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The Dread Wolf★
General Introduction
Hello, I'm Dan, 23 year-old female, cat parent, and a terrible writer. However, I still love to write and would love to roleplay with you! To get to know me better, here's a few things I've been in love with recently: MMORPGs, visual novels, my cats, and gardening!

Biscuits & Gravy
Before we get started, here's some things you need to know before hand:
  • Follow all STC Rules.
  • CDT (UTC-5) is my time zone and replies will vary.
  • Discord: dan.*#6775 – Add me if you want. I'm usually online.
  • All roleplays will happen within thread. I will not do PM roleplays. (Unless I've seeked you out for a RP and you wanna do it in PMs, then that's fine.)
  • I write in third person. If you write in other POVs, that's totally okay, I'm just letting you know what I like to write in ^^
  • I'm detailed and tend to write in paragraphs, if I have the spirit for it. But I will most likely reciprocate the same length written back to me.
  • I'm not so good at romance, but I will try my very best at writing it. Any pointers and advice will be welcomed!
  • I'm very open-minded with genres and would like to dip my toes in each, at least once.
  • But I won't lie, my top genre(s) are: apocalyptic, crime, fantasy, mafia, and science fiction. If none of these appeal to you, that's quite alright! Like I aforementioned, I'm open-minded.
  • I have no gender preference (i.e MxM, FxF, FxM etc.) are all okay with me! I've experience roleplaying as both genders :emoji_grin:
  • I prefer if we can communicate! That way if you need to take a hiatus or stop a thread, I'll know beforehand. It would be gladly appreciated!
  • Don't godmod, metagame, or power play. It would be thoughtful of you & if you don't know the definitions, click/tap the words for them~
  • I will check in with you if you haven't responded within a week or two. Just to make sure you're still interested! That way I can clear up worries lol :emoji_sweat_smile:
  • If you want to RP in a canon world, please check the list I'm familiar with. I won't RP as a canon character. I much prefer OCs to canon.
  • Last, but not least, patience. Thank you :emoji_bow:

Plots & Ideas
  • Any plot that has a strike through it, has been claimed.
  • If anything interests you, please message me instead.
  • None of the plots are permanently established and can be changed. The only thing that's staying are the titles, I won't change it for anyone.

Canon Worlds
Here are some established universes I could, potentially, roleplay in with an OC. I won't roleplay as a canon character.
  • Hogwarts / Harry Potter Universe
  • The Arcana (Mobile Game)
  • Game of Thrones (TV Show) – S8 doesn't exist. Don't ask me about it lol.
  • Mystic Messenger (Mobile Game)
  • Tolkien Universe - Specifically Lord of The Rings & The Hobbit.
  • The Elder Scrolls V – Only the fifth one. Haven't played the others yet.
  • Marvel – Specifically those within Avengers. I haven't watched Ant-Man or Captain Marvel yet.
  • Dragon Raja (Mobile Game)
  • Hakuoki (PC/Mobile Game/Samurai Visual Novel)
  • K-Project (Anime)
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender – Haven't watched Legend of Korra yet.
  • Tokyo Ghoul (Anime)
  • Soul Eater (Anime)
  • The Walking Dead (TV Show) – I've watched up until S9.
  • Dragon Age: Inquisitor (Video Game) – I've only played this game in DA. I haven't played any other within DA.
  • Assassin's Creed (Video Game) – I've only played up until AC: Odyssey. Anything after that I won't have knowledge of.
  • Stranger Things (TV Show)
  • Life Is Strange (Video Game) – Haven't played LIS 2 yet, but I've played LIS 1 and LIS: Before the Storm.
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda (Video Games) – I've only played this one out of the MA games.

Ready or Not
— Fantasy | Modern | Romantic/Platonic —
A is a Senior Lead Investigator who is not a normal investigator. A is a part of the Supernatural Investigative Bureau (SIB) - a branch of the [city name]’s police department, working in the shadows about the “gifted” or unexplained crimes that happen. The Head of SIB assigns A to a cold case that's been passed around the office to others, the case is labelled as "X." X is an elusive criminal that manages to commit a crime before slipping through the law's fingers, leaving them with nothing but a paper that now lays in A's hands. X is B, the criminal who manages to get away, every. single. time. Unbeknownst to A, B is targeting them specifically on a mission that went wrong on A's end — one that A won't talk about, ever. A and B meet under planned circumstances by B, who charms their way into A's life. B is on a mission to crack that mysterious case of A's gone awry mission while love/friendship manages to make things even more complicated.

I Need You

— Crime | Drama | Modern —
A and B are both perfect partners in crime, the modern-day Bonnie & Clyde (without the romance) — except no one knows their true identities or genders for that matter. Both were childhood friends that soon lead to their infamy of duo Yin and Yang. One day, A ditches B on a mission that they knew would be a "suicide mission." Leaving B to become captured and imprisoned for their crimes; past and current. Naturally, B would become revengeful and spiteful, swearing they would take out A if they ever saw them. A is an multi-millionaire extraordinaire that is equivalent to an Al Capone but not exactly as they dislike the limelight. A gathers a crew of 5—including themselves—to make one last payout that would set them for life. The only problem? They need B to execute the plan perfectly. A manages to evade inquiries from their crew long enough to break B out of prison. The second problem? B's been out of prison for a long time now.

