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You are a wannabe dancer, who was just recently accepted to join a well-renounced dance troupe in France.

You have devoted nearly your entire life to dancing, it’s your passion. You can never live without it.

However, someone had spiked the sangria at the welcome party, and there’s whiteout snow conditions outside.

Soon, you find out about the mysterious origins of the school and the troupe, but one question remains...

Is it real? Or not?



This is an illusion game based off of the 2018 psychological horror film Climax, with some elements taken from the indie game Your Turn To Die, as well as the Bayonetta series of games.

Each character has a new identity in the form of a wannabe dancer, whether they were or not in their original canon does not matter.

There are three roles: the Survivors, the Intoxicated, and the Traitor.

The goal of the Survivors are to find who the Traitor is. At the end of each chapter there is a vote to see who they think the Traitor is. The person who gets the most votes is thrown out into the cold, and will die of hypothermia.

The goal of the Traitor is to make it to the epilogue. If the Traitor makes it to the epilogue and isn’t killed in the vote, all of the Survivors will kill each other due to their intoxication, and will never escape the illusion.

The Intoxicated is a role only achieved by filling up the Intoxication Meter. As time advances, the Intoxication Meters go up, and when it reaches 100%, your character becomes Intoxicated. Intoxicated characters are extremely violent, attacking the other characters. They also experience hallucinations, which may disguise a potentially fatal blow. Intoxicated characters cannot vote, and cannot escape the illusion.

There are two ways for your characters to regain their identities. One is through Tapes found throughout the abandoned school, and the other is when the Traitor is killed.
I know I shouldn't do this, but I couldn't help myself.


An Illusion Game

Where philosophy ends medicine begins. — German Proverb


Town-on-Gorkhon, a small town tucked away in the Steppe on the Gorkhon river, was known for its meat industry. However, recently, the town has fallen on hard times, following labor disputes and a seemingly sentient disease rampaging through.

Playwright Mark Immortell has written his Magnum Opus: A work about the plague that rampaged through the town. He has sent out a multiversal casting call, recruiting actors to play roles in this work encompassing the entire town.


Four roles will be in this roleplay. However instead of being ASSIGNED a role, you will get to choose your role. There are only three special roles, and they each have a given background, but other than that, you will be allowed free reign to tailor your background as you see fit. I would like the players who chose these roles to be active, because they're necessary.

If you are different from the rest of the flock, they bite you” — Vincent O'Sullivan

The first is The Citizen. The Citizen is the average person living in Town-On-Gorkhon. Strong-willed, hardworking, superstitious. The Citizens must watch as the plague tears through their town. They can trade, survive, and interact with other citizens. Their goal is to survive The Sand Plague terrorizing the town.

"It is a sin to murder. Not because the soul is sacred, but because the body is sacred." — Kin Proverb

The first is The Haruspex. The Haruspex can be male or female, but is always a doctor returning from education in the city, and the child of the current physician. The Haruspex is returning to town at the request of their father, who has written a letter urging them to return. As a surgeon, they hold a special place in the town hierarchy, being allowed to cut into the flesh of man.

Function: Those who follow The Haruspex will not be affected by The Sand Plague

"We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will." — Chuck Palahnuik

The third is The Bachelor. The Bachelor is always male, and is an educated thanatologist. He runs an institute with the goal of finding the secret to immortality. Summoned to the town by the father of The Haruspex with the promise of information that will keep his laboratory, which has also fallen on hard times, from being closed. Since arriving, he has fallen into the secrets of the town.

Function: Those who follow The Bachelor will be able to regain their old lives faster

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” — Oscar Wilde

The fourth is The Changeling. The Changeling is always a woman, but her background is not known. What is known is that she woke up in a hole, perhaps a shallow grave. She is distrusted by those in the town, seen as either an angel or a manifestation of the plague itself. She has a mysterious power that can kill or heal.

Function: Those who follow The Changeling will be able to perform small miracles.

The three must convince the Citizens to join their cause, which will affect the ending.


Based on Pathologic and Pathologic 2

Town-on-Gorkhon, as its name implies, is a town on the Gorkhon River. Tucked away in the steppe, a railroad is the only way into and out of town, the Gorkhon river flows through it, and The Worms, a subservient species, performs menial tasks such as cattle breeding for the meat business within the town.

