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Meet the Staff of Storyteller's Circle

Discussion in 'Introductions & Departures' started by Tiko, Oct 12, 2016.

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  1. Tiko

    Tiko Demon Goat Staff Member Administrator Chronicles of the Omniverse GM


    The staff here on Storyteller's Circle try to maintain a supportive, friendly, and approachable demeanor. Towards that end we have setup this thread to introduce our staff, and to put a sense of individuality and familiarity to our names. Please peruse this thread at your leisure and familiarize yourself with our staff members and their areas of expertise and responsibility.

    As many of our staff members oversee multiple areas of our site, here's a quick reference guide on who to contact about what:

    Administrators (Dashmiel and Tiko): These individuals oversee the back end maintenance and running of the website. These are the people to contact if you are experience site issues, bugs, or errors. These are also the people to contact about Epic Forum maintenance such as adding subforums, adding new prefixes, adding/removing co-gms, or modifying permissions.

    Global Moderators (Script, Knosis, Lobos, and Lialore): These are site wide moderators who oversee and manage the day to day general maintenance of the website. Need a post locked, deleted, or moved? Encountered a spam post? Someone posting pornographic images into your roleplay? Need to report harassment? Witnessed an altercation that you feel violated our site rules? These situations all fall under the umbrella of the Global Moderators.

    If requesting moderator assistance for general forum maintenance or rule violations, please make use of the 'report' functions on the relevant post/chat comment. This ensures that the first available moderator can respond to the incident. If the matter is of a more personal/complex nature then feel free to PM one of the Global Moderators directly.

    Forum Moderators: These are moderators who have been assigned to overseeing a specific forum or forums on the site. They personally handle general conflict resolution and forum maintenance within these specific forums. If a forum has a designated Forum Moderator assigned, please make this individual your goto point of contact for any issues transpiring within that forum. They can be easily identified from any forum page on the website, but here is a concise list:
    • Battle Arena (Lobos)
    • Help Forum (Sokka)
    • Introduction Forum (Sokka)
    • Creative Forums, Photography (Lialore)
    • Creative Forums, Artwork (Lialore)
    • Creative Forums, Creative Writing (Lialore)
    • Creative Forums, Contests (Silence)

    Chat Moderators (Tiko, Knosis, Script, Lobos, Dashmiel):
    These are staff members who are responsible for overseeing the live chat. They include both the global moderators and administrators, as well as chat specific moderators. Should you encounter any instances of misconduct these are the people to report it to. If there isn't a chat moderator present at the time of an incident then please utilize the report function in chat. This ensures that the first available individual can respond to the incident. We rarely live-monitor chat 24/7, so if incidents don't get reported, they won't be addressed. If an incident is of a more personal/complex nature then feel free to send a private PM to any of the Chat Moderators.

    Wardens (BrookeDi, Silence, InkDragon, Sokka, Celtic Cat, Diabolique, and The Taleweaver): This is our general support group for all things roleplaying. Need help finding your way around the site? Need assistance starting a roleplay? Want advice on GMing? Want feedback on a post? Need more resources to find players for your roleplays? These are the people to talk to. Either PM them directly or swing on by our Writer's Circle or Help Forum. Note that forum posts are the most efficient means of getting assistance because it means the first available Warden can assist you, rather than us needing to bounce people around to available Wardens. If you opt for PMs please be patient and understand that any one individual may be at work, asleep, or otherwise unavailable at any given time and you may have to wait until they're around before you get a reply. Help forum posts are guaranteed to get a reply within 24 hours by any one of our available team because the entire team can see them rather than a single individual.

    Designers (Lialore): This group is comprised of volunteer artists dedicated to providing their talents to the community. When they're not otherwise occupied with working on site designs they may at their discretion offer custom avatars, banners, maps, character sketches, and more.
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2017
  2. Tiko

    Tiko Demon Goat Staff Member Administrator Chronicles of the Omniverse GM


    As many likely have surmised from the text and banner to the left of this post, my name is Tiko and I'm an administrator here on Storyteller's Circle. I'd like to take a minute to offer a bit of insight into myself though.

    For starters a little history. Storyteller's Circle came about from myself and Dashmiel gathering together a small team comprised of friends and roleplay partners and building this forum as a solution to being dissatisfied with many of the available forums we frequented. It strives to embody everything we looked for in other places but failed to find. A community of people who genuinely care and support one another's ventures, roleplays, and stories. A place where writers of all skill levels can feel safe and welcome. A place with a staff that is in place to help peoples stories come to fruition and who meet the needs of the community. This is my vision for Storyteller's Circle, and it is a vision that I hope to share with many of like mind.

