds, you can turn any machines previously against you to fight for you.

Phantom Shift I: Teleport yourself 6 meters and leave behind a double for 6 seconds.

Mimic Matter III: The ability to camouflage by turning into an object nearby. At stage 3, you have the ability to turn into advanced forms such as Operators and other complicated computerized contraptions. If turned into a turret, you can even fire weapons until PSI runs out.

Superthermal III: The ability to create three traps made out of superheated plasma to trap and burn organic lifeforms that step into them.

Short Bio:

Morgan was born to two board members of the corporation TranStar. She along with her brother, Alex, grew up in the arm of the corporation. Upon her graduation, due to nepotism and corporate meddling, she was given a position at TranStar. She showed competence, designing a lot of tech for the corporation to use.

In 2032, she transferred to Talos One, the space station used to study the Typhon, the aliens that were orbiting the moon. She used research developed there to develop Neuromods, tools which allowed humans to access abilities they hadn't used before. She also developed the Psychoscope, among other tools. However, when the Typhon broke free of containment, all hell broke loose.

Morgan was forced to contend with the threat, with alomost zero memory of the time she spent on Talos. Aided by allies and backups she had made of her mind, she was able to restore order to the station, as well as prevent the corporate board, led by her father, from flushing the station of life.

Other Info: Optional. Just basically any extra info you feel is necessary that you want me to know about.
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Favorite Mutated Marsupial



Illusion Name:
Clark Joesph Kent

Illusion Biography:

A man from smalltown Kansas, Clark moved to Metropolis, Delaware to pursue his career in journalism; becoming a reporter for the Daily Planet. He is married to Lois Lane and has a 10-year old son, named after his late father, Jonathan. He is described by those who have known him as well-mannered, polite, and a bit clumsy. Clark at times has looked upon the sky at night, admiring the stars, and has taken a hobby of reading science fiction novels.

Clark was never confrontational, but his wife's insistence of putting herself in harm's way for an article began to mentally weigh on him; especially the articles on the controversial Businessman, Lex Luthor. His co-workers observed him turning his head as if he overheard a gunshot or a scream. Then, he would run off to rip off his suit...only to reveal his bare torso. The Planet's head editor, Perry White, discovered Kent doubting that if he was even human. Concerned for her husband's sanity and their son's upbringing, Lois has admitted Clark to the Raven Hill Memorial Mental Institute; hoping that these delusions would end.

Other Info:

Though he doesn't look like it, he's a fan of Metallica.


True Name:

Kryptonian Birthname: Kal-El

Secret Identity: Clark Joeseph Kent

Alias: Superman

Late 30s / Early 40s


DC Comics


Wiki Link

Short Bio:

Superman is the most powerful being on Earth, an alien refugee named Kal-El from the planet Krypton who was raised in Smallville, Kansas, to become an American superhero. Raised with high moral ideals, he uses his incredible strength, speed, flight, and various other superpowers to fight evil and to protect the innocent. In his civilian identity, he is Clark Kent, a mild-mannered reporter working for the Daily Planet in Metropolis. He is a founding member of the Justice League of America and a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 30th Century.

A few days shy from his wedding anniversary to Lois, Clark was alerted to a rising dimensional tear. Investigating it with Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter, the tear erupts in a blinding light; making the Man of Steel vanish.

Other Info:

The universe this Superman hails from is a mixture of New Earth and Injustice: Earth One, Jon Kent was nine years old around the events of the first Injustice game. It has been one year since he had fought against his double.

Yun Lee

The Sculptor
The Convergence Series GM
Appearance: (TBA)

Illusion Name: Ronald "Ron" Ness

Illusion Biography: Ron doesn't come from wealth, having grown up in a lower-income family. His father owned a small mechanic's shop, which Ron would help out in until graduating high school, when he was finally able to work full time. Saving up on the side, he tried to start taking night classes or online courses in order to get a degree, and all that had been going quite well.

