Phantom Glimmer

She was Just A Glimmer.
Before I get started, I should say at the most there may be a possibility of some language and violence occurring during the roleplay given the themes so a bit of a warning if it isn't your cup of tea. Also, while I am not intending to exclude anyone I am looking for partners above eighteen. Apologies. Being of a certain age myself it is more comforting again, I apologize. Anyway, I'm Phantom. Welcome to this request thread, thank you in advance for taking the time out to read it.
As you probably have guessed already, I'm looking for a partner or two. For all future planning or plotting, interests, ideas, let us discuss it in a pm I want to keep this area reserved for any updates or edits I may do. If you find any plots interesting help build on them with ideas you may have.
If anything pops out at you I want to hear your ideas for it or if you have similar plot candies let's get to talking about them.

To Start
Here it is. Rules, about me, that simple stuff.
▪︎I prefer to keep all writing and plotting on site and in threads while plotting in PMs.
I don't use discord, chats, or anything of the like. I myself am comfortable using third person only with a preference for it to be used by my partners too.

▪︎I would say I am active but there will be times when I can't be online. That said, with posting frequency, I'm not an everyday poster. I post a few times a week only and it could also be once a week. I might be able to post more than one reply in the given day but I make no promises longer posts for me requires time and patience. Unless something comes up I will never take over a week to reply back. Hounding someone for posts is not my thing nor do I want it to be done to me.

▪︎We may click, we may not. It happens. If we're not feeling it, we shouldn't force it. Communication is crucial, whether we come up with some amazing story or not I would like for us to be up front with one another. If you're not feeling the plotting or story, anything let me know and I will do the same. I think it's better to talk it out instead of waiting and wondering with questions.

▪︎I don't like one liners or one paragraph replies.
At the very minimum, I will be looking for three paragraphs from you.
I write anywhere from eight to ten plus paragraphs, 1000 on up words. I don't expect you to do the same unless you want. Going back to my activity, longer posts take time so they won't come each day.

▪︎Grammar mistakes will happen as to be expected, I have no issue with that. Every post filled with errors though will distract me from the actual post..

▪︎Drive the story forward with me. Put in ideas, brainstorm with me, help contribute to the plot with me. This is our roleplay.

▪︎Please don't control any of my characters. This means giving them reactions, speaking for them, or giving them personalities.

Genres I Like:
▪︎Action Adventure
▪︎Urban Fantasy
▪︎Slice Of Life
▪︎Science Fiction
▪︎Action Adventure
▪︎Post Apocalypse
For Science Fiction, I'm not really into settings based on anything to deal with Star Trek and Star Wars. While I am interested in kingdoms, royalty, and all of that I don't base anything off real historical periods or places I come up with my own fiction if that makes sense. I won't pretend to say I do Fandoms a lot but if there's an original story we can come up with alongside original characters I'm willing to check it out.

Plot Candies
Action and Adventure
Slow-Burn Romance
Plot Twists
Character Development
Original Characters
Arranged Marriages
Story Driven
Bad Ends/Dark Themes/Violence-Things can't always be pleasant. That also does not mean bad things happen all the time every time either.

Below are some minor plot builders we can come up with ideas from scratch. Characters are up from grabs and most of all plotting is involved. They are also designed to fit into a variety of genres depending on what we choose. I play both female and male characters with no real preference for whichever I play. I do not double though. I usually play MxF pairings by the way.

Wolf Shifter x Human
Member of the Mob or Yakuza Leader x Rival's Family Member
Detective x Victim
Private Investigator x Client
Elven Royalty x Human Royalty
Elf x Elf
Elf x Half-Elf
Colonist x Colonist
Space Crew Member x Space Crew Member
Commoner x Royalty
Royalty x Prisoner former warrior
Exiled Royalty x Caretaker
Former Knight x Charge
Royalty x Sorcerer
Soldier x Family Member Of Slain Enemy
Royalty x Rebel
Demon x Elf
Charge x Bodyguard
Survivor x Survivor
Dragon Shifter x New Rider
Hunter x Herbalist
Space Mercenary x Captive Royalty
Hitman Turned Protector x Former Target
Pirate x Captive

These are fleshed out plots of mine. They require certain characters to be played. All plots have room to have more ideas thrown in. The plots will have characters needed to be played and the genre the story takes place in.
▪︎Medieval. ▪︎Character Needed: The New Wife.
The times are ever turbulent. A kingdom here today, can be gone tomorrow wiped from existence left only in the pages of soon to be forgotten history. And how one chooses to rule their throne would forever shape not only those under them but the kingdom going forward.

