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Name: Quar'vyll, The Travelers Boon

Domain(if applicable): Lament for compliance, Dispassion for the mundane, Wanderlust, Fickleness, Indifference and the Chance encounter.

Powers/Advantages: To know Quar'vyll is to glean adventure, the glistening extreme of the creeping madness that withers at your sanity when there is not to do, to truly know the fullest length of a second when the clock is watched yet to blink and see the hours pass once thralled by some muse. He commands peerless stamina once stirred and inspire to pour endlessly into whatever task he takes, be it the master work of some craft or the exploring of the unknown. His restless nature has him creep and crawl, learn and explore all things in fanatical zealotry.

Quirks/Disadvantages: While Quar'vyll maybe know much and command magic and skill he could not say he is master of any for in the zenith of his brilliance, that final hour where the end is near and reward is at hand the idea of knowing what is to happen, the vision that the trek over and even in fear of the endless pursuit stopping his eyes and mind wonder finding some other new horizon. he is both hard and easy to manipulate as one need only bait his ear with whispers of something new or unseen but just as he would give chase he would just sit aloof only to grow itchy and run off without any care of it, you or whatever consequence may wait for him. While he is not evil, he is not good as all things in his mind are truly equal and his only love is the venture with no destination.

Motivations: Quar'vyll is the god of the venture, to brave the horizon in whatever field and seeks only too seed both that discontent of home in contradiction of longing for home once on the road and the blind thrall to distraction where ever it may be, he desires to conjure forth such grand things that his fellow gods themselves degrade unto children unattended in a candy shop, lost in the enthrallment of distraction and discovery. As such he moves upon the world painting it in colors whilst moving its physically features to craft places of great vision and peace, those sites that stir the mind,boy and soul in both good and ill ways.

Appearance: Quar'vyll is himself is a rather drab looking being, his skin is deep and burnt with shades of blue, not ebony but rather far more a black with a wash of the deepest azure. his flesh is defined with hints of muscle yet are far more lean than cut, smoothly shaping along his person, bestial ears poke out defiantly from withered and worn hair. Large fang crowned fingers flair their dreadful edge within the roll of his knuckle whilst the shuffled clip of hoofed feet clap to the earth below him. All this with an abnormal tail fleeing from his rump extending out several feet with a ruff patch of discolored hair sickly spiking out at the end, Surely safe to say, smells of wet dog when wet. Eyes are a powerful amber with sharp yellow crack, jagged and foul along the outer most edge. Clothing is relaxed and open but made with clear reason, insightful workings custom designs for the long road, while he can change shape to bother travels or fellow gods it often keeps its similar loose but smart feel. The shade of hues of his clothing is often more a question of feeling, but so fickle the man that he may grow weary of the rainbow itself within the day. (appearance may change as i think more on how he ought to look like)


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Name: Xuilqitle Delmah


Gender: Male

Bio: Xuilqitle is a Dru-dur who is calm and pleasing to be around, spite his bestial nature and visage has spent much of his life traveling the nameless roads, helping those who he comes across. A whimsical tune from a lute at his side that fills the air with carefree notes while he travels pulls the ears and eyes of those bold travelers and caravans that would cross his path, Offering a tune exchanged for wine and company. Laughing and dancing in glee his playful nature is sure to entertain.

Sad is it then that such misfortune often finds those who he travels with, they listen to his merry tune and suddenly a rock slide crushes some one, has them fall to their deaths. A silent night suddenly ruined to the howls of wolfs or a sleep one does not wake from. Xuilqitle weeps for his new friends only to stir into dead flesh with shameless fingers probing into the forbidden, conjuring blind magics and rites in hopes to wake the dead and shackle the soul.

Motivations: Xuilqitle is consumed wholly by his hate and fear of death for all he does is in this blind pursuit to conquer or cheat death itself but with no real place to start or direction to go reaches out blindly trying spells and rites alike with no care for his own safety. Seeking this power he dwells on making a pact or deal with demons or maybe the same with other gods but firmly thinks it is a subject of power and he is simply too weak to chase his goal without help from others and thus seeks out those that can see past his petty tricks and hold to their heart the desire to live.

Understanding that he is weak and must allure others to his path and design seeks to create a order of magi unbound by ethics and laws rewarding those who join him a home, to make something hidden and far from the eyes of others with hopes some one may aid him in his chase of immortality.

For now he haunts along the roads testing out his ideas looking for that hushed away place that could become home, languishing the energies of travelers whilst pulling them along into their graves.

As some one who dives into the dark arts of the flesh, soul and mind a by-product of his blind efforts is many powerful and useful support spells making him a valued member of any group. Xuilqitle is far more a battle mage than that of a flat out magic-only caster, bestial body that welds his warstave with brutish force mixed with tactical spell work allows him to use hit and run tactics to an annoying proficiency.

Weaknesses: Xuilqitle is still very young and lacks much in the way of experience, while abuse of his size and muscle and trap-setting have gotten him far honest fighting is something he still needs alot more of. Having yet memorized many of his spells he keeps on him a grimoire of both spells tot and learned through his blind exploits, while a heavy and enforced thing bound to him should it be taken or ruined he would lose a massive chunk of his power and skill.

Appearance: (working on ideas)
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