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Music Share: What's Playing?

If anyone's still watching this thread, I have a few songs I think are good.

The Battle Is To The Strong

Faster Than Light soundtrack - Last Stand

[東方 Ambient] Night Sakura of Dead Spirits: "Accelerate Deadghost" - N-Tone

Nao - Haru Kaze

Fate/stay night - Kishi Ou no Hokori [フェイト/ステイナイト - OST]

...I guess that's more than a few.


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Wait I was about to post links in this forum but then I realized I may not be able to. I’m just...gonna say the names of songs! Hehe..

Civ 5 OST Haile Selassie War Theme

Siames, The Wolf,

And the other one is in Russian so I’m not sure I should post that without a link.


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I usually am subjected to country music like Willie Nelson due to my parents preference. There is the occasional song I enjoy and since this is a music share I'll throw one out there. It's called Tweeter and the Monkey Man by the Traveling Wilberries



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I have a writing playlist with classical music in it. I also have a five nights at Freddy’s playlist I listen to a lot. Lord of the rings music is good and soothing to me.


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Classical music is something I can always get down on while writing violent scenes in a book or in roleplay.
I withhold many inspirational songs to the tales that I write.

But mostly, my favorite song is most definitely the Tardy Hearse by the Pine Box Boys. Mainly because it relates to both cruising in my Hearse and the year of my coach is 89. But cruising allows me to think of situations, while driving. Hence forth, inspiration!
Especially when writer's block kicks in, it allows for a "brake". lol

And look at that post #389... ignore the 3... 89. Must be my lucky number!


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Most of the time when I'm at work, I have the video game music compilations by Fruddle on YouTube cycling. Perfect background.


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The entire album of How It Feels To Be Lost by Sleeping With Sirens :emoji_sob: I love this band so much :emoji_smile:


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So I have like a playlist for songs that go with specific characters. I have two songs I would like to share.

Friendly Neighborhood Poltergeist by Rory Webley (the music video is adorable)

Sally's Song and Corpse Bride Medley by Trickywi (It's a nice love song that isn't a Disney one because we can all agree Meg's song from Hercules is awesome)