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Illusion Looking Glass Sign-Ups


Tall, thin and spectacled, Godfrey still wears his hair in a traditional monk's tonsure.

Illusion Name:
Godfrey 'Brother Patrick' Routledge

Illusion Biography:
A devout Catholic, Godfrey was unshaken by the passing of his wife. It hadn't come suddenly. She had been sick for some time. Her passing had ended her suffering. The heat of his grief was gently cooled by a wind of relief. It was the Lord's will, after all. It wasn't his place to question why it had happened to begin with. It was simply his place to accept it, to live with it, and to pray for her soul.

One night, whilst singing a silent pray, he felt a strange presence enter his empty bedroom. He opened his eyes, hoping to see an angel, hoping to see his wife restored to him as thanks for his unrelenting faith.
Instead, he saw something distinctly.... pagan.

The sight filled him with dread. Was his faith misplaced? No. It couldn't be. That would mean that his wife truly be gone and that was... that was unacceptable. She couldn't be damned. No. She wouldn't be damned on account of his lack of faith. The vision of that pagan beast... it must have been a test of his faith. Yes, it must have been a test... and Godfrey was set to pass it.

Godfrey set out to answer his calling. He left his family behind and marched eastward, determined to reach Jerusalem on foot to prove of his devotion. He reinvented himself, taking the name 'Patrick', hoping to drive the Serpent from his mind, just as the Saint had once driven the Serpents from Ireland. Godfrey swore the Oaths of a Franciscan Friar, determined to overcome his Demon. But the more he fought it, the stronger it seemed to grow. One night, one of his new Brothers found him rambling outside the monastery, spouting heresy without restraint. Godfrey claimed to be a God from a world beyond his brothers' comprehension, and attempt to strike down his companions with a Tent Mallet. Offended and afraid, Patrick's brothers eventually convinced him to submit himself to the Doctors of Ravens Hill during a moment of clarity.

Other Info:
True Name:
Thor Odinson


Marvel Comics


Short Bio:

Other Info:


But We Were Happy
Replacing Bishop with Him

Appearance:Screenshot 2021-12-19 9.02.56 AM.png

Issac currently has a bandage over his face, but unraveling it shows that he is perfectly fine underneath. He stands at 5'10 and is somewhat well built and is currently wearing a blue t-shirt and jeans.

Illusion Name: "Icarus" (Actual name: Issac) Clark

Illusion Biography: Issac lived a pretty normal life before the incident that made him remember his past. He grew up in a mostly loving household but was incredibly shy and closed off growing up. That all changed when he took a trip to London and met Sylvia Li who broke him out of his shell. They got married and were on their way to live a happy life. He did notice her act weird, but he didn't comment as it seemed less than important. One day, he left a note telling her he had been offered a job to fly a wealthy patron over seas and would be back within a week.

But sometimes, Fate is cruel and a open window and a strong wind blew the note out of the house, into a puddle where it was soaked and the words lost. To make matters worse, about mid-flight through the trip, Issac started to have memory flashes of another life. Moments that felt real. Places where he had been, an entire thousand years. He was only lost in the memories for a moment but that was enough. The plane crashed landed on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean, the entire thing going up in flames.... similar to his last memory.

As he barely escaped the plane, burns covering his face and body, the last thing he remembered before being knocked out by a coconut was the name Icarus. The next morning when he woke up, it was all he could remember as well. With only these fake memories and a name, Issac survived on the island for about five months before he was found and taken to the hospital where he had been for the last few months and been gradually healing and being treating.

Strangely, the burns have started to go away with the medication. That being said, his face is still partially bandaged.

Other Info: Well, Icarus remembers it as a fiery plane crash, it was actually a normal one he survived. He's been quiet most of the sessions

