Meet the Elementalist - Crazy Old Geezer or Wise Veteran Mage?

Aer Shiana

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It was a brisk and cold morning at Arcadia Academy. A gathering of students were waiting at one of the Dueling Grounds, instructed that their class was to take place there. However, it was over ten minutes past when the class was supposed to start, and many of the students were getting antsy. Some were about to leave, while others were simply complaining about the instructor's tardiness.

Artoria appeared to wait patiently, though was starting to get rather annoyed, and was wondering if the instructor was even going to show up. She glanced over at Jayden, who was with his pack of friends. They would exchange awkward stares, then look away from each other.

Then finally, a shimmer in the air appeared, signalling that someone was entering the Dueling Grounds. Out stepped a rather tall and strange looking man. He had long vibrant blue hair, no doubt dyed, with a dark gray bandanna wrapped over the top of his head. His eyes had a blue-green color to them, and seemed to have an odd glow to them. His garb was a green single-sleeved tunic with a white robe-like shirt underneath. He carried a large staff with a celtic knot and cyan orb at its peak, using it as a walking stick. It looked very much like a magical staff that a traditional mage from ancient times would use.

The instructor didn't say a word, instead he silently walked across the grounds, staring down the group of students rather intensely. The look in his eyes suggested that he was perhaps volatile, and in a bad mood. Several tense moments of silence passed.

Then a chair-like pillar of earth raised from the ground, in which he parked his rear-end in, and pulled out his ORB to start checking it, as though ignoring the students. He would say nothing unless a student spoke up.

Artoria was stunned absolutely speechless at this.


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Jayden was quiet, more so than usual, as he waits around near the dueling ring. He wore his usual black suit, though with a thicker coat over it.

Exchanging the occasional glance with Artoria, he quietly checks his watch as time ticks by. Despite standing next to a small group of friends, Jayden paid nearly no attention as he stood there. It would seem like he had a lot more on his mind than the Class around him.

Jayden breathes a sigh of relieve as the teacher shows up, putting his thoughts to the back of his mind as he prepares for the class....

He looks incredibly confused and frustrated as the group waits for the teacher to say something. Tapping his foot impatiently, he stands in silence as they all stare at the teacher. Occasionally, he glances at Artoria before looking back at Toan.

Aer Shiana

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"SAY SOMETHING, ASSHOLE!" Apparently one of the students got really upset and finally shouted out their frustrations. Artoria jumped a little at the sudden outburst, though did somewhat agree with the sentiment.

The instructor looked up from his ORB ever so casually, and remarked, "Ah, it appears I'm a bit late."

Several groans of annoyance were heard, Artoria being among them. Many of the students were starting to wonder if this was even supposed to be the instructor, with some even walking out. As this happened, the man would speak up. "Leave, and I'll consider you dropping out of the class."

One of the students, who just so happened to be the arrogant Reliviere, spoke up the loudest, threatening to attack the man. "I'll have you know that I am among one of the finest mages at this establishment. To show such utter disregard for Academy standards, I have the urge to use one of my greatest spells upon you."

Threatening to attack a teacher was quite a serious thing, with many of the students, including Artoria, now staring between Reliviere and Toan, anxious to see what happened next. Another few tense and silent moments passed, with the latter doing the same intense stare down as before. Then finally.. "Don't. Or someone will die."

Artoria's eyes widened at this, inching slowly away from Reliviere, whom would hesitate, then stutter out, "O-Oh yeah? A-and who m-might that be?"

Toan would then flatly state "Me." His expression was as serious as before, but anyone paying close attention would notice him fighting to keep from smiling as though thoroughly enjoying the reactions of all the students. Needless to say, Reliviere wasn't too happy. "Are you mocking me?!"