Open Multi-genre plots

Hey, hi, hello! It is I, Orion. So, I am looking for someone to rp with. I can do any pairing, can play any gender and have no triggers.

I prefer to play Muse A.
A prince sent to live in a quiet village. A nobody doing his best to become more than nothing. And a farm. A strange mix that could flip the pair's lives upside down. Let's go from the start.
The future is less than great for those without money, so most people. And, for Muse A, that is the life they must suffer. Ever since he was young he had been living and working on the farm so his parents could be free of debt to the farm owner. And, let's just say, his life there is Hell. But what could he do?
Then there was Muse B. His parents had sent him and a nanny to a small village so he could get away from the almost robotic everyday life of the capital. Muse B ended up adoring the simple life and spent much of his time in the farm.
And it was there the two met. The two started to become friends and Muse B kept his princely status from Muse A, and Muse A keeps the fact he's a nobody from the other. But things can't go well for the pair forever.
I prefer to play Muse B.
When Muse A was young, they used to be involved with some shady people. They stole from them people before getting out of that situation. Muse A managed to get a good life for themself, found a loving partner and had/adopted wonderful kids. But one day the past catches up with Muse A. Some of the people who they stole from killed them and staged it as their suicide.
Before they could get sent to the underworld, their soul is saved from that fate by a living person who can see the dead. That person is Muse B.
Muse A tells them about what had happened and that these people won't just stop with Muse A. Them people will be going after the family too.
Muse B decides to help Muse A try stop these people or at least warn the family before it's too late. But the journey ahead won't be an easy one.

I prefer to play Muse A.
The world had fallen apart. Demons rule over what is now called New Hell. For them its perfect. But for angels and humans its worse than anything they could imagine, now angels and humans are the slaves of demons.
Muse A is a human that managed to escape the demon king and pass as demon for years now.
Muse B is the only recognized child of the demon king. They are a fallen angel.
Muse A and Muse B meet one day after Muse B gets into some trouble with a demon that didn't know who they were. Muse A ends up telling them how they're going to try get to Eden, or at least what's left of human's Earth. Muse B tags along. And everything goes south very quickly.

I prefer to play Muse A.
Muse A has always loved stories, wanted to be part of one. One fateful day that wish comes true just not how they hoped it would.
After being hit by a care they wakes up in a fairytale world, in the farm house; the center of all that town's stories. There books in the house explaining what was going on in the forest behind the house.
Muse B is the prince/ss of the nymphs who live in the forest behind the farm house. They know about this story. A story that Muse A will come to their world to save them from the human hunter.
One day while in the clearing Muse A and Muse B cross paths where the story starts as the witch had said it would.

I don't mind which muse I play.
A nuclear bomb was dropped was dropped and sent the world into an apocalyptic state. It also killed most of the people on Earth.
Muse A is a shell of their former self, someone who was once a kind and wonderful person and parent reduced to a cold hearted killer and thief.
Then there was Muse B. A child who was just managing to survive in the cruel new world. They still didn't have a full understanding on what was going on.
The two muses met in a place filled with the radioactive mutants where the only way they'd make it out was by killing the once humans. After that mess Muse B sticks with Muse A even if the older one didn't like it.

I prefer to play Muse C. This either needs one person to double or three people.
Three friends turned enemies by high school end up stuck on an adventure to find a mystery island dubbed the Beta Land. To get there it only takes breaking multiple laws, getting into life threatening situations and having to put up with each other. What can go wrong?
Muse A is an omega, one that is invisible to most people. They're the main reason none of them get found dead. They are heart of the trio.
Muse B is just another boneheaded alpha and one of the most popular ones. They are the braun of the trio.
Muse C is a not so typical alpha, they lack strength and aren't threatening at all. They make up for that with their intelligence and agility. They're the brains of the trio.