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Name: Khai’Lac, Shaper of Dreams, Wanderer Through the Night

Domain(if applicable): Dreams

Subdomains: Sleep, Illusions, Memory

  • Khai'Lac has the power to alter and influence dreams as he pleases. It is possible for him to create dreams so vivid, the dreamer would think the material plane to be fake.
  • He is able to reach through dreams to communicate to individuals, and is able to read the thoughts and memories of the dreamer.
  • With the permission of the dreamer, he can overwrite their memories.
  • Khai’Lac can also trap people in their dreams. To escape they must be forcefully awoken from the material plane. While they are trapped, though, the dreamer will not suffer from thirst, hunger, or sickness.
  • He can also place suggestions within the minds of weak-willed or non-sentient dreamers, allowing him a not small amount of control over their actions.
  • Khai'Lac was born, and draws power from, dreams, and in the realm of sleep there are few that can match his power. However, he is only able to directly influence the material plane through proxies, who are mortals who have sworn their lives to his service after he has granted them a gift.
  • Through a proxy, he is able to:
    • create illusions that affect all five senses
    • force large numbers of people to fall asleep instantly (numbers vary, from households to entire land masses, though what the upper limit is has never been tested)
    • materialize objects, places, people, or phenomena from the dream realm into the material plane, such as magical artifacts, forests, or powerful earthquakes.
      • His ability to manifest objects in the material plane can be used without a proxy, but in turn costs much more to take effect.
      • It is less “materialize in the physical plane” as it is “push out of the dream realm”.
  • However, the more he channels his power through a proxy, the more quickly said proxy burns away.
  • He can also fashion “dream wraiths” to act as guardians for his proxies.
    • Dream wraiths are woven together from violent dreams and nightmares wrapped around a physical core.
    • They take the appearance of a cloaked figure with ribbons of shadow surrounding it.
    • Dream wraiths can travel between the realms of the waking and sleeping with little difficulty due to their makeup.
    • Khai'Lac will sometimes use dream wraiths to act as his agents in the dream realm.
    • If their core is destroyed, they will dissipate to nothing.
    • They are unable to stray far from their assigned proxy while in the material plane.
  • Khai’Lac, being born from and made entirely of dreams is unable to physically manifest in the material plane. This greatly limits his powers.
  • Khai'Lac is unable to communicate with most entities unless through dreams. This includes deities. However, deities who can enter the dream realm can talk to him that way instead.
  • Most of Khai'Lac’s powers can only be used on those who are asleep, with the exception of when he is channeling through proxies.
  • Proxies, in general, are unable to channel Khai'Lac’s will and power for long periods of time before literally burning themselves out.
    • Most last for a few days before beginning to slowly disintegrate.
    • After a few weeks, they will have become nothing more than ash.
  • Khai’Lac is unwilling to waste the life of any being, as the more lives there are, the more dreams there are for him to draw power from.
  • Khai’Lac draws much of his power from beings in the material plane, despite not being able to directly interact with it. He is heavily invested in the general well-being of mortals, because the more dreamers there are, the more he grows in power. When interacting with mortals, he will often act in a kindly and understanding manner. He will push those in the material world, through dreams and proxies, in directions that usually benefit the vast majority. Under certain circumstances, he can forcibly materialize a powerful artifact into the physical realm to influence current events without the use of a proxy.
  • When needed, Khai'Lac also acts as a guardian of the dream realm, by keeping unwanted visitors from entering and attacking people through dreams and nightmares. He will often employ dream wraiths to hunt down intruders. Beings who enter his realm uninvited risk suffering wounds that manifest themselves on the being’s physical self.
  • However, what Khai'Lac desires most is a way to fully manifest himself in the physical world, and to be able to wield his powers freely.
Khai’Lac’s physical appearance is that of an androgynous, hooded figure, though he seems to think of himself as male. Where his face would be is instead a simple, yet beautiful white mask. The mask has no holes for the nose or mouth, only the eyes. However, he will only take this form while communicating with other deities as a form of courtesy. When communicating through dreams, he will take on the appearance of somebody familiar to the dreamer, whether friend, family, casual acquaintance, or even a hated enemy. They will usually be identical to their real life counterpart, except for pure-black eyes and wisps of shadow that float behind them. When acting through proxies, the proxy will also have completely black eyes, as well as a twisted and distorted shadow.


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