Several years ago, the town was affected by a plague that tore through the town. This plague brought chaos upon the town, killing many people and bringing about soldiers and the church.

Now, Mark Immortell, owner of the town's theater, wishes to put on a performance. As an aspect of theater, he has called people from across the multiverse to play the roles within the play.


The main non-standard Illusion mechanic is to convince others to join your faction, each with different goals:

The Termites, led by The Haruspex, whose main goal is preservation of The Town.
The Utopians, led by The Bachelor, whose main goal is preservation of The Polyhedron, to go to a higher utopia.
The Humble, led by The Changeling, with an unknown goal.

These factions each have their own abilities and views among NPCs and potentially other citizens.

There is also The Sand Plague, a strange, possibly sentient, disease that has cropped up in the town. Every "act", one citizen will be infected with The Sand Plague, and will slowly inch towards death. This will block out certain options for that participant until a cure is discovered and synthesized. The Sand Plague would also effect regaining past memories, with curing bringing back more than not.

Memories will be restored through progressing through the play, reaching certain milestones, and allying yourself with The Bachelor.

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For as long as existence, there stood many dark, powerful beings. Some you have known about, some you have not known about. Some you may have even killed.

Maybe you’re unparalleled, best at what you do. Over-powered, some would say. Maybe you’re more used to being on the bottom, a normal, everyday man.

No matter who you are, whether your Joe Schmoe or Superman, you are but a mere flea to the vast power of The Collective.

Now you’re trapped, stripped of your powers, and unable to find a way out of their domain, their hellscape. The Boardwalk.

You are hungry, you are tired. Everywhere you look there are eyes. A reminder that The Collective is watching you.

However, there is still hope. Hope in the form of a rogue variable. Firebrand. The Stubborn.

All you have to do is find a way out.

It’s more simple than it seems.

Welcome to the Boardwalk.

This is an event based around the YouTube horror series TribeTwelve created by Adam Rosner.

The premise is incredibly simple. Get out.

However, The Collective certainly has ways to fuck with you. They will stop at nothing to see you suffer and die.

For starters, there is a member of The Collective amongst your ranks.

At the end of each chapter, you will conduct a vote to see who the Traitor is.

There are no repercussions for getting it wrong, except, well, someone’s gonna get a kick out of it.

Speaking of, you’ll have to deal with two other members of The Collective. The Observer will kill you if he catches you, but it’s extremely easy to avoid him, and he’s only doing it for shits and loud as hell Joker-style laughs.

But then there’s The Administrator, The Administrator is more difficult to avoid, but would probably leave you alive, but injured. He just wants to see you suffer.​
Open sandbox rp set during the Melding



In its world, Midgar was the largest and most technologically advanced city. In this new world caused by the Melding it is still the largest city, but materializing in its full on this new world brought with it its own problems. Citizens of the old city disappear and new ones come in their place. Their technology was not operational. It seemed that the city was ready to fall into utter chaos. And then the robots came…

Months later the city was back to a booming metropolis like in its own world. It appears that Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman understood the necessity of keeping the populace satiated, their robots constructed and provided the necessary means to keep the city in working order despite losing its original source. Unlike a lot of places created by the Melding Midgar has very little outright hostility towards their conquerors because of what their robots provided for them. Perhaps because of this though the Wily-Eggman coalition has firm and heavy control of the operations of the city through its entire infrastructure. For example, its police force is largely formed of their loyalists as well as the drones being robots of their own design. This also doesn’t mean that there isn’t any criminal activity in the city. Far from it, in fact. In the former slums of the city, the Melding provided many new opportunities for ne’er-do-wells that strive to make a name for themselves. The good doctors mostly care about what goes on above and not bellow after all.

While the DeathEggstar can freely loom over the melded world from anywhere on the planet it is here where it’s usually fixed high in the sky staring down on Midgar, keeping a firm eye on what is going on in what is essentially their city. There is this also rebel activity in the city because due to its seize and tightened security, there are always things that slip through the cracks. All the Sectors are connected by a train system which makes traveling between them easy just as long as you have passed.

