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Character sheet template:



Abilities: (maximum of 3)



Weaknesses: (minimum of 2)


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If you're interested, here's some indepth information on the peoples of the Folded World.

The Fae in general

The people of the Wild, on the Eastern side of the Fold. These creatures are generally furred and feathered, and often do not wear clothing. They are usually quite varied in their beliefs, but all agree that they were fathered by the Wilding Spirits. Generally, Fae society tends to be secretive, isolated, or otherwise shut off from the outside world.

The average Fae wield minute influence over the elements of flame, of soil, of water, and of air. In case of those from the Heavenly Steps, controlling ice is also possible. For the more advanced Shaman come the Aspects; Emptiness, Decay, Force, and Life.

Major locations (but by far not the largest, nor the most populous) include the parasite-infested Forest of Worms, the wintry Heavenly Steps, and steamy Upper Laknat.

The Forest of Worms

This area is remote, set at the temperate Eastern Major Petal of the Wildness. Although insignificant to the world at large, the inhabitants of this area are feared and reviled by the rest of the world. Their bodies have developed a resistance to the local parasites. Those who attempt to leave are caught by others and dumped into lonely places, where no others dare to go. Thus, an individual from the Forest of Worms would make a good candidate for Manifold, given its themes and setting.

Heavenly Steps

A chain of thin, tall plateaus along the Upper Minor Petals of the Wildness, overgrown by wintry trees. The denizens of this land are hardy and unflinching in their harsh conditions. They are the least faithful of Fae-kind, and are thus rejected by the Wilding Spirits. Without their blessing, the Heavenly Steps are considered unholy ground by the regular Fae. Some say that unnatural magic is born here.

Upper Laknat

From the brutal desert of Laknat comes a vast rainforest, located on the Lower Minor Petals of Wildness. Disease is rampant here, so those Fae native to these trees have a natural resistance to sickness. Few visit Upper Laknat, in fear that they may never return. Ironically, it also happens to be one of the most peaceful places, where the great plagues hold large animals to small numbers. The heavily adaptable Fae were quick to become the rulers of the land, and so it is the closest place to a civilisation in the Wildness. There is an abundance of swampland here to meet with the tall trunks of ancient, breathing wood.

The Homuncule in general

In contrast to the isolationist and traditionalist Fae, these scaled and skinbound creatures embrace large scale industrialisation and vast cities. Their strict hierarchy and thorough government mean that order is imposed in gracious portions in all inhabited places in the Tameness. Nudity is taboo, trade is everywhere, and all the people want to know what the next big show is going to be.

The Homuncule, in contrast to the Fae, are tamers of the wild magic that surrounds them. Instead of channelling it through their own bodies, they create machinery that does the heavy lifting for them. The basic spheres of influence for more mundane machines are control over haze, steam, light, and clay. More advanced machinery uses Glass (not the window stuff), Change, and Growth.

Major locations in the Tameness include Monolith, the Mesin Manufacturing Republic, and Tibuli.


Hugging the edge of the Western Major Petal of Tameness, Monolith is the most orderly of all. A strict, extremely careful, and infuriatingly bureaucratic nation, Monolith controls most of the Tameness. They possess the most advanced technology seen on the face of the Folded World, and are said to hide many more wonders under the surface. In contrast to their penchant for creating the most interesting things in the world, their culture is extremely utilitarian. One would be observant to find a single shade of paint that wasn't grey here. The inhabitants are about as stoic as one would imagine.

The Mesin Manufacturing Republic

Located on the Upper Minor Petals of the Tameness, Mesin was once a massive, untapped field of high quality metals and complex machinery. It didn't take long before somebody came and set up a factory over it. That factory grew to take over the entire region. Mesin creates everything (like China). It's difficult to find anything that wasn't somehow passed through here at least once. Unfortunately, the astronomical profits aren't distributed very evenly, and most workers are near or below the poverty line. Anybody coming from here is going to be a very hardy, very handy individual who knows their way with machines.


An oddball city placed on the First Lower Minor Petal of the Tameness (what a mouthful), Tibuli is where everything (and probably its brother, too) is sold. There are very few jobs that involve manufacturing, instead relying off shipping, trade, and commerce to keep everything running. It is a fantastical place, full of everything from magic hookahs to self aware Auto-slaves. Anybody coming from here will be at least vaguely familiar with the industry, and will very probably be good at convincing people of doing things, or at least putting on a nice persona.

From those outside the realm of reality, the Folded World is but a small speck of dust in an ocean of ethereal sand. Yet, some choose to infect the natives. They may do this by direct contact, dreams, or even structures left behind for resident creatures to find.

Those infected are mutated and warped to better suit their greater purpose. Anybody is susceptible, anybody is vulnerable. Those infected will display strange needs and wants. They often are attracted to remote places, where their masters may make use of them. Beware the Fleshed who watch from the shadows.

Important! If you want to play an Influenced character, run your concept by me. It's an easy way to get your character a motivation, and I'd actually recommend this path if you're looking for a more eccentric experience.
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Example character:

Name: Tain
Gender: Male
Age: 24

Biography: Tain was born in the Forest of Worms, to a family of three. At age 17, his family attempted to escape, but were forced back into the forest by a party of Fae guarding the border. In preparation for their eventual escape, Tain began to learn how to affect the soil and earth. Driven by the hopes of finally escaping the extreme isolation of the darkened trees, he grew to become an adept, and later took up the aspect Force, sacrificing his control over the earth for a more advanced art.