Screenshot 2021-12-19 9.01.30 AM.png

True Name: Ikaris

Age: Thousands of years old

Canon: Eternals

  • Eternal Physiology: By design from the Celestials, Ikaris was an Eternal possessing superhuman strength, durability, speed, agility, stamina, reflexes and healing numerous times superior than any normal human being, as well as immortality and being able to manipulate cosmic energy to a certain degree. He was regarded as one of the most powerful of the Eternals, to the point where it took three of them fighting him to restrain him.
    • Superhuman Strength: Like all Eternals, Ikaris possessed great superhuman strength, numerous times stronger than any normal human being. He was the second strongest Eternal of his time, only surpassed by Gilgamesh. He was able to knock back a large Deviant who had been pressuring Gilgamesh with a single charge and at one point he could forcibly open the mouth of a Deviant to launch his lasers directly at it's internal organs. He also easily overpowered and pushed Ajak off a cliff with enough force to cause a crater on the icy ground. During the battle with the other Eternals, Ikaris repeatedly managed to overcome them with great physical force without much effort. He was able to strike at Thena's shield with such force to push her back and easily pin her to a wall as well as casually throw her with enough force to stop Makkari's super speed, effortlessly lift, restrain, and throw around Druig, stop Makkari at her top speed and toss her aside with a single hand, and even break out of Phastos's restraints with considerable effort.
    • Superhuman Durability: Ikaris' body was numerous times more resistant to physical and energy damage than any normal human being. He was able to casually catch Thena's energy blade with a single hand and withstand multiple powerful blows from her and Makkari at super speed along with Phastos's energy projectiles without suffering any noteworthy injury.
    • Superhuman Speed: Ikaris could run and move at great superhuman speed, much faster than any normal human being. His speed is lesser than Makkari, but more so than the other Eternals, as he was able to effortlessly catch Druig off-guard and quickly overwhelm Thena in a rapid exchange of blows.
    • Superhuman Agility: Ikaris naturally possessed far greater agility, equilibrium, flexibility, dexterity, balance, and body coordination than any normal human being.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Ikaris' advanced musculature was considerably more efficient than any normal human being. As a result, his muscles virtually did not produce fatigue toxins during physical activity. His endurance allowed him to exercise his maximum capacity for an extremely long period of time without tiring at all.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Ikaris could react and dodge objects traveling at high speeds, much quicker than any normal human being. He was responsive enough to even react to Makkari's super speed after a while and was able to counter most of Thena and Phastos's attacks with ease.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Ikaris' metabolism enabled him to rapidly regenerate damaged bodily tissue with far greater speed and efficiency than any normal human being.
    • Immortality: As an Eternal, Ikaris was genetically able to live forever, without dying due to old age or illnesses.
    • Flight: Ikaris was genetically able to fly, glide and float through the air and vacuum of space at hyper-sonic speeds, allowing him to takeoff and land safely on the planet's surface with ease. He can also maneuver with great precision in any direction, as well as float in one place.
    • Cosmic Energy Manipulation: By design of the Celestials, all Eternals are genetically capable of using cosmic energy. Each Eternal possesses a unique ability, all derived from the same cosmic power source.
    • Optical Energy Blasts:
      Ikaris uses energy blasts
      Ikaris was able to use his cosmic energy to project powerful cosmic energy beams from his eyes.
  • Master Combatant: Ikaris was an extremely skilled and formidable hand-to-hand combatant, with thousands years of training and combat experience, making him one of the most powerful and best fighters in the universe.
  • Master Marksman:
  • Expert Acrobat:
  • Gifted Intellect:
  • Master Tactician:
  • Multilingualism

Short Bio: https://marvelcinematicuniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Ikaris.

Other Info: He's taken right before he finished his suicide.

Atomic Knight

Bear With Me
The Convergence Series GM

Illusion Name
Kaapo Reyes

Illusion Biography
His past is a blur, even for him. At some point in time, it all just started to blend together. Once, he was a writer-- no, he was an artist-- no, he was pilot. Wait, no, that was supposed to be a part of his delusions, right? He's been at Raven Hill Memorial for far too long. He can barely even remember his own age. Who were his parents? Who were his friends? For Kaapo, it doesn't matter. Nothing matters now.

All he has is his friend who he was able to bring to the institution, Bee-Bee-Eight.

Other Info
"Bee-Bee-Eight" isn't real. Kaapo is often making remarks to thin air.


True Name
Poe Dameron


Star Wars

Wiki Link

Short Bio
Wiki Link


manic ghost


Illusion Name: Usagi Tsukino

Illusion Biography: Usagi is an average Japanese high school student, who likes to play games, hang out, and cook with her friends, and younger sister Chibiusa. She has a black cat, and a boyfriend Mamoru.

Other Info:

She dreams of being like her favourite video game lead, Sailor V- but is weak, emotional, and cries easily.


True Name:
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Age: 14




Here :)

Short Bio:

This Usagi was taken just after Chibiusa came into the story, still under her spell of thinking she is her sister.