There are also rumors swirling of a mysterious cult in the city who wish to bring the city under their control, or perhaps it already is? Either way, any open discussions about the said topic are frowned upon by the authorities. There is no greater power than the Wily-Eggman Coalition. Nor is there anything called the Resistance!

The Sectors

Sector 1 (Mega Man/X/Network)

Sector one received a massive boom when it came to technological advances when parts of what had been known Abel City emerged among it. Humanoid robots called Reploids were now part of the city as where the problems that came with them. Rogue robots nicknamed Mavericks. Another world brought with it massive leaps in what was called the Internet where the complex systems that existed had to be operated by beings called Internet Navigators. Perhaps despite the danger that the Mavericks could provide a lot of people who travel to Midgar wish to find a place in this part of the city where technology is king.

Sector 2 (Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest)

A Crystal Tower has emerged in the center of the sprawling sector. While this sector seemed to have been hit with bits and pieces from different time periods it’s the tower that attracts the most interest, be it just for sightseeing or to attempt their way inside and find what’s inside. Though anyone foolish enough to have entered has never returned, which is why the Wily-Eggman Coalition has put up guards so that no one foolhardy enough no longer has an opportunity to get inside. And don’t mind the monsters roaming around, they are mostly friendly to goomans (slurp).

Sector 3 (Super Mario in general)

Walking, talking mushrooms, hills with eyes, yes, Sector 3 has certainly become a bit livelier after the Melding. Here nature and the big city meet for a very interesting experience. And a castle without its princess is a quiet one indeed…

Sector 4 (F-Zero, Metroid, Star Fox)

Another part of the city that got a bit of a technological upgrade thanks to the Melding as well as its very own racing circuit! But where Sector 1 thrives and is a place where people want to visit, Sector 4 is a shadier place in comparison. While it has a legit market area where people can buy things of their choosing, for those that know where to look there’s also a black market where you can find items from all over the new world. It just depends on the friends you make along the way…

Sector 5 (AC, Castlevania, historical)

If Sector 1 was the part of the city that was the most technology advances, Sector 5 is anything but. Places from ancient civilizations emerged in the sprawling metropolis and the confusion it brought with it. Temples to different Gods. Pieces of small medieval towns and the monsters that thrived in this environment. Integrating these people into the more civilized city could prove to be difficult. If rumors are to be believed, the secret cult has its base of operation somewhere in this sector.

Sector 6 (Indie zone, Cuphead, Shovel Knight, Shantae)

This sector has probably become the most eclectic of the bunch. Shapely castles and the crown jewel a casino where you can play for more than just coin. Make sure to stop by the Fancy shop as well! You never know what you’ll find.

Sector 7 (Mother, Rayman, New Donk City)

Currently annexed by the mysterious King P and christened to New NEW Pork City. For some reason, despite their own exorbitant egos, the two doctors have done very little to get the area back under their control. Train traffic is forbidden to stop here but if someone wishes to enter there are ways to do so if you know the right people.

Sector 8 (Pokemon, mostly Gen 8)

In sector 8 when the melding happened the population would meet a slew of creatures with different shapes and sizes called Pokemon. Bits and pieces from a city called Hammerlock among others merged with the infrastructure of the sector bringing with it its deep interest that was Pokemon battling. Many of the original residents of the sector wished a Pokemon of their own and race began to have the best and to be the best thanks to the stadium now residing in the middle of the sector, and what was this mysterious energy that caused these Pokemon to grow to massive seizes?

Slums (Banjoo & Kazooie, Resident Evil)

Where the different sectors had gotten bits and pieces from towns, cities and otherwise just added architecture of varying degree, the slums had been hit hard by the Melding. While a lot of the original housing was intact there now was a massive swamp foundation around the major parts of the slums making traveling through these treachery trenches quite difficult. The actual swampy areas were perilous enough but there were whispers of a mysterious mold that attached itself to creatures causing them to become erratic and more dangerous than they were before. Teasing an alligator was never a good idea but to do it to one twice as large and bloodthirsty was even more unwise. The new status quo has however allowed the shady underbelly to thrive because not even the robots from the Wily-Eggman coalition visit this place making it a lawless wasteland by design. It’s only when the troubles from bellow rise to the surface that anyone actually cares. The plate also blocks the sun from shining leaving the place with only the artificial lights that Midgar has to offer the population still down here.