To say he wanted to have anything to do with his birthright would have been a lie. If given a second chance, he would've much preferred to live a simple life one full of mundane times at least that way no one suffered if he were to make a mistake. But, of course, nothing is ever that easy and the life he was born into was one of nobility. He is the crown prince of Vald and the only son of his father, Stor Konen a beloved king with tendencies to do what he thought was best for his kingdom. He and his father could not have been more opposite. Arguing often when he was growing up and holding different views which led to even greater conflicts so when the prince became of age he most certainly expected to leave home never to return.

Unfortunately, with his father passing away suddenly it has left him to take up the mantle as king a position he neither asked for nor wanted. As king, however, he has become a formidable force driven to protect his people and kingdom from those that wish to destroy him and at twenty-one most know of his prowess in battle as well as his ability to stay ahead of his enemies. For the most part he has traveled this path alone. The high council has pressured him to take a wife something he's pushed off until now. Agreeing to their terms of an arranged marriage while trying to handle his affairs, the king must contend with his new wife and the enemies in the shadows seeking to destroy them and everything they hope to build.

▪︎Medieval ▪︎Character Needed: The Young Woman.
No matter how hard she tried, she could never get his attention. She was the first born. The one to take to both inside the home duties and outside too. Everything she saw him do she wanted to do as well she just wanted him to not be angry to notice her, his daughter, the one who would always love him. It seemed every since she could remember he was always mad at her and she didn't know why. It was as if any and every little thing drove him further and further away. Even with the love of a kind hearted mother it still wasn't enough to fill the void left behind by her father. After her baby brother was born, the man calmed down. Everything she yearned to have with him he gave to her brother. Her brother, feeling sorry for her, in return loved her as much as their mother. As thick as thieves, he showed her how to do many things taught to him by their father such as using a weapon or defending herself if the time came. One morning she is up at dawn to fish at the lake when she hears horses trampling through the confines of seclusion surrounding her home.

As she returns home the sound of her father's scream alarms her. There she finds him holding the bodies of her slain mother and brother. Around the property are men on horseback and one behind her father holding a sword to his neck. For the first time ever he looks up at her not with disdain but fear. Before he is beheaded he tells her to run even though she cannot bring herself to not with her family murdered. Instead of killing her she's taken captive and forced to walk while the strange men ride. For days she is with the group mournful and without any real answers until overhearing a conversation between them where they discuss that she is to be handed over once they reach the border. They don't have any intentions of discussing anything further.

Once at the border she is handed safely to nobles where she is taken across unfamiliar lands. Certain at the end of it will be a fate that would welcome a swift death. At the first chance she gets she escapes her captors. Driven into the wilderness, the elements become too much for her and suffering from an illness she collapses. Found shortly after by a young man he takes her to his home to nurse her back to health. He lives a relatively peaceful life away from any kingdom. A former knight himself it has been over a year since he last met with anyone so he does everything in his power to help her. Soon he finds mercenaries lurking about his property in search of the female. When he won't give her up they attack him but unfortunately for them he is not one to be challenged so callously and quickly disposes of them. As he returns to his charge, more enemies lie in wait set to take the young woman for reasons unknown and in her fight for recovery she dreams of the family she has lost her fate in the hands of the stranger.

▪︎Modern Fantasy ▪︎Character Needed: Normie or Gifted.
At long last a peaceful resolution had finally settled between the two factions. Their feud had long crippled the centuries passed and lay bloodshed to the pages of history. Normies, as one of the two groups were called, were that of humans born without an ounce of magic within them. At present they relied on advancements in technology and in the distant past an indomitable spirit to overcome adversity. On the other side of the conflict were the Gifted or Lahjakas, those having a direct link to magic relying on it to be in tuned with the world. Together, both sides have fought against one another since the dark ages and only in the present have leaders from both sides have been able to put an end to the conflict for the sake of their people.

