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The Duke
The Basics:
Name: Azzam El-Amin
Alias: Mir'Ahj
Specialty: Deulist
Age: 24
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 146lbs
Build: Thin, muscular
Skin Tone: Dark Tan
Hair: Black, Curly(cut short)
Eyes: Dark Brown
Nationality: Caldonia
Race: Human, with Air-elemental bloodline

What he looks like:
Azzam El-Amin, also known to some as Mir'Ahj, is a rather thin, almost boyish-looking, man. While not physically intimidating at first sight, he has little fat anywhere, allowing him to deceive those who would cause him trouble by wearing loose-fitting clothing to hide how athletic he is. A fan of parkour, Azzam has honed himself towards the agility and speed required for movement, though not acrobatics, and it is through that training that he gained his alias.

As for clothing, Azzam chooses to wear a tight-fitting set of white silks beneath everything else, with a loose layer of brown, yellow, and tan silks wrapping around and swathing his body, accentuating his movements and allowing him to blend into the environment of his native Caldonia better. Beyond his normally loose clothing, Azzam has been known to carry a dusty, canvas messenger bag filled with a random assortment of items, and is almost always barefoot, eschewing shoes for the feeling of the dirt/sand/stone beneath his skin.

Who he is:
Azzam is a quiet indvidual, but is known to open up after good food is shared. A man from simple means, Azzam does not hoard his belongings, but will share what he does not need with those who need it more, understanding that the value of a simple object given freely can be greater than a mountain of gold. Jovial among friends, and coldly respectful of his adversaries, Azzam is known to be patient and watchful, though he is willing to share information he considers important, regardless of actual importance.

Although he has never found religion to be something of interest to him, folklore and legends will hook Azzam like a child, and he has a desire to have a legend of his own, though he is loath to admit it. He takes his pride in his skills as a problem to be worked out, and will downplay any compliments of his abilities as overstatements or embellishments.

His life so far:

Born to a group of nomads in Tiria, Azzam spent his youth wandering with them, herding goats and living among the rather desolate sands outside the major population centers of the area like Lorandor. As he grew into a young man, however, he decided that he wanted to know what the others of his country were like, having only ever dealt with traders and merchants who came out to the sands in their shiny vehicles to purchase objects of cultural value, or so they said.

A year after he was recognized by his family as a man, Azzam left the nomadic ways and traveled to more settled areas, quickly finding his upbringing at odds with the laws and lifestyles of urban people. For a while, he spent his time simply living on the run, evading law enforcement by being more agile and knowing the layout of his local area better than they did, but after a while he found a yearning for something more stable.

After making his decision to stop testing the limits of the law, he moved again, this time finding himself as a cleanliness worker in a palace-like structure(in his eyes). The owner had servants to do near everything for him, including teach his three sons how to fight with swords, if only to teach them to lack fear against danger. Azzam, seeing an opportunity, secretly spent every chance he could get either watching them train, or training himself with broomsticks and fire pokers. Despite his time practicing, he was eventually found out and banished from the house and branded by his previous employer such that no others would hire him.

Once more homeless, Azzam took to his earlier habits of breaking laws to survive. Pickpocketing, theft, even arson were among the crimes he committed to either cover his tracks or provide for himself. Eventually, his hand fell into the pocket of the very sword-master who he had watched in secret. He was given the choice to either serve the man to pay for his food and lodging, or lose the hand then and there. Azzam chose to keep both hands and possibly learn to fight from this master.

Years later, Azzam had won renown locally for his skill in dueling arenas, where he showed expert form and grace with both single and dual-weapon fighting styles. Because of his speed and agility in combat, culminating in a high-profile match that he won without taking a single hit, Azzam earned the nickname Mir'Ahj or "He who Vanishes". After effectively setting himself up with enough money to live in reasonable comfort for many years, Azzam chose to sell his belongings and return to his family. He had found that, despite the glory of fighting, it was without a cause beyond money. The knowledge that it was for nobody's benefit but his own caused him to feel ashamed for what he perceived as his own greed, and instead chose to use his skills to protect his family from bandits who had been found to raid nomads in Tiria's harsher lands.

It was there, in the desert sands of Tiria, while sleeping, that he heard the call of the Elysian Vanguard.


After long months of travel, he arrived at the Vanguard's refuge deep in the mountains, and despite some initial setbacks from both the shift to a more militant form of living as well as from meeting many of the heroes he'd heard of years before he eventually found himself a home among them. As he worked with their members more and more, he found that he had a penchant for using air-based magic, though more for the utilitarian opportunities it offered than anything else. Still, the demands of the Valore's problems forced him to adapt that magic into more aggressive forms over time.

As the years passed and he watched both new member arrive for tutelage and old or reckless members pass in events beyond their abilities, Azzam felt himself become both more shut in from the world and more openly trusting with his fellow Vanguard members. They had become a family to him, and it was one for which he would give almost anything.

-Azzam has learned of his heritage and is capable of casting spells involving Air and Wind, though he mostly uses this to make himself more difficult to hit or catch.
-Azzam is allergic to walnuts, but has never been near one in person, and is unaware of his allergy.
-His messenger bag has various names of legendary men and women stitched to the inside of the pouch, so that he never forgets his heroes. While he maintains this stitching to this day, the bag has been set aside more as a memento and sees less use than it once did. He has a rucksack that is used on a more daily timescale.
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