The Arrangement
— Adventure | Fantasy | Medieval/Modern | Romantic/Platonic —
In order to quash the brewing tensions between The Elven Empire and The Human Nations, an arranged marriage is proposed by both rivalries. No one wishes to admit it, but in order to continue the prosperity and peace that they currently live in, they must do this. The Elves have always lived and reigned in the North with respective borders among The Human Nations bordering among theirs. The Humans have always reigned in the South and are no stranger to war, but in times like now they wish to continue to rebuild their recently war-torn lands. An arranged marriage is what they need between their chosen heirs, but it's not without opposition from their own peoples. The chosen heirs must first journey across the lands to learn more about one another's culture, customs, and languages - if they wish to keep the peace. What they don't know is that there's a darkness just lurking outside their borders, coming to dash the hopes and dreams of said arranged marriage.

Black Mamba Crew
— Crime | Drama | Fantasy | Realistic —
From going from childhood friends to bitter rivals after an incident that caused a rift in their friendship, A and B, however, would come together one last time when B's parents suddenly died in a tragic accident. Despite A's good intentions of wanting to amend their friendship, B sees as A trying to 'pity' them, so to speak. B moves away to live with their aunt in another city. Years go past and A forgets all about B while they're too busy building up a well-known underground racing crew that simply goes by 'BMC.' B comes back to their hometown, finding a thriving city paralysed by the constant reports of vehicle accidents climbing in recent years. B is now working for a prestigious investigative branch that's secret even to its own police department. B is tasked with tracking down the Leader of BMC (who happens to be A) and to take down their crew once and for all. But what B finds is an entirely different world causing them to second guess their choices in life.

— Cyberpunk | Drama | Fantasy | Science Fiction —
In late 23rd Century, Technology rules the world now. In this dystopian future, it’s rare to find humans without parts of technology fused with their own bodies. In this lawless subculture, A is among the rare few who don’t use/have a technology-fused body. They live at the bottom of the barrel in the city of New Aelurus, Yet A runs an infamous café shop just under the Luroc Transporter Bridge. One day, B visits their café out of curiosity and wanting to form a genuine bond with a soul who doesn’t know them. B is a member of the famous idol group known as 9Lives, comprised of 5 members, B is one of the more well-known members.

— Action | Adventure | Fantasy | Mature | Romantic/Platonic —
In Beaullon, it is the central city and operating centre for the Imperial Royal Family. In which, A is the youngest and last child of the Empress. Left mostly to their own devices, they give A, a bodyguard to follow their every move. Until A meets B, a lowly peasant living in the poor district of Beaullon. B is the child of the rebel leader. A and B befriend one another, only meeting a few times a week because of increase unrest among the people. One day, B’s parent (along with other well-equipped and well-trained people) and The Rebellion infiltrate the palace, usurping A’s parents and ultimately killing them in front of A’s eyes—who was hiding nearby. Unknowingly, A is taken away to a nearby country that is ruled by their Uncle. With death of Beaullon’s Imperial Family spreading throughout the country of Asmia, The Rebellion declare the Imperial Family dissolved and B’s parent would become an instated figurehead (whilst keeping power over the army).

Midnight Train
— Action | Crime | Mystery —
Taking the last train home, A sits comfortably with their music in their ears. Much times passes and the rumble of the train lulls them to sleep, A awakes and checks their phone, realising their stop was gone a long time ago. They get up, looking around to find no one else has ever entered the train, and the train never stops until it does. It pulls up to an old train station, far too old to not be from A’s century. The doors hiss open to welcome the only other passenger, B, who looks nothing from A’s time. Thinking it’s a joke, A goes through the cars to head to the Train Operator’s car and finds no one there. Why are they on this train and who was operating the train? More importantly, who is the out-of-date passenger sitting in the front car? Where are they going?

False Pretences
— Action | Adventure | Fantasy | Historical —
Set in Feudal Japan, A is a ronin who took up being a vagabond and is hired as a bodyguard to a Scholarly Member from O Clan of Hyuga. B is the right-hand to the Emperor and is given a task to hunt down A, the accused murderer of, “The Left-Hand Sword of Japan.”

The Exchange Program
— Fantasy | Romantic/Platonic | Science Fiction —
In the galactic future, Humanity has conquered the stars, even their own backyard. Set up as a member of the United Stellar Coalition, Humans have proposed a plan of having students randomly selected from the International Galactic University Station (IGUS) via lottery. In short, they would be able to experience first-hand what their species (i.e. culture, language, customs etc) do on their home planet. With the proposal unanimously passed, it’s set in motion. At IGUS, Humans make up 1% of the student body, making it rare to see them. Among the 1%, A is a regular student on board and is selected to participate in the program. B, whose species make up 50% of the student body at IGUS, is also selected to participate. However, a clerical error happens by handling of their applications together – sending them both to the same planet none of them selected.
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The Dread Wolf★
I've updated my post + added new plots. Bump! I guess? I'm always open for new roleplay partners. Feel free to post below this or PM if any interest you ^^


The Dread Wolf★
@Machina Somnium Alright! Check your DMs ^^

For anyone interested still, I also updated the "Before You Post" spoiler with some new rules. I had to readjust to what anyone may expect of me. Have a look, if you can ^^ Thank you.
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Hey! I checked your "Before You Post" thing, and it all works for me! I would be interested in the "Time Travelers" prompt.


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Hello, I've read your BYP, and I am cool with everything there. I'm interested in being B in the prompt "The Dream Weaver".


Hey if you're still interested I'm open to an OC Tolkien Universe roleplay if you're willing.