That is, until the accident.

Something went wrong at the shop one day, some kind of freak accident that no one can be blamed for. But no matter the reason, the result was horrific: there was a fiery explosion that burned the shop to the ground, killed Ron's father, and left Ron covered in burns. The insurance was enough to keep the family afloat in spite of the tragedy, but Ron was another story. The trauma of being in that accident and survivor's guilt over losing his father had taken what many feared would be an irreparable toll on the young man's mind. Having been studying history for his GE courses, Ron had been researching coal mining in the Victorian Era, and his mind seems to have given him a new identity to cope with his loss. In his mind he was a coal miner, the shop and his father becoming a collapsed mine and unlucky coworkers who had been caught in a dynamite accident caused by Ron himself. Though he refused to go by Ron anymore, having given himself a new name: Norton Campbell.

Norton seemed to represent the worst qualities in Ron. Greedy, selfish, two-faced, conniving...and yet still rocked by that terrible accident. By stroke of good fortune, Ron was admitted into Dr. Staple's program, and he seems to have a far better grasp on himself now that he's been rehabilitated.

Time can only tell how long it will last...


True Name: Norton Campbell, The Prospector

Age: 28

Canon: Identity V

Powers/Abilities/Equipment: Here.

Short Bio: Here.

Other Info: Although he looks like a doll in the picture, he is in fact human (just like his identity form).


Well-Known Member
The Convergence Series GM

Illusion Name: Michelle 'Mac' Curry

Illusion Biography: Michelle was born deaf to hearing parents, a Hispanic mother, and an African-American father. Despite her disability Michelle or Mac as she was also called, did well in school and even better on the field. Being a fast runner earned her many trophies and a scholarship and ended up becoming her career.

To some, her talent for running was a skill. To herself, it was a gift from the ancient gods. Every time Michelle ran she thought she saw the looming figure of a massive being. It would draw ever closer but every time she reached the finish line it vanished into smoke. Her delusions went so far that she started to believe she as Hermes reincarnated attempting to reach Mt. Olympus.

Her family brought her to Dr. Staple in the hope of finally getting Michelle to realize that she alone is in control of her destiny.


True Name: Makkari

Age: One million years old

Canon: Marvel Comics, Earth-616

Powers/Abilities/Equipment: Powers/Abilities

Short Bio: History

Other Info: Still not over the loss of Dreaming Celestial, she spent all of her resources trying to somehow reach the dead Celestial, but she was unsuccessful, losing her speech, hearing, and even telepathic abilities in the process /spoiler]


Member of the Yato Club

Illusion Name: Hagusa Fujisaki

Illusion Biography:

A young man who came from a rather abusive home. He was known as Yuki Tajima, but after his mother and sister left him behind and things got worse to the point where on one particular day he ended up locked into a dark room as punishment and after being let out claimed "Yuki almost died in the dark, but it's okay, Hagusa helped him!". He was eventually taken from that household and ended up going from home to home, stealing things, picking fights, and "acting out" on occasion as a child who felt abandoned and wanted to belong. Though he formed a few strong friendships that didn't last long, save for one named Mizuchi that he would sneak out to visit. Then he ended up in the Fujisaki household.

Though the Fujisaki patriarch was gone from home a lot due to business, it led to the oldest of the Fujisaki children, Kouto, to act in the role of "Father" due to both parents being separated along with Kouto being the eldest son. Kouto, while appearing the model student to most was anything but, once locking his younger brother in a closet for 'being naughty' leading to Hagusa to lash out and say things in a way that was the 'final straw' that had him be sent away into Dr. Staple's care, hopefully to return Yuki to normal, as Kouto put it.

Other Info: Hagusa has rather sharp canines, but he thinks he has clawed fingers with dark black nails sharp enough to cut flesh as well due to "transforming". At least that's what he claimed before, now he doesn't mention it but that won't stop him from possibly biting someone. There are times where he remembers someone named 'Haru', though doesn't think too hard about it these days. Cause whatever dreams or nightmares he has don't mean much, right? Especially not when he's getting help now.