Character requirements: Much like the other roleplays set during the Melding. Your character has to be a character that has ties to a series that has shown up in the Super Smash Bros series.
Crisis on hold aka The Crisis wont be televised aka Crisis on just the one street working titles

You’ve heard it all before. Heroes gathering to face insurmountable odds to rescue the world from certain doom! The determination they show against their foes…truly awe inspiring. The team-ups! The friendships! Heartache and drama! All done usually in six issues. Twelve if they think they have something epic on their hands. The power of good triumphs over evil. All’s well that ends well.

But that’s boring isn’t it? No, this is not one of those times. This about a group of heroes after they failed to stop the bad guy. That’s different, right? You don’t see that often do you? Superheroes losing? Hmm? Oh you’re probably wondering who I am, talking to you like there isn’t a 4th wall. You can just call me:



What’s my part in all of this? Just a bystander. I always like a good shit show after all.

Ugh really? Could we get any more cliché?

Cheesy, but apt. Let’s go with this one.

Right. Where was I? I’m sitting here in my special little place flipping through the channels and nothing’s on! Watch the DC Universe? Please. I’m bored, not desperate.


The popcorn’s done! I’m looking forward to seeing what these buffoons are blundering themselves into trying to save the universe. Spoiler alert. I don’t think they will.

Character requirements: Tentatively characters from Marvel and DC are up for grabs. This goes for pretty much any incarnation of the characters from comics, tv, movies etc.​
William Smith’s Weird Science Day Off (working title) 80s themed rp

Eagleville located in Maine can be considered one of the most picturesque towns in America. The biggest crime’s reported are related to parking tickets. But young William H. Smith believes that there is something sinister going on.

July 8th, 1987

William is a 13-year-old boy with a lively imagination, or that’s what his mom always says when he shares his theories. There have been several mysterious disappearances. Aliens. It has to be aliens right? Or that’s what William thinks anyway. Everyone else just brushes him off, who would listen to the lone weirdo? But William swears he’s seen something in town. A tall, dark, and brooding figure in the corner of his eye that vanishes when he turns around. He’s all alone in this. That is until one day he goes to his secret clubhouse and he finds a surprise in the form of his childhood heroes…and others, have materialized into the real world.

Not looking a gift horse in the mouth William’s through the moon with these turn of events and conscripts the group to try and find out the mystery of the town, as well as trying to find a way to send them all back home to where they belong.

Will they uncover a great secret, or will they find out that the imagination of a 13-year-old boy can sometimes be misleading? Their mission will take them through the seasons and a trip to at least one mall, to find the truth.

Character requirements: Since it is 80s themed the character requirement is that you have to roleplay a character from something created in the 80s, or characters created later that are set in the 80s like say Stranger Things or Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Characters from a later era reboot etc is also possible, for example, if you want to roleplay one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from one of the later shows or films it is perfectly fine to do so. Or if you want to roleplay a Transformer it does not have to be one from the G1 era.

You were once a part of a multiversal affair.

What happened? You can’t remember much, but you know it was multiversal, you made it out alive...

but your close friend Johnny Joestar didn’t.

You knew who the killer was, you could see their face, and when everyone got together it erupted into an argument.


Everyone agreed Johnny Joestar died, but nobody could agree on how he died or who killed him.

So one question remains on everyone’s mind...

Who killed Johnny Joestar?
Rot and Rule
A Musical Spectacular!


It started like every other day. In the middle of your normal routine, you were unaware of the strange man in the shadows until it was far too late. A gas fills the area, and the next thing you know you've woken up in some crappy dressing room in a second-rate theatre, informed that you are going to participate in a talent show! All you have to do to go home is sing, and one lucky winner even gets a cash prize and a feature for some band!

Sounds simple enough, right? Well...if only. Because nothing is ever easy, you find yourself thrust into an adventure to die for, and if you're not careful, you'll do just that!