    A bit about me on a personal level...

    I'm a Game Master of the Chronicles of Omniverse roleplay which I have stubbornly seen endure through two site moves, and it is my intention that Storyteller's Circle will be its last and final move.

    I have a bit of an artistic flair, and love making maps for roleplays. Some of my stuff can be seen in my art thread, and I do offer my map making talents on a first-come first-serve basis.

    I'm an education major and have an extrinsic love of teaching, so please don't hesitate to approach me with questions or to ask for assistance with your roleplays.

    I love fantasy settings. Everything from high fantasy sword and sorcery to dark urban fantasy and modern supernatural. I'm pretty versatile when it comes to fantasy. I also love reading sci-fi, but writing it is an ongoing weak point of mine that I ever struggle to overcome.

    There's much more I could touch upon, but I'll cut my introduction here and leave the rest for another day :)
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2016
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  3. Dashmiel

    Dashmiel Bearly In Charge Staff Member Administrator Chronicles of the Omniverse GM

    Hello Storytellers,

    I'm Dashmiel, the second half of our admin team here at Storyteller's Circle. I'm usually not one for posting introductions (mostly because how horribly awkward I am at writing them), but it turns out that if you build and maintain a community site people expect to know who you are. I know, who would have thunk it? Plus, Tiko is forcing me to write this.

    A bit on why Storyteller's Circle exist: As Tiko explained above, we decided to make this place happen after failing to find another place that truly embodied our feelings and ideals within it. Those are very important and the main focus I take here at SC. Sure, our features are none too shabby and we will always strive to deliver to you an engaging place where you can find all the tools to bring your stories to life in a way only rivaled by your imagination. But that's not what it's really about. Lots of other places have nifty features too.

    At it's core, Storyteller's Circle is more than just the sum of it's technical parts. It is the place where you gather together with your friends—those people you trust with rare insight into your inner world, confident in the knowledge that you're welcome for being you—sit in comfort around the warmth of ideas shared, and bring to life the shape of your innermost creativity.

    More than a website, Storyteller's Circle is an idea. The idea of a community in harmony gathered together around the metaphorical fires of their imagination and engaging in sharing that warmth.

    A bit about myself:

    My favorite genre's to write in are fantasy and science fiction. However, under the right circumstances I enjoy virtually any genre or style of setting, and consider myself able to write in any of them.

    I'm a huge fan of character driven fiction that heavily emphasizes immersion and internal consistency.

    I have a great approximate knowledge of many things.

    Search engines greatly help me maintain the illusion in the above statement.

    I've also run out of things to list here, because as previously mentioned I am awful at introduction posts. The rest you'll have to discover as we get to know each other.

    Welcome to Storyteller's Circle, I hope you'll take a seat with us by the fire and warm yourself up.
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  4. Lobos

    Lobos The Big Bad Wolf Staff Member Moderator Chronicles of the Omniverse GM

    Hello friends both old and new.

    I'm Lobos, one of your tyrannically oppressive friendly neighborhood Global Moderators, and the God-King overseeing Moderator of the Battle Arena. I've been with many of my fellow staff through a few site moves, and I'm as glad as they are that we now have a home to call our own.

    Time for a little about me.

    I've been an avid roleplayer going on a little over a decade now, but I've dabbled with writing for about fifteen years. I'm a notorious bookworm, with a wide variety of genres that I enjoy. Been dealing with a rocky road in more personal matters over the last few years, but I'm hoping that just as Storyteller's Circle is a fresh beginning, I've come to my own fresh start on the right track.

    I've an Associate's Degree in Information Technology, though I'm still currently stuck in the realm of corporate retail. Originally I lived in Wisconsin, but over the past seven years I've resided in Illinois, Louisiana, and finally now in Indiana.

    I occasionally end up with a helter-skelter schedule, so you'll have to forgive me sometimes if I'm unavailable for a while, though I will endeavor to provide a heads-up if the absence is going to be extended. I'll always make the effort to get back to those of you trying to reach out to me.

    KittyWolfSpirit is my fiancé, and if I suddenly fail to sound like me, that means either 1) she has indulged in being too lazy to use her own computer or 2) decided to prank me.

    Welcome to Storyteller's Circle! I'm eager to read what tales you'll spin.
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  5. Knosis

    Knosis Grumpy Badger Staff Member Moderator


    Most people know me as Knosis, and I am one of the Global Moderators here on SC. I'm also the head GM of the epic Roleplay known as Equinox. Since most of the staff before me have gone into why we're here, I'll keep the rest of this post short and sweet.