When the time had come, he and his family made another attempt to bypass the borders of their prison. However, they hadn't anticipated everything, and a sudden ambush killed everybody but himself. He managed to keep going, but was soon captured and thrown into the cold grasp of Unreason.

Abilities: (maximum of 3)
- minor control of aspect Force.

- hardy and energetic.

- cunning thinker, able to plan ahead.

Weaknesses: (minimum of 2)
- Infested with contagious parasites. They don't affect him, but could spread to others.

- Still struggling with the loss of his family. May be unstable.

Name: Ogidnew
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Axis: Fae

Ogidnew lived a simple life as the son of the tribe's shaman, and gathered as a young lad, like the others had, from generation to generation in his small tribe, atop the cold plateaus of the Heavenly steps. As he grew to manhood, he learned the ways of the shaman, and was strictly taught the tenants of the Ice, and of Life. It soon came the time where he became a man, and so, came his right of passage.

He was to become influenced like his father, or he was to die, and be eaten by his own clan.

Ogidnew feared his fate should he fail, especially since he witnessed his brother's failure firsthand, as one of those who ate a piece of his corpse. So Ogidnew focused, and stressed himself, knowing that should he not be influenced by the time he became a man, that he shall die. Many days passed, and the strain on his body nearly broke him, as he began to overheat and break vessels from the stress of his mental pressure, until he passed out.

Ogidnew found himself in an odd land, surrounded by things alien to him. All was quiet, except for a drone that drew close, closer, and yet closer still. The sound began to overwhelm him, as he then suddenly felt his head crack apart, and open. The maddening pain was only interrupted by a sense of intrusion, as he felt something slither up his leg, across his back, and around his neck. The thing then plunged into his head, and began piercing and tear at his mind. The thing then fully inserted itself into his head, which then shut itself, and stiched itself closed. Ogidnew clawed at his head as the alien thrashed through his brain, until suddenly, something clicked in his head, and left him paralyzed. He began to understand the alien things he saw around him, and began to cry, both because of pain, and because of joy.

He was now influenced. He would not die, and better, he now understands. He knows now, what to do.

He woke up near a brazen fire, the kind created for ritual consumption. He smelled himself, doused with a myriad of oils and spices. The tribe danced around him, a custom common when the practice of cannibalism was soon to take place. So Ogidnew then sat up straight, and eyed his people, who similarly became still and eyed him. Ogidnew then told them of his experience and process of influence, to which, the tribe cheered and danced to celebrate, which Ogidnew joined, while still smelling of spices and oil.

Ogidnew told his father of his purpose, which would be to discover something which is unknown in Laknat. The shaman nodded, and named him Chorman, for he does the bidding of the influencers. Ogidnew then packed his things, and with a final celebration, began his trek, of which he just now reached his destination, of Laknat.

Abilities: (maximum of 3)
- Life sapping from unfortunate prey

- Creates icy mirrors and clones

- Able to see the dark aspects of individuals, and imbue his clones with them.

Weaknesses: (minimum of 2)
- Tall, frail, and hungry

- Influenced, and empty inside, feeling nothing towards anyone else.
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Birth Name: Malokeh
Sex: Male
Age: 26
Axis: Homuncule

Malokeh was born in the nation of Monolith, as the only heir to a large and powerful company he was raised in luxury and comfort. He was given the best education available to him and was renowned as a genius, all of this was what was expected of him and neither him nor his father would accept anything less, but then one day his father was mysteriously murdered and the blame of which was placed on him, Malokeh knew not the exact identity of whom orchestrated his father's death and framed him but he knows for a fact that the person who is currently in charge of HIS company is behind all this, the company which should rightfully have been HIS.

Malokeh's punishment was that he was exiled to the land of Unreason/Lankat essentially a death sentence, however what drives him to continue despite the odds is his vengeance and he shall have it.



  • Very possessive over what he claims is his, not willing to let things go
  • Paranoia consumes his mind, seldom trusting anybody
  • A prideful person, requires great persuasion
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Gender: Male
Age: 32
Axis: Homuncule

Hitam was born into a small family in upper Laknat. Originally a Fae, he lived a peaceful life in near solitude, save for family and a few friends. Hitam was never content with this life. His family had once owned a television set that had captured his imagination, but it was later confiscated by the priesthood of the area. The young Fae was disappointed, but began to dream of living in a big city where all the 'real things' happened. When Hitam had grown to adulthood, he made off from his home and travelled to Tibuli. The city, full of its sights and smells, entranced the Fae. His Axis changed as he acclimated to the new environment, and soon the creature began to wear clothes and display heavy restraint on his personality. Rigorous studying and determination to be successful landed him in a lavish home with more money than he knew what to do with.

His family once visited him, but he wasn't recognisable as the imaginative child they'd raised. He secretly despised his family and the Fae in general, and treated them as below his 'new' ways he had embraced.

Disaster struck when Hitam's engineering career caved under a hefty lawsuit. His new line of airships would explode mid-flight from a design flaw in their energy seals, and it resulted in over twenty dead. Although Hitam did his best to repel the lawsuit, it was discovered that he had indeed been intentionally producing low quality work, and did not withdraw the flawed models to save money. It landed him with a sentence to death. Fearing humiliation from the few people who still had any love and respect for him, Hitam asked for a private sentence away from any media or prying eyes. He ended up in Laknat.

Abilities: (maximum of 3)
- Excellent with engineering. Can construct new machinery with the right parts and tools.

- Critical thinker; doesn't show much emotion.

- knows some influence over the Wild power of fire.

Weaknesses: (minimum of 2)
- Deceptive and cowardly.

- Addicted to smoking.