Now under the Peaceful Transition Act the two will become one and not everyone is pleased. For the Gifted, in order to fit in, it feels as if they must conform to a society heavily influenced by Normies. Not being able to use their powers freely, following rules but at the same time their leader the Ehdoton willed it this way and he always looked after his people. Five years after the Peaceful Transition Act is fully in effect there have been noticeable changes. Where often the current Ehdoton, adored by his people, visited them he has gone into seclusion where his fate is unknown and plenty of Gifted disappear quite frequently. The grandson of the Ehdoton, living a relatively normal life, has long worried about his grandfather. Studying at a university he manages to keep his identity a secret. While attempting to contact the Normie president to see about his grandfather, he is arrested. In fact, many Gifted are. They are shuttled away during the night on buses where they are taken to facilities to be experimented on but in a daring move escape.

Broadcasting throughout claim the Ehdoton tried to attack the Normie president and in return was killed firmly ending the treaty between both factions. By order of the president all Gifted were to be captured and killed.

▪︎Fantasy ▪︎The cursed woman.
She really couldn't be late. What kind of maid of honor would she be if she were late to her best friend's wedding? The most talked about celebratory event but she knew all too well, there was a reason she strayed far from town. Her friend loved scarlet roses and they were just out of stock. Wanting her friend to have some, the young woman got up early to search the wilds. So far, she had not been successful until going deeper into the woodlands where a mysterious fog strangely settled over. Among the many flowers, she finds a few scarlet roses though they are dripping of blood. In fact, a trail of blood captures her attention away from what she set out to do. Following it, she is lead on an endless path obscured by the fog until reaching a decrepit home. The trail of blood leads inside. Knowing she should turn away, the young woman's curiosity gets the best of her, she wanders inside. It is dark and the smell of decay is strong. Lead to the kitchen, she finds the corpse of a woman laid out on a dining table her heart missing.

Gnawing and chewing sounds from a darkened corner reveal to the young woman she is not alone. Out of the shadows the beautiful yet foreboding harpy makes its presence known to her having feasted on the last remains of the heart. Transforming into a full fledged human, the sorceress grabs the young woman slamming her to the floor intending on taking her heart too but something stops her. Instead, she curses the young woman to do her bidding. That while the sorceress will collect the hearts, the young woman will bring misery to all she encounters, she will never know the love of another person again and as if waking from a dream the young woman finds herself back in town preparing for her friend's wedding with the scarlet roses. The wedding goes off without a hitch and afterwards everyone enjoys themselves leading her to believe she just had a horrible nightmare. It isn't until her friend pricks her finger on one of the thorns of the roses that madness overwhelms her to attack and kill her husband feasting on his heart. The malevolence changes her. She turns into a savage beast set on killing and the young woman can do nothing other than watch in horror as her friend massacres the entire town. Drawn to the scent of death, the sorceress joins the scene to destroy the friend after collecting the prize of hearts. She laughs at the helplessness of the young woman telling her wherever she goes death will follow and for the next year misery attaches itself to the woman. Trying to leave her past in the past, no matter where she goes the curse always lets her know who has the most control. She will not allow herself to be close to anyone in fear they will die like the countless others.

Contemplating taking matters into her own hands, she comes across a male practitioner of the forbidden magic. To her surprise he is not driven to madness around her. He explains he is able to counter curses with his magic and if she wanted he could help her find a way to discover the origin behind her particular curse and break it. Having little choice she agrees asking what he would like in return for she has nothing of value to give.

"I wouldn't be so sure about that," He says looking into her eyes. "What I would like in return is you,"

Taken aback by his bold statement, the young woman would have told him choice words had he not finished his sentence.

"To cook me a decent breakfast," He tilted his head curiously. "Why are you looking at me that way? What did you think I wanted? For one adept in the finer points of magic I can't seem to manage rustling up something good to eat, it's a total mystery. But, yes a mouth-watering breakfast and you have yourself a deal."

▪︎Post Apocalypse ▪︎Character Needed: The Drifter.
Without warning it happened: an earthquake of the highest magnitude shook the entire world decimating cities and taking with it innumerable lives. Once it was over, humanity thought it could not get any worse. They thought that from the tragedy they would be able to rebuild. They were wrong. The earthquake was just the calm before the storm. It opened up a gateway to another dimension and the real threat emerged: demons. They came in hordes plaguing mankind and attempting to make the world their own. In trying to fight back, humans succeeded only in making their home suffer and for years the world gradually descended into chaos.
Scattered and divided, survivors fought back laying claim to corners of the world while the demon threat was on the rise.