    I've been writing off and on for a very long time, I've lost track anymore. Typically I prefer fantasy settings, although I can try to fit into pretty much every setting.

    I'm an avid gamer, and I play anything from the old console games to the recent MMO's. I use to do a bunch of beta testing and reviewing of new MMO's hitting the market, but the life of an adult has caught up to me and I've less time to actually review and beta test anymore. Currently I'm waiting for Star Citizen to finally fully release(I'll be 90 years old by that point...) and a few more console games that I'm looking forward to(If I'm missing, check to see if there was a new Zelda game released, I'm probably on the couch losing touch with reality. Make sure I have food and water, if I'm out, probably provide me with more.) and I'm trying to get my hands on VR one day(Because things are so much cooler when you feel like you're the one being chased by zombies and robots.)

    At any rate, I am looking forward to meeting all of you and I hope to write with you soon. If you have any questions on Equinox, feel free to get a hold of me. And I'll cya on the flip side :)
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  6. Script

    Script Adorable Homewrecker Staff Member Moderator Chronicles of the Omniverse GM Benefactor

    Hey there.

    As you can see if you look to your left, my name is Script, I'm a global moderator and an Omniverse GM. I've been hanging out with this crowd for the better part of seven years, starting on one site, hopping to another when it broke, and now settling here on one that's ours. I've been writing for a bit longer than that, to varying degrees of quality.

    So uh, about me? I'm twenty-two, male, British and work* in the games industry. I did a course on games design at university and graduated pretty recently, specialising in games writing and narrative design. I play lots of games, but find myself preferring indie titles to the big triple-A ones these days, although I'm a slave to Bioware's RPG-mill and my wallet is invested enough in LoL that I feel like stopping playing would be admitting my poor financial choices, and I'd like to keep my head firmly in the sand there.

    I love tabletop RPGs, and am particularly fond of rules-lite systems like Apocalypse World or, in particular, Monsterhearts. At this point me and my group have acknowledged we have an obsession with living out our repressed high-school drama fantasies with added supernatural mayhem, after regularly playing Saturday sessions that go from noon till 6am on Sunday. Whoops. Aside from that I've both played and DM'd plenty of 5e D&D, and played a bit of Call of Cthulhu, Mutant Year Zero, the Dragon Age RPG, and War of the Ring.

    My RP interests tend to flit around quite a lot based on what I've been reading/watching, but I have a steady interest in fantasy in all its forms. I'm not so good at sci-fi RP and tend to steer clear of it, but there are some notable exceptions (I love the Shadowrun universe, for example). Soft sci-fi is better. That's just fantasy with nanomachines instead of magic. I also have an unhealthy obsession with creating new characters, and most of them end up being cute pretty boys. I do try and diversify, though. Sometimes.

    Anyway, that's enough of me, I think. If you want to know more then pester me in chat sometime. :)

    *(I don't actually have a job yet, I'm working on it)
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  7. CelticCat

    CelticCat Designated Feline Cuddler Staff Member Warden

    Hellu, friends!

    My username is CelticCat, but I've gone by an assortment of nicknames over the years, so feel free to call me whatever you please. I'm a 22-year-old female currently living in Colorado, USA. I live with three cats, a gecko, and my fiance (user CaerJester) in a condo. I work as a paraprofessional in a first grade classroom, so don't hesitate to ask me any questions you may have! I have a love of teaching, and I'll do my best to assist you in every way I can. I also have a bachelor's degree in Visual and Performing Art, with an emphasis in visual art, so creative endeavors of many kinds are up my alley!

    RP-wise, I have varying interests. My favorite genre is likely romance, though I don't find much enjoyment in fluff pieces. I love writing a fleshed-out storyline with other major events occurring, with romance as an underlying thread throughout. Other genres I am interested in are fantasy and sci-fi, especially those involving magical creatures, aliens, and other such creatures. I like to focus on strong character interactions above all else.

    Some of my other interests include video games, anime, manwa, webcomics, needlework, and all sorts of youtube channels.

    I hope that gives you a bit of insight into who I am! I'm often found chatting, and if you see me, feel free to say hello!
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  8. Diabolique

    Diabolique They see me rooooollin. Staff Member Warden The Masquerade GM

    Hello, lovelies. ~

    I am the typist, formerly known as Dia.

    Since you're reading this, I assume you want to know about me, so here goes...