This event is going to go back to a traditional Murder Game format, where a small handful of players will be selected to kill someone each round, and the others must work together to solve the crime. However, this particular event will feature a few twists. For one, there will be a particular goal the Traitors are trying to achieve throughout the event. And in order to achieve said goal, there will be a few...additional roles added. What are they, you ask?'ll need to play the game to find out~

Character Requirements
As this is a music-themed event, all characters must in some way relate to music. I will be a bit flexible and allow characters who aren't otherwise musicians, but come from musical franchises. No power limits save for the usual ban on god-modding, and there will be an opportunity to nab a weapon if your character needs one. I'll most likely allow duos, too.​
Relapse In;to Utopia

So much pain and suffering...


This is not your world.

Is it anyone's world?

You wake up, grab a bowl of cereal, and pour it into your bowl. You follow that with milk, some orange juice, and grab an apple to eat. You pick up your book bag, and walk to school. At school, you notice something strange. Students' faces are blurry, almost staticy. Adults seem distant and cold. The students take an intimidating look at you. One almost gives a sadistic grin. Fear fills your body, and you start running.

You have forgotten who you are. Or, more accurately, you still know your name, and that something about your situation feels wrong, like it's not real. You just know this world isn't right. Didn't you JUST graduate university? Don't you have a full time job? Why are you back in highschool? Something's wrong.

Welcome to Mobius, an artificial world created by the Utaloid, μ. It was created to relieve suffering in the world.



Based on The Caligula Effect, Tokyo Xanadu, and the Persona Series, this is a half Illusion Game, Half Main Event where the characters know exactly who they are, but they've had their memories erased. μ has taken away their suffering, and put them in her perfect world. The characters join the Going-Home Club in an effort to break free from this Gilded Prison they find themselves in.

However, the Ostinato Musicians, the largest fans of Mu's, wish to keep you from destroying the world they work so hard to protect, and keep their world from crashing down. You will be opposed, and you will have allies on your journey to become free of Mobius. You must work with your friends to fight through mazes on your way to freedom.


Not really sure what to say about these. This is an Illusion Game in the sense that your character does not have a new identity, but their previous one was erased. However, it is otherwise a regular event/sidestory. Characters will not have access to their powers, instead they get a Cognitive Weapon based on their personality, although idk how I'd decide that so I'll let you all pick your own weapon.

Characters MUST be taken from a point in their lives where they are suffering, or dealing with incredibly rough circumstances.

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Don't sit so close to the Screen. You'll turn your eyes square.
You're not even watching this shit, are you? Let me change the channel.

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"A little more seasoning... That's my secret weapon... That'll blow them all way..."
Ah, this is more like it! The Cooking Channel! Some nice, wholesome content!
Just a bunch of regular Joes trying to whip one some curry to impress a Michelin Chef.
What do you mean this isn't up your alley?
What do you mean that contestants are set up for failure?
I mean... sure... the Chef makes 5-star food for a living...
Maybe you're right. Maybe his standards are always going to be way too high...
Let's see what else is on...

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"I'm gonna find that sonova bitch... and when ah do..."
Oh yee-fucking-haw!!!
This is more like it! An Old West show!
Set in a land were Bounty Law is the Only Law! Where men's lives were bought with...
What do you mean we've done the whole 'Bounty-Thing' before?
You think you're too good for Black and White TV?
Fine. We'll watch something else...

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Marvin! I got my hand stuck in the sink again!
So no one told you life was gonna be this way, huh?
Let me guess. Not a fan of the laugh track?
Come on. It's not that bad!
I mean... how am I supposed to know when I'm supposed to laugh without out it?
You're impossible to impress, you know that?

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"I can't believe he did that... I can't believe it... My brain just... Broke... GSHHJJFJSBDF"

A Dating Show!
I thought you kids loved crap like this?
Really? No?
But what about the gossip? The Drama? The Wonderful Editing?
Just think of the Sound Effects!

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There's gotta be something on...
That's cable for ya

Water, Water Everywhere...

