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N0X’s Characters


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Height: 5'5”
Weight: 500 lbs
Species: Elven Cyborg

Dark War Era Combat-Issue Cybernetically Enhanced Person (DWECICEP-Cyborg). Codename "Bluebird" was born and programmed to fight in the apocalyptic Dark War Era that created the dead zone. After her captain's ship was defeated along with her crew, she was left as its only surviving member. The cyborg slept connected and confined within a cryogenic chamber for approximately three centuries until she was found by a scavenger salvaging parts from the fallen empire's derelict at the ship graveyard site. 500 Lbs of imperial steel and muscle, entirely cybernetic body save for her face and neck, which is covered in pale skin, synthetic blood pumps from her quantum heart, sharp features with high cheekbones, pointy ears, and eyes that shine brightly when "activated". Upon awakening, Blue's memory banks had been wiped by a virus known as the killswitch protocol that was triggered by the fallen empire as a last-ditch effort to win the war. The virus turned her into a mindless killing machine whenever threatened or in danger but has been nullified by the scavenger that found her. Blue adopted a cyberpunk fashion sense with a pair of wicked boots to match.


  1. plasma manipulation (blasts)
  2. combat muscle memory
    • martial arts programming
    • hand-to-hand combat programming
    • military-grade weaponry programming
  3. enhanced learning
  4. scouting (locate & analyze)
    • Weaknesses:
      1. Hacking.
      2. Stronger, better, & faster opponents.
      3. Vulnerable to superior magicks & metals.
      4. Scouter can be fooled.
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Age: 323
Height: 5'0”
Weight: 120 lbs
Species: Kitsune

Kiki is a brown Kitsune (Fox) who can shift into the shape of a young woman with a pale narrow face with close-set golden eyes, thin soft-angled eyebrows, and high cheekbones. Due to her youth, she retains her ears and tail when she takes human form; it is pretty easy to discover her true nature. Born in 1700 Japan to a nomadic clan of kitsune, she caravanned throughout Japan putting on shows and festivals where the clan would make their money by entertaining the locals but were often persecuted due to a stigma that kitsune were thieving tricksters, which was true for some of them. Spunky, temperamental, impulsive, irrational, sarcastic, and not exactly the brightest, there are many flaws to this Kitsune. But she's fiercely loyal to the point where she would take a bullet for someone she loves. She's observant, resourceful, improvisational, creative, and quick-thinking, all the right things she needs to be to be a survivor. Kiki apparated in the nexus when a mysterious witch cast a spell creating a portal that sucked her through. Now, she survives by any means necessary.

  • Shapeshift
    1. Fox form
    2. Human form
  • Conjure
    1. Foxfire
    2. Will-o-wisp
  • Bewitch
    1. hypnotize
    2. cast bad luck
    3. haunt
  • Enchant
    • lucky charm
    • ward off evil
    • enchant item (misc)
  • Expel
    1. remove curse
    2. remove bad luck
    3. exorcise
    4. extinguish
  • Kenjutsu
  • Sharpshooter
  • Quick hands (pickpocket)


