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Moderator Team Applications OPEN!

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Tiko, Sep 2, 2018.

  1. Tiko

    Tiko Demon Goat Staff Member Administrator Chronicles of the Omniverse GM


    The Moderator Team

    What is a Moderator?
    A moderator is in essence, a mediator. Their purpose is to serve as a voice of calm reason to resolve conflicts between users here on Storyteller's Circle.

    What are the responsibilities of a Moderator?
    It is the responsibility of the Moderator Team to ensure that our users can enjoy a smooth day to day experience here on Storyteller's Circle. They monitor the day to day activity of the site for signs of conflict, and when necessary serve as mediator to resolve conflict between users. They understand the spirit behind our rules, and strive to protect our users from elements that would run contrary to our rules.

    It should be noted though that a Storyteller's Circle moderator is not the proverbial judge, jury, and executioner so to speak. A moderator should always seek to PROTECT the enjoyment of users through conflict resolution rather than an iron fist. Sometimes disciplinary measure is the only option available, but for a Storyteller's Moderator this is a last course action, rather than a primary go-to solution.

    Are there any rules that Moderators need to follow? A Moderator is expected to uphold not only the letter of our rules, but the spirit of them as well. They are not only role models and as such held to a higher standard of conduct than a standard user, but they are also responsible for maintaining others to a certain standard of conduct that they themselves must equally follow. This is especially true regarding our rules on respect. One must be prepared to treat others with respect if they wish to be respected in return. It is only through this expectation of mutual respect, that a moderator can be truly effective.

    What sort of things should Moderators be doing? There are three types of moderators, and each one requires varied skill sets and comes with varying responsibilities.
    • Forum Moderator - A Forum Moderator is responsible for an individual forum (or forums). It is their responsibility to take point on handling any conflicts that may arise within that forum, as well as maintaining the general day to day function of the forum. Examples: A Discussions & Debates moderator would be responsible for mediating a fight that breaks out in a discussion thread, but wouldn't be responsible for handling a conflict in live chat, or responding to reports of misconduct in the Main Lobby. A Help Forum moderator would be responsible for maintaining the help forum integrity, making sure posts are on topic, and that they're answered in a timely manner (either via personally replying, or tagging the appropriate staff member to handle a specific situation). The exact responsibilities of a Forum Moderator vary from forum to forum, based on the needs of said forums.

    • Chat Moderator - A Chat Moderator is responsible for overseeing the general live chat. This is a very specialized role, and also one of the most difficult moderator roles. They monitor chat reports and resolve matters of conflict should they arise. A chat moderator is not expected to be in chat 24/7, but IS expected to handle any reports made regarding incidents that may have transpired in the absence of a chat moderator. Given the lax guidelines over the chat, a chat moderators responsibility is not to sit in chat and strictly whip lash every user toeing the line, or to throw down ultimatums every time tempers flare. It is their responsibility to know how to read the mood of the chat, and to steer it in productive directions. It is their responsibility to understand that live chats by nature are highly volatile areas, and that discrete intervention and redirection is more effective than foot stamping and hard lines drawn in the sand. It is their responsibility to know how to not inflame or escalate a situation. It is also their responsibility to understand when it IS appropriate to use heavier means of disciplinary action.

    • Global Moderator - A Global Moderator is a combination of a forum moderator and chat moderator. They are individuals with the necessary skills necessary to moderate across a wide range of mediums and areas of the site. So while not all forum moderators are chat moderators, and not all chat moderators are forum moderators, all global moderators are both forum and chat moderators.

    How does one become a Moderator? We are currently accepting applications to join the Moderator team. Simply PM the following application to Tiko. Please note that due to the highly sensitive role of a moderator, users with account warnings, an ongoing history of misconduct and conflict with other users, or an active history of poor self-control cannot be accepted on the Moderator Team.
  2. Tiko

    Tiko Demon Goat Staff Member Administrator Chronicles of the Omniverse GM

    Moderator Team Application

    Moderator Experience: Past experience is not necessary, but always helpful. Have you moderated on other websites in the past? Would other Admins of other forums speak well of your past conduct as a moderator on their websites? If so, please feel free to share that information with us.

    Why do you want to be a Moderator: The Moderator Team by nature is inevitably going to find itself in the mix of highly stressful and volatile situations. Knowing why it is you want to be a Moderator not only provides you with a reason to look back upon during inevitably difficult days, but it also helps us to understand what drives you personally.

    Time Availability: How much time can you commit to contributing to the Moderator Team? There is no right answer here, and there is no minimum or maximum answer. ALL of our staff teams are volunteer, and as such each staff member is free to volunteer as much or as little of their time as they feel they can spare. By being up front with us, we can best pair up moderators with roles that suit their activity levels. All we ask is that everyone honor their commitments.

    Strengths: What are your strengths that you feel would benefit the Moderator Team? We do our bests to play to the strengths of each Moderator, and knowing where your strengths are will help us in determining where you might best fit into the team. If you're calm and collected in the forums, but just for the life of you can't see yourself having the confidence to make on the fly calls necessary to mediate a live chat? Let us know. There may be a forum position available, even if you aren't suited for chat moderating.

    Weaknesses: What are your weaknesses? We all have them, and that's fine. Being a Moderator should be fun. If there's aspects that you struggle with, let us know so that we can accommodate. We don't expect every Moderator to be skilled in all areas, that's why we break them down by area.

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