It was a dark night in King's Landing, as The Hound stood atop the walls, next to the newly crowned King Joffrey. Sandor had never liked the man, as Joffrey was quite a cunt, but it was his duty to protect the boy. He could hear Tyrion blabbering, which he ignored, his eyes scanning the bay. Stannis Baratheon's men were reported to be attacking tonight, but so far, nobody had seen a damn thing. The Hound was midst muttering to himself, as Joffrey suddenly pointed into the fog, "There they are," his oddly childlike voice said, as Sandor too, saw the sails of ships approaching.

"Archers to the marks," Tyrion ordered, as the archers moved forward, stringing their bows. "Hold fast!" the dwarf continued, as the archer captain echoed his orders. "What are you doing!? We need to attack them!?" Joffrey whined, gesturing out into the fog, as Tyrion looked up at his bitchy nephew, repeating his order. The Hound remained there silently, watching the ever increasing group of sails get closer to the city. However, one single ship could be seen heading towards them. One ship? Are they mad?Sandor thought to himself, as Joffrey began bitching, wondering where the rest of them were, to which he gained no answer. The lone ship sailed directly into the fleet from Dragonstone, but came under no fire. Confused, Sandor squinted his eyes, attempting to look closer, when suddenly, he could see a flaming arrow, arching across the sky, shot by some lone archer.

Sandor saw it hit something, the bright green substance seeming to pour out of the lone vessel, as the realization hit him, as the substance lit, and the water leapt up in green flames, crawling across the surface around the ships. Wildfire? I thought it was more explo- BOOM!

The ships were consumed by a dome of green flame, as it rippled out with a fury he had never seen before. It anihlated everything in the immediate radius, as ships were ripped apart and set aflame.


The Hound leaned back, as a chill took him. He was dreadfully afraid of fire, and he could hear the screams from here, as Stannis' fleet burned.

But Stannis was not one to be defeated so easily. Dozens and dozens of rowboats touched ground on the shore, as their men leapt off, charging towards the walls, shields raised, as the city's archers rained a hail of arrows down upon them. Ladders were raised, as they began bashing down the gate with a ram, and fighting the city's defenders. But by this time, Sandor was leading a charge out of the gates, as he bellowed inspiration to his fellows, "IF ANY MAN DIES WITH A CLEAN SWORD, I'LL CASTRATE YOUR FUCKING CORPSE!" They charged, as the two forces met in a wall of blades. Sandor struck out with the pommel of his sword, catching one of his foes in the chin, knocking him back, as Sandor gave a grunt, thrusting his sword into the man's chest, before ripping it out and pursuing his next foe. One of the lannister men fell to the ground infront of him, dead, as Sandor simply trudged over his corpse, finding someone new to kill. Sandor saw a man, bearing a one handed sword, as he swung his huge two-hander, practically cutting the man in half, as his top-half leaned back and fell over, his intestines spilling out. Sandor knocked back another soldier as he charged at him, before swinging his sword diagonally, cutting down another who had attempted to surpise him. The man was cut clean in half, as he slid onto the ground, gurgling blood. Sandor was about to rush again, when a man covered in flames ran at him, shouting a battle cry. SAndor stood there, his fear consuming him, paralyzed, remembering the day his older brother burnt half his fucking face off. The man was nearly upon him, when an arrow sprouted from his forehead, as his eyes rolled back and he fell onto the ground. Sandor turned, fear in his eyes, as he saw his men being overwhelmed, He headed back through the gates, as his surviving soldiers followed.

"You're on the wrong side of the wall," Tyrion said to him, looking down. Joffrey began ranting, before Tyrion continued, "You're Kingsgaurd Clegane, we must beat them back or they are going to take this city. Your king's city," he said. Sandor looked up, scowling, "Fuck the Kingsgaurd, fuck the city, and fuck the king," he said, turning and walking off. As he was walking, everything turned back, and after a series of weird ass hallucinations, he awoke in a room. He was luckily still wearing his armor. He noticed two men lying beside him, watching him. He shoved the Noob off the bed, as he got up, getting onto his feet, looking around. He let out a loud "FUCK!" He noticed who else was in the room, some weird ass chick with red hair, the two sods on the bed with him, and some strange girl with orange eyes and a red hoodie. He swore again, looking around for an exit.​
As Cosmo laid next to the still asleep Ruby Rose, guarding her, he would stand up and bark in a fierce voice as he heard another person. Due to just waking up, he was having trouble focusing on the new person's mind. After the barking stopped, Cosmo spoke.
"Who goes there? Comrade or foe!? You brought Cosmo here?!"
Jack smiled. "Well thanks I think." He then noticed the guy reach out his hand so Jack did the same to shake the guys hand. "I'm Jack Spicer and this is Wuya." He said introducing himself and Wuya. He paused before answering the guys question. "I'm afraid I have no idea." Wuya looked at the guy who seemed to stare at her. She had seen this look once before between Rai, Clay, Omi and Jack when she was first back in her true form. 'Great not again... Well if need be I learned how to use this to my advantage why not have the fool stick around a while till he is of no use. Maybe he would be better than Jack to use to do my bidding.' Wuya thought then she looked at the one talking to Jack. "Um... Hi and like Jack I have no idea what is going on."