MANiKiN Lore

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The Story

It is said that good intentions can pave the road to hell.

In a small cancer research center just outside Munich, Germany experiments were underway for a new cure for an aggressive form of brain cancer. So far the formula was proving to be a success. The test on mice came back positive as well as the ones done on rats. Not only was the formula treating the cancer more effectively than any known treatment it was eradicating any signs of it, and even rebuilding what was once damaged. Once the small center had approval from the CDC to begin testing on humans they sought out those with nothing to lose, but the thing that they were already losing.

The most wonderful thing happened, the patients got better far quicker than anything they had ever tried! But the celebration was sort lived. A few days after the formula was administered to the first test subject they had begun to complain about a terrible pain coming from their head. The researches figured this was due to the fast regeneration they had seen in their tests, and wrote it off as a symptom. A few days later the patient complained of lose of feeling in their limbs; yet other symptom. After a two weeks had past a researcher was doing routine check up of the patient. They seemed lifeless, like a creepy doll. They weren't responding to questions, or even responding in any manner. Their eyes were glossed over, and dead looking. They only thing the patient seemed to do was grind their teeth. When the researcher had gotten close to change out the tubes in the patients hand that was when he was bit.

Unlike with patient zero's transformation the researcher's was almost immediate.

It spread quickly in the small lab. Only a couple of people made it out safely with the remainder of the formula. The lab was quickly destroyed in a fire; one that the CDC and WHO later called an arson by an activist group know to cause trouble. The remainder of the vials of what was now called a virus were moved to a high security location inside the CDC's main headquarters in the US. The incident was swept under the rug, and a statement by the WHO was released stating the formula had failed to show any effective signs in a human study, and because of the fire no further research on the formula could be done. The researches that made it out alive were dismissed, and went into retirement.

They new virus was aptly named MANiKiN.

Several months later one of the researchers, who was sent back to his home town of Paris, France, began to feel light headed. Not more than minutes pass did his throat burn. A few more, and he had lost feeling in his limbs starting with a spot of his left had where he now had a permanent scar where he cut himself on glass the day of the incident. He remembered how one of the vials he had grabbed had spilled a bit on his hand. He screamed from the pain that ripped apart his mind...and then nothing.

Slowly the virus was spread around Paris. With different people transforming at different rates the virus slipped under the radar of the medical community that were unaware that the virus even existed. It wasn't until an attack of someone infected on an American tourist in front on the Eiffel Tower, and their rapid transform that the CDC figured why all of these strange reports from different doctor's offices were coming in about a possible new strand of the flu. The stepped in quickly saying that the situation was under control, and that the virus would not travel past Paris.

At first this was the case. The CDC held the virus from spreading for several months, but they still had no information as to how it was spread. Again the virus spread to another part of Europe, and again the CDC "stopped" it enough to calm the masses, and prevented from being talked about in the media as more than a "Minor thing that no one should worry about." Slowly the virus took over different parts of Europe until the pivot point happened.

Those infected went from weeks and months to transform to hours and minutes. It was too fast for the CDC to contain, and reports were coming from every country that the virus was there, and wreaking havoc. Within the span of only a couple of days did the infection count go from thousands, to millions, to billions.

Now, only a few months after the spread of the infection, only a few things are known.
One: The transfer time differs from person to person.
Two: Once the infected's eyes have glossed over they are gone, nothing more than an empty shell looking to spread the virus to a new host.
Three: Dolls, as those infected with MANiKiN are called, attract other dolls
Four: Those that come in contact with any form of doll fluid in a vulnerable area, such as a cut or in their mouth, WILL receive the virus.
Five: A few have maintained their minds, they can control the dolls, and they want the whole world to be infected

Only a few survivors are alive in the US, and they have found their way to the last strong hold. Utopia is the last known place in the world to contain those not infected. The leader of Utopia has set in place a heavy hand of rules that have rather harsh punishments if broken; the harshest is that of being sent back out into the Doll's Land. He has set up a team of specially trained fighters with nothing to lose to keep the dolls from entering, to protect the city, and to carry out the punishments. They are called The Checkered after them holding titles of chess pieces. Like with all governments there are those that rebel against the injustices taking place. This group of rebels call themselves The Suits as they take on names of playing cards.

Lay of the Land
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