An unknown drifter no stranger to having to fight against demons wanders the war-torn land in search of supplies and a safe place to lay his head at least for a couple of hours. His travels take him near a valley where an old town has been turned into an outpost for survivors. While they aren't too welcoming of a newcomer because of their own troubles, the drifter is allowed to stay if just for the night. The drifter finds kindness in the local herbalist as well as the outpost's leader, an elderly man who convinced people to fight for what they believed in. Troubles have been rampant around the outpost as of late. A recent attack by a demon created a sort of illness that has spread to some of the residents. So far the herbalist has not found a cure for it but believes further in the valley to be herbs to help. The only problem is that it is close to a nest of demons. Some have gone there yet none have returned alive. Not particularly wanting to get involved, the drifter takes the night to think it over. In the morning, he decides to lend a hand. He tells the leader he will search the valley. Because he doesn't know what to look for, the herbalist volunteers to come along with a select few. They will explore the valley even if it means having to contend with the nest of demons in the process.

▪︎Medieval ▪︎Character Needed: The Princess.
As part of an arranged marriage, the daughter of a king has been sent to the kingdom of a new ally to marry said kingdom's wayward and obstinate prince. Having met him only briefly, she despite having little choice in the matter, realizes the marriage will be a difficult one as it seems the prince has other ideas in mind. A fact that rings very true but the level of her knowledge has not scratched the surface. The prince feels the marriage is a waste of time. Instead of making allies with a weaker kingdom, he would rather take it over forcefully. His father, on the other hand, thankfully does not share his views. For this, the two frequently clash and for another reason: the king favors a close knight over the prince's opinions at times. Due to this, the relationship between father and son has greatly deteriorated and the prince very much loathes the knight.

On the heels of the arrival of the princess, she and her escorts are attacked by a mysterious lot. With the escorts sacrificing themselves so the princess can get away, she is driven into the woodlands to escape trying to see if she can use her surroundings to somehow survive. All the while, the knight enjoying a day to himself is none the wiser to her identity when they happen on each other. Not one to turn away someone in need, the knight does what he can to help though ultimately the pair outnumbered have to team up together to survive. Navigating the wilds together with peril surfacing, the knight and princess elude their enemies at the same time depending on each other to endure hardship.

Concern for the lack of arrival for the princess has the king on edge to look for her. His son is not so worried, he's furious. He believes she and her father have made a mockery of him with the farce of a marriage, that they never intended to go through with it. He and his father of course argue. The prince, going about his business, meets with a confidante who informs him: "It has been done."
I may be interested. However in contrary to your lax partnership requirements, I may seem a bit picky in mine. I do not have all the time in the world to write anymore, but I can provide a few posts a week to a dedicated story ark if we can connect decently enough with our writing and communication. We do seem to have similar interests in writing plots. If you are interested having me take a shot at creating a story with you, let me know.
I may be interested. However in contrary to your lax partnership requirements, I may seem a bit picky in mine. I do not have all the time in the world to write anymore, but I can provide a few posts a week to a dedicated story ark if we can connect decently enough with our writing and communication. We do seem to have similar interests in writing plots. If you are interested having me take a shot at creating a story with you, let me know.
Well, I feel like I was able to get my point across of what I'm looking for without having to have a whole bunch of rules and what not.
If you are interested cool, if not that's cool too. Ultimately, it's up to you if you want collaborate on a story or not. If you feel we share interests in writing then sure let's talk
I'd be quite interested in playing either plots A, D or F. A number of your pairing ideas also caught my attention, but I figured we'd decide if a plot suited us best first. The basics you should know about me, some of which are in my own search thread...

1. I'm an editor with severe OCD. Part of roleplaying and my use of chatspeak in private is because it helps me try to learn to focus on things other than the errors I find. If my OCD acts up, my post may take longer to come out and I may or may not inform you about it just as a side note. This doesn't happen that often in roleplaying, though, so it should be fine.

2. I don't count my words and such when RPing. Sometimes I give three paragraphs, sometimes one, sometimes ten. It really depends on the story, what I have to respond to, and a few other factors. I believe in quality over quantity, so if by some chance I fail to give you something to work with, please let me know how I can better express something in my text that would make it easier for you.

I think those two are the only really important ones. So... Do one of the plots you made strike your fancy for us to work on together? Or should I Start listing your pairings?