True Name:
Haruki "Haru" Tajima

Age: 14

Canon: Noragami


Rend (Zan): is a skill he obtains as Yato's sacred weapon Sekki. When Yato uses Rend, he is able to slay and exterminate phantoms.

Severance (Zetsu): is a skill he obtains as Yato's sacred weapon Sekki. When Yato uses Severance, he is able to cut off the bonds between a human and things/other people. He uses this skill to sever the bonds between Yusuke Urasawa and Kofuku.

Boundary (Kyoukai 境界): is an ability Shinki are available to use. Using his fingers, Yukine can draw a line and create a "boundary line" that prevents any gloom from coming past it, which is one of his only defensive mechanisms.

Restraint (Baku 縛): Yukine has the ability to cast a binding restraint on a target. This ability appears to take the form of invisible chains. According to Daikoku, only Hafuri Vessels (such as Yukine and Kazuma) can use this ability. This ability greatly affects the other Shinkis that are not Hafuri Vessels because of superiority. Nevertheless, when a Hafuri Vessel loses his confidence and has much insecurity; like when Yukine was almost defeated by Kugaha, they can also be defeated in a boundary battle.

Spell/Chant/Song: A skill that he obtained from his training with Kazuma. It enables him to cast spells that can be used as a protection or to attack; for example, a song Yukine used in dousing the flames in the manga. It can also summon spirits like Nora used in the manga.

Short Bio:


Other Info: Is a mix of the anime and manga. At the point in the manga Yukine is being taken from (between Chapters 95-97), he now has two names: Yukine as Yato's Regalia and Hagusa as the Regalia to man known as Father. It's also hinted that Hagusa has gained the ability to possess humans to some capacity, being told he "can drive people to act" and "give them courage". Hagusa calls it his "Righteous Net".
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Gummi Bunnies

identity unknown...
The Convergence Series GM

( art cred: Oranju @ pixiv )

-Illusion Name-
Chloe Winters

-Illusion Biography-
An average high school senior from a rural American town. Everything was fine. Her family was loving. Her friends from school were supportive. Her grades cemented that she was due to go off to a reputable college all the way to Europe. Chloe was set for life, if only it wasn't for one trait of hers.

She was extremely impressionable.

There was a recent trend at her school to check a particular website that would randomly generate "what-if" scenarios of their futures, much like those zodiac sign quizzes and such. Chloe knew that it was all for fun, that there was no definite proof behind those kinds of websites, but her curiosity got the best of her. So she ended up checking the website out after school at home.

Her randomly generated future was: "You witness the end of the world at the hands of humanity."

It sounded really absurd. It really did. It was just nonsense, but it clicked something in her head. Chloe began to think a bit too much on this. Everything was fine now, but what if everything fell apart in the world in an instant? Sure, there were checks to prevent a third World War out there, but the high schooler felt like it was inevitable. Universal world peace was an impossible feat to achieve, much like solving world hunger. Humanity was rotten to the core.

Everything could be fine now, but Chloe had a heavy pit in her stomach. The next day at school, she broke down in the middle of class. Like a cruel joke from the world, the class came upon a discussion topic about wars. She became overwhelmed with the thought of being enlisted into the military and killing others.

No, it wasn't a thought of possibility. Chloe became aware that she will end up doing this, even leaving one of her best friends to die in order to save herself.

Screaming things like "I'm sorry!" and "I don't want to kill you!", she ran out of the classroom and made her way back home. Everything was not fine. She really convinced herself that she did these atrocious things, even if World War 4 supposedly never happened yet. Was she experiencing the karma from a past life where she was responsible for her own squadmates dying? She couldn't take it anymore, the guilt of something that supposedly never happened was overwhelming her.

