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Open Mazehouse

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board' started by Rachel Rider, Sep 3, 2018.

  1. Rachel Rider

    Rachel Rider Smol Turtle Girl

    You wake up in a bare room, the soft white squares of the walls and the harsh light from the fixture hanging in the middle of the room making the room feel almost endless. The plastic bed you're lying on is cool on your skin, and the sterile smelling sheets is tangled around your form. Luckily you are clothed. Standing up you suddenly feel dizzy, but you steady yourself before looking around. A metallic gray door is directly opposite of your bed. There is a note taped there, yellow paper with red writing. Picking it up, you see a strange set of rules printed out.

    1: You have full control of who can come in this room and may furnish it with anything you find in the wild.

    2: Your team can choose to evict someone or allow someone into the commons room (The room outside this door) as long as the majority say they agree, and can allow someone in your team wild.

    3: If all teams agree they can bar someone from coming in from the wild and into the safe area.

    4: If you die, you are confined to your private room until someone finds your body and takes your key back to your room. This key cannot be stolen by a beast or broken by another player. It will disappear as soon as it is used.

    5: If you stay inside the safe room for too long, your mind will begin to warp. This is irreversible.

    6: Whatever you find in the wild is yours and yours alone unless you share it with someone.

    7: Abilities that you gain in the wild can and will change these rules.

    8: Don't break your message board.

    9: Listen to the messages from me.

    10: Don't trust anyone.

    =) - Mazemaker

    P.S. Wait for the click

    Hello hello! I've been rolling around this idea in my head for a while, and it's time to put it down in writing. There will be three teams in this place. Each team has access to a separate wild, but all have access to the house wild, that is a maze of rooms and corridors. People can enter after this starts, and it will start when each team has three people on it, that's 9 people in total because once a team has 3 people on it it is locked until the others have 3. But really teams mean little.


    Mirror - Has access to the mirror maze. Message board takes form of a fogged mirror. Gets advice from the glass maker.

    Hedge - Has access to the hedge maze. Message board takes form of a wall covered in vines. Gets advice from the gardener.

    Cave - Has access to the cave maze. Message board takes form of a stone tablet. Gets advice from the stone cutter.

    Now for the characters! They must be human, and can be from any time period after the 20th century and from anywhere in the world, but all will be able to communicate with each other. You cannot give them powers or anything of the such, however you can give them a talent that is plausible(cooking, athletic, sewing, carpentry, doctor, psychology, mechanic, etc. etc.). This must make sense with their backstory but is not necessary. All characters must be 10-30 years. First name is necessary, last name and beyond is optional. Also, each character must have a warp state. The warp states are:

    Depression - Stays in room, purposely tries to harm oneself or puts oneself in danger.

    Anger - Aggressive, lashes out at others and holds grudges.

    Anxiety - Stays in safe area, fearful of others.

    Attachment - Clings to another character, suspicious of others and overly trusting of the character they are attached to.

    Protective - Guards over a character, often suffocation.

    Obsession - Obsesses over another character, often to the point of attempting to kidnap them.

    Fascination - Fixates upon a mundane object and attempt to collect a large number of them from the mazes.

    Perfectionist - Over-analyses and critiques others and themselves.

    Psychopath - Loses ability to empathize and feel emotion.

    Dictator - Attempts to gain control over their team by nefarious means.

    Addict - Becomes addicted to any substance that can be found in the wild.

    Numb - Unable to feel pain, emotional or physical.

    Narcoleptic - Randomly falls asleep.

    These are just a list that I've come up with. It is okay for multiple characters to have the same warp state. If you come up with your own message me. This does not have to relate to their personality. The warp state will only come into affect after the character has gone for two days without going into the wild.

    Now, Here is the Character Sheet. You must fill one out. If you are confused about any of it tell me.
    Year Taken From:
    Warp State:

    Now once 9 people (wow that's a lot) join I will either do a Epic or Multi-threaded roleplay, leaning towards Epic. I will expect you to post every other day at least, unless you give me a reason in P.M.s. I will have a notification thread to ping people who haven't posted in 2-3 days. You should ping people you are responding to or interacting with to help with notifications. No meta-gaming, and if there are 3 or more people involved in an conversation/interaction you cannot post one after the other since that would leave out the other person/people. Ask about anything you're confused about. I will make my character after 8 have made theirs and will play the Gardener, Stone cutter, Glass maker, and Mazemaker
  2. Draco Shadowdragon

    Draco Shadowdragon Unknown Entity

    sounds interesting
  3. Rachel Rider

    Rachel Rider Smol Turtle Girl

    Eh, that's hoping we can get 9 (Or I'll settle for 6) people to join. I'm glad you're interested!
  4. Draco Shadowdragon

    Draco Shadowdragon Unknown Entity

    so for the time period could I choose a time in the future (I'm not going too far into the future. I was thinking 2024)
  5. Rachel Rider

    Rachel Rider Smol Turtle Girl

    Yeah. As long as humanity isn't absurdly advanced, space ships and alien contact stuff.
  6. ShadowCoyote0

    ShadowCoyote0 Senpai

    I'm interested
  7. Jail Rose

    Jail Rose A rose in jail

    Ooo, sounds interesting. I'll join!
  8. ShadowWalker

    ShadowWalker Member

    Looks interesting.