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Alias: "VOID”
Age: 36
Race: Half-Human, Half-Alien (ONI)
Occupation: Smuggler, fortune seeker, pirate, buccaneer, looter, antiquary, collector of rare items.
Their technological resources destroyed, a colonizing expedition has been stranded on PLANETNAME for over two hundred years. Their continued survival was largely due to the organization of healers known as the Seekers, a spiritual group partially composed of ONI—a telepathic being native to the planet who bonds with another being for life. Seekers travel from town to town, settling disputes by truth-reading the minds and emotions of plaintiffs and defendants. One such ONI broke the Seeker rule of falling in love with their bond to a human woman and was excommunicated. They bore children together and raised their family in their broken ship with the colonizers.
As a young girl, Circe considered both her parents her heroes. Circe's personality is more like her father's. She is very empathetic and brave and will do absolutely anything for her family, including sacrificing her life. Her interests are like her mother's. She likes to learn and loves the opportunity to display her logical, scientific, and medical abilities, but hardly ever brags. Circe is also athletic and loves to swim, run and exercise.
Although Circe grew up around a variety of talented colonizers, she became a doctor and the colonists' field medic, though not everyone in the colony respected this skill. Her own mother, an ecologist, disapproved, but ultimately allowed her daughter to forge her own path. A prodigy, Circe is capable of diagnosing the condition of a patient without directly observing the patient, a Seeker skill she unconsciously adopted from her ONI father.
At 16 years old, Circe was given the option of opting out of the ONI Trials due to being a "half-breed", as the ONI would say, just like her older siblings did. They even recommended it. They would never be accepted, they reasoned. But the Trials were a rite of passage for coming-of-age ONI, a test that challenged the mind, body, and soul, to give them a purpose, and a permanent place in their society. Her courageous and daring personality would not allow her to quit, and her naive hopefulness made her think she could be accepted if she passed. Having been taught by her father, she hoped her private tutilage would be enough.
Despite her strong personality, Circe developed PTSD after surviving her near-death experience during the ONI Trials. Miraculously, she passed and was given the honorary title of Seeker, like her father before her. Not all were quick to accept her into their society, however.

Circe loved being a Seeker. Helping locals and learning their language. Until she was kidnapped on an assignment to a nearby town by a radical group of mercenaries for a local baron, who wanted to use her to send a message and set an example. Circe was dropped off at one of the system's sister planets, in completely unknown territory.

The following years were a blur of survival.
Two decades later, Circe had become one of Nexus' very own well-paid roughneck, part of a sub-class of highly skilled, but blue-collar contractors. She also smuggles on the side, specializing in luxury goods and ancient artifacts. A roguish exterior hides a heart of gold, and if not for the fact that everyone she loves thinks she is dead, she would have returned home and set up herself and her family for life. A regular at the Leaky Servo, and member of the Wayfarer's Guild, she received word of a new contract and went on her way.
Skills & AbilitiesItems & Gear
  • Sight of the ONI (racial trait): Extrasensory perception wherein some ONI are bestowed with the ability to sense, feel, or perceive events, sensations, or thoughts and emotions from the past, present, future, or at locations not relative to them. May not be able to fully understand the information obtained. May not be able to obtain personal information. May be limited in the amount of information obtainable or have difficulty finding some information.
    • This ability may sometimes trickle down into the user's dreams, giving the user vivid, lucid dreams of the past, present, or future. The dreams may be symbolic, and surreal. The user may or may not be able to come to an understanding, depending on events that may or may not have already or have yet to transpire.
  • Horns of Hannya: Oni/hannya are blessed with a remarkable ability via their horns. It is the power to control and manipúlate spacial and dimensional energy to create portals for transport between two non-adjacent locations. Circe can open a hole in the universe connecting two non-adjacent locations. She can release portal energy to attacks of various shapes and/or intensities, either projected, used as a part of melee attacks, etc. The energy may be difficult to control. Once the energy has been depleted, Circe must wait until enough portal energy has been absorbed by the horns to use it, again. The ability is non-existing without the horns.
  • Knowledge: Ancient Civilizations
  • Knowledge: Ancient languages
  • Exorcism/Purificarion
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Enchanted Intuition
  • Medical Training
  • Sleight of Hand
  • Self-defense
  • Gunslinger
  • Pilot
  • Tranquilizer gun
  • (Handgun)
  • (Blaster Rifle)
  • (Vibro-blade)
  • (Submachine gun)
  • (Space ship)
    • Vault of relics, armaments, and gadgetry...
  • Tactical & resilient exo-suit
  • S.E.A: AI computer that is used to help on jobs; uses a proprietary algorithm to retrieve and order results on user inquiries to provide the most relevant and dependable sources of data possible from the Nexus. Given to her as well as each of her crew members by their tech. It can be used to scan, illuminate, detect, notify, and alert the user. SEA is also programmed to hack security systems to unlock automatic doors and kill security alarms.
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