Just like she saw herself do those atrocious things as some kind of soldier called a "Gauntlet Knight", Chloe thought that jumping from her bedroom window at the 2nd floor would be enough to atone for her sins. However, her parents were home and able to stop her from committing to the act.

From that erratic behavior at home and at school, her parents presumed that she fell into believing a conspiracy theory online, and sent her to be admitted to Dr. Staple's care in hopes to stabilize her behavior back to normal.

-True Name-
Chloe Ironside


Ciconia When They Cry

[ Gauntlet Knight ]
: A special soldier unit equipped with the experimental Gauntlet weapon. The Gauntlet enables flight via Ricochet Flying, allowing her to fly at sharp angles while maintaining speed. It also stores many weapons & ammunition through a system called a Dimension Container System, which is powered through an artificial hyperspace. For defense, she can project a Rejection Shield from the gauntlet that is able to repel almost every kind of attack imaginable. Lastly, it comes with an integrated Virtual Reality HUD system, allowing her to go through augmented training sessions and even virtual chatrooms all in her head. Because of the intense usage of the user's mental capabilities, otherwise known as P3, to operate this kind of weapon, children that have been trained extensively from birth are only allowed to use the Gauntlet.

[ Autonomous Weaponry Fire Control (SS) ]: Her ability to access autonomous weaponry on the battlefield and supply them with her high-level control is far ahead of the pack. She can even hack into the enemy's automated weaponry.

[ Specialty in Solo Action (A) ]: When taking solo action, her P3 levels rise dramatically. However, when flying with others, they dip dramatically.

-Short Bio-
From the Arctic Ocean Union's Canada (or AOU Canada for short), Chloe is a part of the 100th Aerial Augmented Infantry Experimental Squad "Grave Mole" with Lilja and Koshka. She seemed to be at first a below average Gauntlet Knight when judged with the old aptitude test, but then seen as one of the best from her training base upon the test being revised.

She and many other Gauntlet Knights took part of a secret oath order called the "Order of the Public Bath (temporary name)", which was led by Miyao Mitake of the squad "Warcat." The main rule of this order was to never kill and never die, which was in hopes to prevent a war from erupting. However, this was all for naught was the military officials from each country that the various Gauntlet Knights were under ordered a full-blown do or die battle before the world-wide truce was to be issued. During the chaos that came about this battle order, Chloe left her squadmates to die in order to save herself and under the impression that the world was going to end no matter what they did to prevent it.

-Other Info-
A bit of guesswork for the aftermath of Phase 1, as at the time of this writing and roleplay, Ciconia Phase 2 has not been released.

Not a Writer

Lost in the moment
The Convergence Series GM
Illusion Appearance

Illusion Name
Natasha Matsushita

Illusion Biography
Natasha, or simply 'Tasha' as her friends call her, lived a fairly average life. She came from a middle class family who had a tendency to move fairly frequently, leading the girl to develop something of a longing to stay in one place once she'd grown up. Later in life, she fulfilled this dream, actually opening her own flower shop that became fairly well-known and renowned by the locals in the town she'd settled in. She made a nice home for herself and her younger sister, finally able to do so now that she was making impressive wages. Her life was everything the kind and hopeful woman had dreamed of in her youth... up until she fell victim to a violent car crash that she and her sister narrowly survived. When she eventually awoke following the incident, the typically mellow girl became almost violent, demanding to see her sister and trying to rip herself free of the many IVs and tubes.... with just her mind. Obviously, that failed. She proclaimed herself to be a powerful hero who could handle herself on her own, taking on proud and snappy mannerisms even well after the many months she'd needed to recover from the crash. But after her doctors sent her off to Raven Hill Memorial Mental Institute, all of that changed for the better... probably!

...Well, other than her extreme sensitivity about her very short height.