    I am an old man (29) from the U.S.A. who is married, has kids, and has an amazing job. I work twelve-hour shifts as a 911 Emergency Dispatcher, and serve two counties as a volunteer firefighter. I have aspirations of attending a sheriff's academy and serving for the county Sheriff's department that I just-so-happen to dispatch. I am a nerd in every sense of the word. I play console games, PC games, Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, watch anime, aaaaaand watch (as we call it) "wrasslin." I'm typically a fun-loving, silly guy with an awkward sense of humor and high level of social awkwardness.

    I am the GM of a RP called The Masquerade, which has recently taken off (gotta love a small plug), however modern supernatural RP isn't my only niche. I also enjoy fantasy, courtesy of my many years of D&D experience. I've been role-playing roughly since I was twelve. I have an Intelligence score of 6, so you do the math (ha!). I have a saying of "I'm always around, even when I'm not." I'd like to think that wherever I RP or chat, I leave something behind when I leave... whether it's plenty of detail to draw from, or a thought-filled discussion in chat that continues after I've closed the window.

    If I'm not readily available in chat, I'm typically available by PM. If I don't respond immediately, please do not take offense.
    If I'm working, we could have gotten busy. If I'm not working, I have a family that I try my best to put first.

    Since I can't think of anything else to add... I shall leave it at that.

    *Mic drop.*

    Dia out. ~
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  9. The Taleweaver

    The Taleweaver Vagabond Skald Staff Member Warden

    Good evening, Storytellers!

    I am The Taleweaver or Ashlynn, an entirely un-serious addition to the Staff team here on the Circle whose only real desire here is to provide the users with a comfortable and fun place to explore all the myriad fictional worlds at their fingertips (or floating around in their brainpan!). I've bounced from site to site and medium to medium with roleplaying; forum-based, real-time IM, IRC, tabletop, LARP, etc. I'd like to think I have a halfway-decent idea of what makes a creative community thrive.

    When I'm not putzing around on here (working on silly robot roleplay or other such things, I work as a residential counselor for at-risk youth in the Job Corps program. In my off-time, I play survival vidya games (Rust, Don't Starve, etc.), Lord of the Rings Online, or force my roommates into playing random board/card games with me. Magic: The Gathering is <3.

    Strangely enough, working overnights as I do, I spend most of my time at work on here when not distracted by actual 'work'. You can often find me lurking in the chat, or just browsing through the forum in general. My PMs are always open, so feel free to ask any questions!
  10. DreamWhispers

    DreamWhispers Whispers of Dreams Staff Member Warden

    Hello wonderful Storytellers!

    I'm DreamWhispers, one of the new wardens here on Storyteller's Circle.

    A little bit about myself. I'm 34 years old, (saying that just makes me feel old lol), I live in USA, which can be a good or bad thing, I like to think of it as a good thing myself. I have two wonderful children that are growing up way to fast for my likely. But that is life I'm dealing with it. I have been married to my wonderful husband since 2005, but we have been together since 2001. That is to much math for my mind at this moment. When I'm not at work, taking care of my family or running taking finding things that are lost for the husband or kids. I come here and enjoy my time here with y'all. Oh, did I say that I love to play video games? Well I do love to play video games. I also love to read. Reading is my way of getting away from the world. Just like role play is for me. I love to listen to music especially when I'm role playing. It opens up my mind and gets the words flowing for me. I also love, love movies. I'm a big horror movie buff. One of my favorite movie series is Nightmare on Elm Street. Got to love Freddy. :) I enjoy playing card games. Which include MTG, the whole family plays. As it is said, "A family that plays together stays together." And I believe it we are very close as a family.

    Well, I think that is a good amount about me. But I'm a really sweet person don't be shy to talk to me or ask anything of me. That is what I'm here for to help y'all out.

    Need help with points on Romance?
    I'm here to help.

    Need help finding a role play to sink your teeth into?
    I would love to help you find that.

    If y'all need anything I'm here to help anyway that I can.

    I look forward to meeting everyone and helping out. I'm a open open door and everyone is welcome to pm me or hollar at me in chat. I will be around somewhere.

    DreamWhispers :)
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  11. Sokka

    Sokka Couch Potato Staff Member Warden Benefactor

    Hello There!

    I'm Sokka, one of the new Wardens!

    A little bit about myself, I'm a 22-year-old male from New Hampshire, though most of you have probably never heard of the place! I'm currently in my senior year of college working toward a bachelors degree in Biotechnology. Like many of the staff, I am also a fan of videogames. I play a variety of games lately, Star Wars the Old Republic and Planetside 2. I also am addicted to a small text-based multi-user dungeon called Dartmud.

