This thread is under construction, so things might change and plots will be added.

A few ground rules, nothing too complicated:

1. No one liners. Three paragraphs or more is appreciated.
2. I only write in third person and I wish for you to do the same.
3. Communicate! Tell me if something's not working or if you're going away for a longer period of time, and I promise to do the same.
4. Do not post in this thread. I won't answer comments or questions here, please use PM for that.

Preferences, but not rules:
1. I prefer to write in past tense, but it's not a requirement. However, please let me know so I can match your style.
2. If face claims are being used I prefer them to be real life people, unless we're doing a story with non-human humanoids and we need more freedom.

Genres, settings and time periods:

I enjoy a wide variety of genres and settings. I adore magical realism, both historical and modern, but it doesn't end there. I write post-apocalyptic settings, slice of life, dystopian, science fiction, take your pick. The one thing I'm a bit iffy about due to earlier experiences is epic fantasy, but who knows, I may dip my toes back into that pond in the future.
So if you have any plots or ideas in any of these genres/settings I would love to read them.

Names presented in these ideas can of course be changed, I just use them as placeholders.

Little Red Riding Hood
- an adult retelling of the traditional fairy tale.
This is the story of a young woman that moves across the country to a small village after losing her job in the city and the events that follow.
Abigail hasn't seen or even talked to her aunt since the funeral of both her parents five years ago, but a series of unfortunate events has left her with little choice but to pick up the phone and call her. The conversation is short but at the end of it Abigail has both a job and a new home. She is allowed to come and live in her aunt's cottage, and in return she has promised to help out in her aunt's bookshop. A week later Abigail and her two suitcases arrive in Nowhereland. The village's official name is ***, but she renames it after seeing... nothing. It's in the middle of the week and people are nowhere to be seen. Her aunt explains that the town has strong beliefs in religious things and that she will meet most of them tomorrow. That night she can hear wolves howl when she's sitting by the window looking out into the shadows of the trees surrounding the cottage.
The others are talking. A new girl has arrived in town, the niece of Eleonora Barrett, and her arrival is causing excitement in the pack. Matt has yet to meet her, and before his shift at the bar he drives over to the bookshop to see what all the fuss is about. He can smell it immediately as he walks in: a distinct, sweet scent that he has never encountered before. And he realizes: the stories are true, stories about a girl whose blood can cure the curse of lycanthropy.