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Hi! I'm Amatsu, a role-player with a good four or so years of rp experience. I have some original settings that I think would be fun to rp!
What you should know about me;
  • I'm usually online all day, and sometimes all night. I have an absurd amount of free time, so you can expect quick replies!
  • I love to chat OOC! Don't be afraid to DM me!
  • How much I write depends on my interest in the story, but I'll try to write at least a paragraph.
  • I love drama, I love dark themes, I love LGBTQ+ characters, I love mental illness in characters, and romance is a must!
  • Many of my characters have split or shifting personalities, like myself. They also tend to have various behavioral disorders.
Now for the actual prompts!
Years ago, the last of the dragon riders was killed in an effort to protect their kingdom. Dragons were thought to have quietly died out, becoming something of a legend. Until a human girl, raised among the Hothujir earth clan, found a dragon egg in an abandoned mine shaft...

The Legend of the Dragon Riders has been passed down for generations. Children all across the lands spend their lives training and sharpening their skills. Amber was brought up in the Hothujir earth clan, among dwarves and few other humans. She never questioned where she came from, until it was revealed that she wasn't born into Hothujir, but rather, another clan that had vanished with the riders... Now, miss Amber begins her quest to find the six remaining dragons and bring about a new era of dragons and humans living together in peace. With her dragon friend and a dwarf as her only companions, can she reignite the fire and bring magic to the land once more?

Monsters, magical beings, and humans have lived in harmony for as long as anyone can remember. Some were born with unique magical gifts. These gifts sparked fear and jealousy in the hearts of ordinary humans, and these "curiosities" were sent away. Where did they go? The University of Curiosities, of course! There, gifted individuals receive instruction and training on how to control their gifts. The students include everyone from centaurs, to shapeshifters, to human mages!

Hundreds of years in the future, Earth has been destroyed as a result of nuclear warfare. Wealthy individuals were sent into space to a habitable planet, in a last-ditch effort to preserve the human race. On this new planet called Eredon, everything is very similar to Earth, but with one major difference; humans can harness and use elemental energy. Generations passed, and their powers only grew stronger. The first colony on Eredon was called Destiny Lake, named for the beautiful lake in the middle of it.

Our story takes place around the Destiny Lake area, in the surrounding town. A fire elemental girl nicknamed 'Pyro' has some pyromaniac tendencies and a fiery personality. Many people secretly have a crush on her.
Your character, M or F, would be one of those people.

In an alternate world, the future and past come together. With castles and knights, as well as internet and cell phones, drama between the kingdoms tends to get a bit intense. Everything comes to a peak, though, when it's discovered that the princess of one kingdom is alive after being missing for 18 years. But there's a few problems... She didn't know she was a princess, and her fiance just so happens to be the prince of an enemy kingdom!

I'll be adding more as I think of them! Feel free to DM me if you're interested!


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Those of you wanting to do the University of Curiosities, would you prefer I host it as a small group rp or separate 1x1s? I could do either, but if it's group there would need to be a one-track story, no constant split scenes.


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You three, we can move this over to a small group but it'll have to be a one or two-track story. We cannot have split scenes and side stories everywhere, or else it becomes too confusing. There will be times where your character can't be present in a scene. You can either add/play more roles or just wait it out when that happens.