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The Demon's Broken Promise

For as long as time has told, demons have always been looked upon and believed to had been destroyers and nothing more than monsters. What humans have never understood was that the ones that they considered monsters were ones that were untamed and were wild like animals by nature though not every demon was like that, there were many who had homes and families of their own and treated others with respects just as how humans did so with one another. However, because of the history that demons held, such a thought was never heard of and believed to be mere lies so demon hunters continued to hunt down and kill all sorts of demons whether they were innocent or not.

Because of this, eventually four particular demons rose up and gathered all demons that wished to live in peace into one area. The four used whatever power they could muster up within them to force a massive barrier deep within the forest as well as form a mist that caused any human that wandered into the forest to become lost before eventually finding themselves walking in circles and finally end up finding their way out of the forest sooner or later. Within the barrier, for hundreds of years the demons who lived there began construction of their own city which they ended up naming 'Haven'.
Years passed and with the new city built as well as more and more demons who wished to live in peace arriving, the death of innocent demons came to a halt and soon enough the hunters nearly ran out of demons that were causing destruction to kill. Realizing by this point something was off, the leader of the humans attempted to call for a meeting with the leaders of demons.

By the end of the meeting, both demons and humans signed a peace treaty with one another and that it allowed for hunters to deal with demons who meant any bad will towards humans though not allowed to harm those who wished for peace.

Centuries went by and everything had appeared to had been going perfect as the four demon leaders even ended up having their own children over time, knowing that their children would be the next in line to rule over their respective clan that governed Haven. One day however, a single man entered the city that was dressed in an all black cloak during the dead of night as well as during a storm. This very man began to wreck havoc upon the city cursing the demons that lived in Haven as well as calling out the four and stating that they were weak a menace to society.
As the four arrived at the scene to confront this stranger, they questioned who he was and what he wanted. The only response they received was that the treaty was broken and that he wanted nothing more than the death of them all. Just as quickly as he arrived, the stranger vanished as a massive foot stomped on where he was once standing only to reveal out of the darkness of the night a monstrous beast that towered over the entire city and was three times the size of the city. It quickly began to wreck havoc even more so upon the city forcing the four to do away with it as quickly as possible only to find that they were no match for it. Having no other choice, the four focused whatever energy they had left to forcibly seal away the beast underneath the city behind a giant door that could only be unlocked if their four children were to come down and unlock it themselves.

Unable to fully raise their children themselves, it has come to believe by many of those who survived that day that humans had broken the treaty and were the ones who sent the beast to come and kill them. While on that same day, duplicates of that same beast wrecked havoc upon the countries all over the globe while that same man was in every part of the world stating that the treaty was broken and wished for the death of everyone; this also had caused the thought that demons were the one who broken the treaty.

To this day, humans and demons continue to remain separated while those who come into contact with one another are only hostile while their ancestors had wanted nothing more than peace.​