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Looking to Fill Staff Positions


Draconic Administrator/Mentor
Nexus GM
Looking to fill Multiple Staff Positions!

We're currently looking to expand our staff and have several positions open.

Mentors: We would like to add several mentors to our staff team! In particular we're looking for people interested in making our new arrivals feel at home and to help them get settled in. Areas of focus will include the introduction forum and help forum.

Forum Moderators: We would like to add several forum moderators to the team as well. Forum moderators are responsible for a specific forum as opposed to our global moderators that handle site-wide issues. Their primary focus is in encouraging and fostering activity within their specific forum, and handling any issues that may arise within it. Forums we're looking for moderators for are the help desk, introductions & departures, creative forums (all of them), writer's circle, and bulletin board.

If interested in any of the above, please shoot me a PM.

- Tiko, Storyteller's Circle Administrator