But not a drop to drink

I'm no cable cutter, but I'm starting to get sick of this. There's just so much shit on TV nowadays...
But I can't help but shake the feeling that there's a diamond hidden in the rough out there...
I guess we'll have channel hopping.
Jumping from one network to the next.
Maybe we'll find something worth watching eventually.
Or maybe we'll keep jumping... forever.
I feel sorry for the 'actors', sometimes...
Just look at them.
Whenever we change channels, we're turning their lives upside down.
Their souls are being thrown from one world to the next...
having readjust over and over and over again...
Must be nauseating...

Still. It's worth it.

I caught a great episode of that SitCom the other week.
What was it called?
I can't quite remember...
You know the one.
It was the one where the Space Marine next door barged into the Witch's apartment
And he just started eating shit out of her fridge. Funniest thing I've ever seen.
And the Space Marine was secretly cheating on his husband with the Witch's sister.
It was so awkward. So dramatic. I loved it.
I wonder if we'll find that channel again someday?
Law of Averages says we'll get there eventually...
Until then...

More Hopping...

You'll wake up in a new show every chapter.
This is reality TV, baby.
You memories might be adjusted to fit your setting...
You want to get out? You want to go home?
Finish the Season and we might let you leave the studio...
Better put on a show, Lovies.
The Boring? The Ugly?
They don't last long in this industry.
It's 'Entertain or Die' in here.
The last thing you want is for someone to change channels..
That might affect our ratings...
If our ratings are affected, our bottom line might take a hit...
If our bottom line takes a hit... well...
You don't want to find out...​
Illusion - Looking Glass

Based on the Unbreakable Trilogy, particularly the film "Glass."


"My name is Dr. Ellie Staple, and I'm a psychiatrist. My work concerns a particular type of delusion of grandeur. It's a growing field. I specialize in those individuals who believe they are superheroes."


"You may not remember it very well, but you were admitted to this institution some time ago in order to be rehabilitated, and I'm very proud of the progress you have all made. In no time, you will finally be able to return to the world as healthy members of society."

View attachment 10249

Whoever you are, or rather, whoever you once thought you were, you are now a patient at Raven Hill Memorial Mental Institute. If there's one thing you have in common with the rest of your fellow patients, it's that you once believed that you were someone you were clearly not. Whether it was a superhero, a dark lord, a time traveler, or anything else, you have since come to accept the truth. You are really just a normal human, with no special powers.

However, just as your treatment draws to a close, it seems that there are a few patients who still haven't managed to be rehabilitated completely.

For one, Elijah Price thinks he is a supervillain mastermind named Mr. Glass, and for some reason, he just can't stop talking about some grand plan that he has been carefully laying out ever since you had first gotten here... whenever that was, not that you can remember clearly. Not that any of it matters so much. Surely, Elijah will be rehabilitated in all due time.

And yet, you just can't shake the feeling that he is honestly as dangerous as he claims to be. But what could you possibly do about it?

After all, you're just a normal human being.

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So, yeah, this event will be an Illusion event with a bit of a twist. Whereas other Illusion events involve the main cast having their identities completely erased with no memory of who they once were until the final act, this one is a little different as you might have guessed.

While your character is still stripped of their original identity, I'm thinking that this time, they'll retain their original name (rather than making up a whole new Illusion name) and perhaps even a small inkling of their past life, recontextualized to them as delusions, if people are on board with that idea. Basically, just cutting a step or two out of the usual process. Otherwise, should still be straightforward as can be.

Anyway, this event is inevitable. This is a threat.​

In the mysterious realm of Teyvat, a dark force is rising. An unknown evil taking the identity of the Tsaritsa, the Cryo Archon (ice goddess), has risen with their Fatui forces and is stealing the seven Gnoses, the essences of all the Archons in Teyvat.

They’ve already collected five, and nobody’s able to stop them.

That is, until the powerful omnipotent witch Alice summons people from throughout the multiverse in order to stop the Tsaritsa and protect the remaining Gnoses before it’s too late.

This is a main event based around the game Genshin Impact. Knowledge of the source material isn't needed to join.

This event will happen. Albeit, several things must be said.

1 - Sign ups will happen whenever possible, I’m not sure when but it will be sooner rather than latter.

2 - I need a Co-GM, someone who will help me with running this event. Knowledge of Genshin Impact is required. If you’re interested DM me on Discord (@Capri#1690) or on here.​