    A bit tongue-in-cheek, but can my character be a young Batman? He doesn't have powers, he's just highly trained ;p

    More seriously, I'm willing to play a couple different characters, if we can't get to 9 people. I like to think I'm good at keeping them separate.
  9. Jail Rose

    Jail Rose A rose in jail

    Are you going to send the link to the roleplay in this thread once we get enough people?
  10. Alissa Ming

    Alissa Ming Wandering Storyteller

    This looks interesting. I may have to create a new character as the vast majority of mine have powers of some sort. I'll let you know what I come up with.
  11. starsavvy

    starsavvy New Member

    This sounds cool. How structured would it be? Would you be more of a GM figure with a plot already in mind, or would it be more group improv? I’m new here and looking for a rp or maybe two to join. :)
  12. ShadowWalker

    ShadowWalker Member

    Well, that's five people interested. Six, including @Rachel Rider. I really wanna see this one happen.
  13. Rachel Rider

    Rachel Rider Smol Turtle Girl

    Oh great notifications hated me. Thanks for the mention XD
    Anyway, it’s going to act more like a group improv with some structured events from time to time that will show up via the characters I will be playing. I will post the link here once I get it, though I’ll have to talk with Tiko to get it set up.
    I’m fine with highly trained characters, as long as they make sense with the bio. I am also fine with multiple characters. Any other questions?​
  14. will30358

    will30358 The Tsuki Royale

    I'm interested in this!
  15. Rachel Rider

    Rachel Rider Smol Turtle Girl

    I’m working on getting things set up, in the meantime if everyone could get the Character Sheets ready and PM them to me that would be great. There will also be a area to put your Character sheets when I get everything set up.
    Also: The Hedge maze has been renamed to the Garden maze, The Stonecutter is now The Archaelogist and The Glassmaker is now the Glazier.
  16. ShadowWalker

    ShadowWalker Member

    Looking at the prompt again, I have a couple questions (and more sub-questions):

    1: You have full control of who can come in this room and may furnish it with anything you find in the wild.
    6: Whatever you find in the wild is yours and yours alone unless you share it with someone.

    Are these rules magically enforced? That is, if my character tries to take something that another character found in the wild without permission, will something happen to prevent me from doing so? Same with entering rooms: what happens if a character tries to enter a private room uninvited? Is there some force field that prevents them from doing so? What happens if I revoke permission to be in my room when the person is already there? Are they evicted, or can they stay but may not reenter once they leave?

    Furthermore, are the permissions magic - i.e. can I just decide that a person can take an object/enter my room, not tell anyone (including them) and have them be able to do it? Does it need to be spoken aloud? Entered into a computer?

    I'm fine with the characters not knowing what will happen, but I would like to know OoC so I can properly depict how my character reacts to attempting to do one of these things without permission (if that happens - haven't quite decided on my character yet).
  17. Rachel Rider

    Rachel Rider Smol Turtle Girl

    Yes, the rules are magically enforced by the mazemaker and change instantly upon the characters decision. When they attempt to steal something from another character they will get a shock, that will escalate in severity the more they attempt to take it. Same with entering a room. And the effect is immediate when the person decides it if they are inside. Also, it only works if the person is touching/entering of their own will, not if the object is being shoved/thrown at them or if they're being pushed into the room.
  18. Rachel Rider

    Rachel Rider Smol Turtle Girl

  19. Jail Rose

    Jail Rose A rose in jail

    Awesome! Can you give us a link to the RP? Also, in the character sheet, what does "Year Taken From" mean?
  20. Rachel Rider

    Rachel Rider Smol Turtle Girl

    Mazemaker essentially 'Time kidnaps' everyone, so this would be the last year they were in the real world before being taken. If you're extra you can put month/date ect but year is a must. This is the Forum, but you shouldn't post until you've sent in your CS. Your first post should be your character reacting to the letter and waiting then coming into the team common room for the first time. Note: All other times roleplay going on in the individual rooms should be in a separate thread.

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