    I've been roleplaying for six years now, some of my favorite genres are High Fantasy and science fiction! I always like to try new genres though. My first roleplay was actually on a video games website prior to it's release. Following this, I've traveled with The Omniverse through two site moves to here! Most of my roleplay experience is in in The Omniverse though I've been known to branch out to some non-sandbox roleplays as well. I always enjoy a good Star Wars rp!

    Anyways that's a little bit about me. If you have any questions for me or would like to know more feel free to send me a pm or talk to me in chat. I promise I don't bite!
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2017
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  12. BrookeDi

    BrookeDi Well-Known Member Staff Member Warden Vitam et Mortem GM Benefactor

    I have a really hard time with these, but let's see...

    The important information?

    I've been role playing for a little over six years. I first started at IMVU, a live chat client that had a fairly active role play community, for a time. Occasionally I tried role playing on Gaia but it just... never stuck? So, I guess technically this is my second attempt at forum role playing but it feels more like my first real attempt.

    I work full time and I am currently in law school, but I'm generally around 8a-5p central time. I currently live in Texas. I have two cats, four sugar gliders, a rabbit, and we had a hamster who just passed this week. He was a sweet boy. No children, though sometimes my wife acts like one.

    I love world building and character development and working with others to create really detailed worlds. I absolutely cannot draw. Like, at all. Zero artistic talent. I've come to terms with it.

    I am currently the Co-GM for the following role plays:
    Secondary - a modern day low fantasy role play that has elves, dwarves, and casters (our version of witches) trying to gain equality in the American Legal System.
    A Pirate's Life - a rag tag group of literally the worst pirates ever hired by a scientist with not enough money to hire anyone better, on a mission toward a smuggler's cave and none of them really know why.
    Monster Camp - in a world that exists that has random zones of monsters locked up by an electric fence, it's totally normal to have a summer camp near one... Perfectly safe.
    Altsoba School of Sorcery - inspired by HP, a modern day school of magic and the impact the return of the hunters have on their daily lives... this one is really hard to explain briefly

    I also do a lot of 1x1.

    Um, my main interest in genre's is anything, really, outside of fan fiction. I have trouble playing canon characters and it's just not my cup of tea. Uh, I feel like I'm forgetting something but that's what I've got.

    Feel free to ask any and all questions!
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  13. Lialore

    Lialore choo choo Staff Member Moderator Princess Designer

    Hi. I am Lialore. Most people call me Lia. Which happens to be my middle name. I’m a 22 year old design student from the UK and I’ll be working with the Global Moderation team and heading the Design team.

    I’ve been role-playing for nearing 10 years now, though I’d like to banish the first 5 of them. My favourite genres are low fantasy, crime noir, horror and realism; with an odd interest in strange magic systems and settings. I’ve always had a passion for writing and studied mainly literature and philosophy through to my change of heart and degree swap a few years ago.

    Despite my love for text-based role-playing, I am completely useless at all other games. Even Mario Kart.

    I have been a hobbyist artist since I was young and design was always my secondary study. My passion for it was usually brushed aside by the fact that I achieved better in more academic areas. But now, I’ve been studying and employed in graphic design for almost three years and have worked on some awesome projects from children’s book illustrations to corporate exhibition design. I like to use both traditional and digital materials, and my personal style tends to be a clear combination of the two.

    I also like travelling and teaching. And horses. And wine.

    And talking sarcastic nonsense, so you can hit me up for that, if you see me around.

    <3 Lia
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  14. Machina Somnium

    Machina Somnium Dream machine Staff Member Designer

    Alright, uhm... let's start?

    I'm a (hopefully) future graphic designer who enjoys doing some art, digital and traditional. I've been roleplaying for pretty much as long as I can remember in one way or another. I still remember my first roleplay, which was a pack of wolves with super powers.

    err... my favourite genres are sci-fi, horror, realistic, futuristic, alternate realities... pretty much everything?, Although I've never really been one for old time fantasy settings. It's just not my thing. Right now I'm Gm-ing Monster Camp along with BrookeDi, which is about a group of kids that get attacked by monsters in a summer camp setting!. I'm also interested in 1x1 roleplays, specially if it involves some romantic shenanigans. Some of my favourite parts of roleplaying are character building, creating races and different worlds... and then becoming part of said world!!