True Name


One Punch Man

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Short Bio
A girl born with extreme psychic capabilities and later the victim of human experimentation, Tatsumaki had all of the motivation in the world to become the Class S Rank 2 hero. Believing firmly that she is the only one who will ever be there for herself, the woman grew up keeping a distinct distance from those around her, isolating herself and refusing to form relationships, often looking down on or even demeaning and antagonizing her fellow heroes. However, she nevertheless has provided great help in neutralizing a wide variety of threats, nearly singlehandedly taking down the massive ship of Boros during his invasion as well as providing great assistance in the raid on the Monster Association. Particularly in her fight against Psykos and Orochi. She'll be taken from roughly after the conclusion of the latter fight.

Other Info
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She usually wears yellow socks and blue gloves.

Erin Natick

Erin, from a young age, was diagnosed with Autism and Bipolar Disorder. She would constantly skip school and stay up late. She believed the moon was sacred, and would always enjoy spending time under it.

She would take comfort in an alter ego of herself, "Ena", where she would speak formally and was overly polite. She befriended a girl named Melanie during this time, but the two split after high school.

Erin herself became a drifter, moving from city to city, town to town. Her timeline here is rather vague, but somehow she started to paint her face and fully immersed herself into her "Ena" persona. Her favorite colors were yellow and blue, the colors she painted her face, the color of the sun and the color of the moon, the colors of herself and Melanie.

Whatever the colors meant, she used them. She still uses them, even after her rehabilitations. Erin’s name is Erin Natick.


ENA has no age, she is a shape.

ENA by JoelG

ENA is a shape girl, she is not human and as such doesn’t need food, water, sleep, or anything to survive. She likes Turrón, but she’s never eats one, she just breaks out into dance.

Her arms, head, and legs are not connected to her main body. She is shown to have limited degree of control over where her floating limbs are in comparison to her body.

She has shifting moods that physically affect her. When she’s Happy her voice is masculine, when she’s Sad, she will talk in a feminine voice with a noticeable rhotacism, she will talk about wanting to kill herself. When she’s Drunk she will slur her (masculine) speech constantly, while shifting into Demonic and Diablada forms on occasion. When she’s Distressed she will become illegible. She can be taken out of this state by beating the shit out of her.


…I’m not even gonna try.

She’s gonna be shortened to 6 feet 7 inches tall. Because having a shape the size of Lady Dimitrescu around is… awful.


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Illusion Name:

Sylvia Li
Age: 34​

Illusion Biography: Sylvia Li's life was almost perfect at first. Born in London to Two loving parents, the girl was a natural social butterfly. Befriending people, and loving the world around her, the subject history really called to. Going to the Oxford university, Sylvia Studied Natural History, eventual gaining her Masters. It was during that time; she met a man named Issaac, a pilot. It was love at first sight. It took Sylvia time to push Issaac out of is comfort zone, but the two were a match. The two wed. and for the first two years, everything was great. Her and Issaac had a great life with a great group of friends. Eventually taking a job at the Natural History Museum in London. Things change, however. was all downhill from there. Her mother died from Aneurysm, then her father died a few months later in a car accident.

Then the visions started.

First it was in her dreams, an entity, a judge of the universe telling her about the end if the world. It was coming one day. She ignored it for the first year. Then, one day, Issaac just left. No warning, no goodbye, he just left. The police looked for him, but he was nowhere.

The year following the visions started playing when she was awake, not often but sometimes. Also, sometimes things she touched., they changed. gold turned in the air, water turned to coffee. At least that what it seemed like. She kept it all in though. She seemed normal but the everyday stress, and loneliness was getting to her. However, one day, the visions got too strong, during one of her classes she had a public meltdown. The next thing she remembers she was in tears, being held by one of her colleagues telling her "Everything's gonna be okay." But it wasn't. She didn't lose her job, they were surprisingly supportive but to return, she needed to get help. So, they found her help

Other Info: Sylvia suffers a mild addiction to her cellphone. Sylvia voted "no" on Brexit.

Illusion Name:
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