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I'm glad I'll be seeing you all soon~
My warnings and what I expect.
  • I don't care about the length of posts, just please try not to do one-liners for every single post, and I'll try to do the same.
  • I'm trying to not care about the frequency of posts, but please be aware that I might ask where you are if it takes a long time to reply. Very sorry in advance about that, trying to be better about it!
  • I ask that we keep roleplaying to threads, and talking about the roleplay to the initial conversation.
  • I'm fine with swearing.
  • I love gore, so for the horror roleplays, I will try (TRY) to be very, very descriptive about gory stuff. If you don't like that, then I might not be the partner for you if you want a goreless horror roleplay (Why would one want a goreless horror roleplay anyway?).
  • I'm bad at doing romantic roleplays, but I'll try my best.
  • I am in the PDT timezone.
Be aware that the genre plots will almost always be original while the fandom plots will almost always be popular ideas.

Finally to the plots.

Romance Plots

YC and Maximillian were always brotherly rivals. They tried to outdo each other, make their royal parents proud, and such. Sadly, since YC was the younger brother, Maximillian would take the throne once their parents died, which happened soon after the two turned 18. After their parents' death, YC challenged Maximillian to a duel for the throne, and the conditions were that if one wins, the other is sent away for ten years, at which point he can come back for a rematch if he wants to. Due to his brother winning, YC is sent away for a decade, vowing to himself to get a rematch, but once he comes back. He discovers that his brother married then died, with the widow occupying the throne, and YC and the widow have a connection. <3<3<3

Magical Fantasy Plots

In the land of Alterra, when magic was discovered, people immediately used it for good. Healing, defense, etcetera, etcetera. However, that was a long time ago. Now, magic users are being corrupted by what the good users are calling 'The Fog', and it's practically an everyday occurrence to have to find a few baddies, whether it be bandits, monsters, or evil magic users. When YC and MC, a human warrior, meet each other, they decide to go on an adventure together, cause why not? <3

A long time ago, longer than anyone can remember, a man named Ardin found that certain humans could control four elements. Water, earth, fire, and air. He also found that each elemental person could only control one of those four elements. Intrigued by his discovery, he set out to find four people who had the knowledge and experience to teach others how to unlock the special ability and made his school of the elements. Now, though Ardin and those four are gone, their legacy and the school lives on. I'm intending for this to be a melodrama. <3<3<3

Aletora. It used to be a glorious kingdom when it was under Queen Sapphire's rule. However, she is now gone, replaced by her daughter, Ruby, who is merciless. There is a group who call themselves 'The Sapphires' who have rebelled against Queen Ruby and wish to overthrow her. In that group are YC and MC.<3

Horror Plots

YC has been living in a small town called Darkwater County for a few years now, so they're familiar with most, if not all, of the people who live there. At least, until MC comes into town, claiming to want to get away from the hectic nature of the city and live a boring life. But, soon after she moves in, people start getting murdered messily, as if killed by an otherworldly being. While YC immediately figures out that MC is responsible for these killings, the town's residents are slow to distrust her, as they think 'How could a new person be so cruel?' Can YC get rid of the newcomer before it's too late? <3<3<3<3<3

Supernatural Plots

When two children, YC and MC, met, they quickly became friends, and after three years, got separated due to MC's family moving. A few years later, in high school, a new family moves into YC's neighborhood, and it's MC's family! However, she is very different from MC YC used to know. She is much more reclusive, and whenever she goes out, she wears sunglasses no matter if it's day or night, sunny or cloudy. Another strange thing, Amy often covers her neck. What happened to her?

In a small town, there is a large, very old mansion at the top of the house that is surrounded by dead trees. Rumors quickly spread that it's haunted, and on a dare, YC goes into the mansion. They eventually find an almost empty room. Almost. Inside the room are a single chair and a doll that looks a lot like an adult human female in an old fashioned dress sitting in said chair. When YC pulls the doll up to make it stand, it pulls their hand off of itself and speaks to them. The two then find that they are trapped, so they might as well get comfy. <3

In YC's high school, there's a rumor going around that a ghost is haunting the 3rd-floor bathroom. After being dared/getting the courage to check it out, YC goes inside, and he finds MC, a boy who was killed by one of his peers. At first, MC is unwilling to open up, but then he slowly grows fond of YC and eventually asks him to find something that will allow him to finally move onto the afterlife.

Mixed and Miscellaneous Plots

There have been murders springing up around town, caused by an individual nicknamed Karma for their choices of who to kill. YC hears rumors that Karma is hiding in a nearby abandoned factory and, in an act of stupidity bravery, explores the factory. They do indeed find Karma, who, after not being able to find any bad actions YC did, keeps them in the factory. This one is horror, but it could also be a romance if you want. <3

In YC's senior year, a very popular J-Pop triplet trio called 'Kit Kat Kee' come to his school. One is named Kit, one is named Kat, and the final is named Kee. The three take an instant liking to them, but what happens when they like them too much? This plot is inspired by a reader insert story from either Quotev or Wattpad. I forgot the name. My memory is fuzzy so what I can remember is, the reader was supposed to be slightly popular, and there was a popular (possibly Japanese) boy band that becomes yandere. Someone please find it and send me the link so I can link it! This is a romance and horror, as Kit, Kat, and Kee are yanderes. <3<3<3

Send me a message if you're interested!
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I'm glad I'll be seeing you all soon~
Not too late! All of these are open no matter what! Just shoot me a message so we can discuss the finer details!