    I also enjoy playing games, some of them are Rain World, Don't Starve Together, The binding of isaac Afterbirth, Minecraft, Overwatch, the sims 4... etc, etc.

    Pleased to meet you, I'm usually always available unless exams are raining on me, so... see ya around :D
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  15. inkdragon

    inkdragon Understandably Confused Warden Staff Member On Hiatus

    Hey, everyone! I'm inkdragon, I'm one of the new Wardens here around the Circle. General info: I'm a woman, gonna be 20 in a couple weeks, born in Ontario but raised in the States since I was eight or so, and still in the US today.

    When I'm not scrolling through the STC forums, I'm a full time student putting myself through my Bachelor's on research grants. My field is currently general chemistry with a focus on biochem and natural products, though my research is gradually drifting more towards materials science. So if you want to talk science, hit me up! I'm always in the mood to babble about my research, or listen to someone else babble about theirs. I'm also the director of my campus's acapella group (I sing soprano and beatbox) and I'm the baritone horn section leader for our marching band.

    I started roleplaying a couple years ago with Dungeons and Dragons, it's only fairly recently I ventured into the world of play-by-post. But I've been writing stories since I was a kid, so combining the two hooked me pretty fast. My favorite genres are fantasy of any kind, sci-fi, and horror, though I'll bite at any genre if the plot or the characters grab me. I really just like making a story.

    I guess that's about it, then! I mean, science, music, writing, roleplaying, there isn't much else to me, haha. You can shoot me a PM if you need anything, obviously, but also feel free to just start up a chat to say hi, making friends is great. I'll see y'all around the forums!
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  16. Griffith

    Griffith Killer Queen Staff Member Designer

    (I am really bad at this rip)

    Hi there, the name's Griffith, feel free to call me Griff. I'm one of the new Designers on the block so... hi!

    I'm a student currently living in Singapore. When I'm not being crushed under the weight of exams I do a lot of art, trawl through roleplaying forums, and waste my time on YouTube. Currently I'm hoping to either become a graphic designer or a lawyer, so here's to hoping I finish my last 2 years before Uni without dying. :p

    I first got into roleplay when I was around 13, so... 3-4 years ago? I started out doing private roleplays with a close friend of mine, she got me into the roleplaying scene, though I left for quite a while and only got back recently. Storyteller's Circle is the third roleplay website I've been to, and I can say that I really love it here. I do all types of roleplays, from group types to 1x1s, though I prefer enjoy fantasy, sci-fi and medieval settings, as well as the occasional horror roleplay I manage to come across. I particularly love participating in immersive settings with lots of worldbuilding because I often find that they offer the most rewarding roleplay experience. If you have plot ideas and concepts that need fleshing out, I'll always be around to talk!

    Some other random stuff about me... I played softball in middle school, though I wasn't any good at it, and I absolutely adore JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Love love love it. I used to play the piano (though I quit) and my dream is to live a quiet life with 2 dogs and occasionally travel overseas.

    So yeah. That's that about me. If there's anything you need just shoot me a PM or yell at me in the chat when I'm online. See y'all around. Ciao!
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  17. Silence

    Silence Anonymous Me Staff Member Warden Benefactor

    I'll just say upfront that I'm usually a bit awkward with these things. So, first off, I am your friendly, local scammer. At least once a week I'll try to jump into the introductions and farewells to meet new people coming in. Otherwise you'll find me hiding somewhere in a deep, dark, secret chat. This smiling dog looks like a lunatic with good reason. That grin is a nervous one and that should say it all.

    Anyway, I'm usually friendly and I rarely bite. Should say that writing for me is much easier than actually talking to people in person. So if you should ever chance to meet me I doubt that you'd know it was me. Aside from all those worthless details, you might say that I enjoy the art of writing and I love nothing more than a good story. So far my role playing experience is semi limited. Most of my writing started about 15 years ago and it was almost entirely solo. Role playing has been something I've dabbled in off and on for about 10 years.

    It is hard to know what other things people would want to know about me and I wouldn't mind them knowing. Ummm....I don't like math. Get my work out through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and I love cheese. Milk products are one of the best things on the planet. Cheese, half and half, heavy whipping cream, mac and cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, milk, whipped cream, ice cream, cream cheese, cheesecake, or pretty much anything along those lines will win my heart every time. Give me great fatty foods and I'll be about as happy as a clam. Anyway, I guess that is about all you'd need to know about me. (Oh wait. I really love the liquor Irish Cream). So I'll probably be seeing you all around and lurking about here and there. You never know when this panicked smiley dog might show up.
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