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The search begins. . .

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About Me & My Role-Playing Style
- 1+ Paragraph responses are what I do best. I will put some samples of my responses below.

- I will play any gender of character, including nonbinary ones.

- I am okay with any relationship pairing.

- I make new characters for every role-play, specifically for the role-play.

- I write in the 3rd person, displaying the thoughts of my character throughout the response.

- I’m okay with darker and lighter themed role-plays!

- I like OOC chatting (If I have a comment or joke I may want to message you about it). I understand if you don’t! I think role-playing is a bonding experience and therefore attempt to become friends with my partners.

- I try to respond at least once a day.

- I prefer forum roleplays. I have multiple disorders that affect my memory, and forum threads keep me organized and able to be consistent in things! However, if you would like to do a PM roleplay, I would be willing to store information elsewhere.

What I Expect From Potential Partners
- Respect. I’ll respect you if you respect me! This includes being honest about hiatuses and being understanding of IRL issues (affecting my ability to respond to role-plays. I won’t just PM you to vent unless we’re close.).

- All I care about in responses is a basic grasp of punctuation and grammar. I’m not expecting top-notch publishable worthy writing, just something I can read and understand.

- Communication. If you have a problem with anything at all regarding the role-play, please reach out! I don’t bite (even if you bite me first. Or ask me to. I won’t . . . okay maybe just a nibble ;3 ).

- No godmodding, power play, killing off mine or your characters, etc., etc. Don’t try and completely control the story, and you’re golden. We’re partners when we role-play, not a follower and a leader.

- Follow the rules of the site please! That’s a given, but just please follow the rules.

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Roleplay Samples
Blair burst, "Vampires, demons, elves, fae, any creature you could name most likely has a place here." A frown overcame their features, their lips pouting slightly. " . . . And 'bloodsuckers' is such a . . . cruel term. I'm not quite fond of it. It implies that a 'bloodsucker' is all a vampire is whilst that is simply not true. A vampire possesses immense strength along with exceptional eyesight and hearing abilities in darker and later hours of the day. Really, a vampire trained in self defense would be a wonderful creature to travel with. Regardless, yes. Vampirism is welcome, and accepted here."
"There's an inn right by us, as a matter of fact! We can take you there right now if you wish!" Nyx cheered, grasping Lucinda's hand and starting to walk towards the aforementioned inn.

Kadva sighed as her sister by choice eagerly took the newcomer's hand in hers. "Nerrie, I have errands to run. Lucinda, it was a pleasure to meet you." She plastered a smile upon her lips and bowed politely. "If you're ever in need, our home is open to you." With that, she folded her hands in front of her and watched as the the two walked off towards the inn.

The younger of the two starbornes began to talk the witch's ear off about jewelry, magic, peppering with questions about where she was from.
"Madame-" The maid started to call, clamming up after the prince's hand found it's way to her shoulder, indicating for her to quiet down.

Lucas walked briskly to keep up with the maiden dressed in such fancy attire for a mere few errands. He thought it was odd, but to bring it up would be rude. As he caught up with her, he began to speak.

"I do believe your errands could wait? It's not every day you happen to meet a prince." He laughed, though it was strained. "Regardless of if your errands could wait or not, my maiden and I would rather enjoy accompanying you. A visit to another kingdom is a rare occasion, and I refuse to spend it with just nobility." His voice was stern, he was serious. Though, it was just so the maid would report the positives to his parents. If this visit went well, he may not have to do many more.

Hopefully the maid he was with was paying attention, this was more social interaction than he had wished for. He supposed the social interaction with this maiden was also good practice, for you did need to build connections with the residents of your kingdom as well as neighboring ones in order to govern fairly.

That last thought of his settled it. Taking this as a learning experience as well as an opportunity to escape later outings, he'd be very productive despite being away from his studies.

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Roleplay Plots

Notes: I am willing to do other plots than just these, but I wanted to have some ideas out there in case. Mind you, these ideas may disappear if they are taken on other sites, so if you like them, reach out! I do have other plots in mind, so even if you don't like these but enjoy my role-play style and/or some of the concepts mentioned here, please don't be afraid to PM!

Features: Angels/angelic beings, potential romance, potential platonic friendships, potential darker themes, potential drama; Don’t Let Them Fall
Angels, despite being holy beings, are subject to their fair share of sinful temptation. A is constantly treading the fine line between sin and virtue, dipping into earthen strip clubs or stealing something small. For each sin they make, they always make up for it instantly. For example, after the strip club, they’d donate money to said strip club. Or, after stealing something, they’d pull a Robin Hood and give it to someone who needs it. After a visit to the strip club one evening, A meets B, who’s outside for a drink/smoke/phone call. B is a fallen angel, who’s surprised at the sight of a still holy angel. B takes a liking to A after their chat, and purposefully seeks them out. As the laws of sin and virtue tighten and become more constricting, B takes pity on A and attempts to do everything they can to convince A to become virtuous.

Features: Soulmate trope(s), fae, romance, fantasy elements; Dances Between the Tulips
In a village of fae, everyone's soulmate is designated by the unique pattern on their wings — that only their soulmate has alongside them. A faerie wanders into their town (A), with torn, cracked wings. The pattern is indistinguishable, having been taken away by some magic force. Are they destined to be soulmate-less? B greets them and welcomes them into the town. B does their best to aid A's wing ailments to no avail, leaving A heartbroken and far from optimistic. B decides they're going to cheer A up — as a friend . . . before the friendship evolves into a deeper intimacy. (I have some other plot ideas for this, but I'd like to see what you think of just this for now if you do like it!)

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If you have an idea for a roleplay you think I’d like, just PM me! None of these ideas are set in stone, either, if you have any ideas for them and want to share them with me, my PMS are always open! I am 100% open to brainstorm ideas with you via PMs!

I love fantasy role-plays the most, and I have an affinity for playing fantastical creatures.

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@Lauriee Angel

Looking at your things, your roleplay style, and what you expect from potential partners, it honestly sounds like we're quite the same in terms of that.

I choose A Ghastly Accident! It sounds fun! We can work it deeper in a PM.

I mean, if you have any other ideas you would like to do, I'm open to suggestion!