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  • Name: Saoirse
  • Age: 27
  • Gender: Female
  • Race/species: Divine Valkyrie
  • Appearance: Tall, strong, lithe, and acrobatic, with dark eyes, and long silver hair dreaded into locks, Saoirse is the reincarnation of the ancient primordial goddess of strength, power, beauty, wisdom, and war.
    • Height: 5.11
    • Weight: 160
    • Other: Two long scars running along her spine, starting at each shoulder blade to the end of her rib-cage, or mid-spine.
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Career information:
  • School(s) of magic: Enhancer, Healer
  • Max Tier Obtained: Tier 1 Enhancer, Tier 1 Healer
  • Job: Student

  • Family: Seraphim (Royal Angels) ORPHAN
  • Pets: Male Owl named Avalon
  • Sexuality/Relationship status: Bisexual, Romantic partner: (OPEN)
  • History:
Saoirse was stricken with a deadly virus that attacked the wings as a toddler and was abandoned in the slums of the lower district by her family. She was picked up by a ascetic monastic order comprised of several and varied systems of philosophy, belief, and ritual, with a rich cumulative tradition of texts and practices. The wings were in such bad shape that the monks had to surgically remove them.

Following her recovery, she was welcomed into the orphanage of the ascetic monks. Considering the monastery relied on the charity of the people for its survival In an evil world where they were often the target of theft and persecution, it was a difficult life. Growing up in the slums, there was every manner of hardship imaginable, particularly starvation, and disease, the rate of survival was quite low for young children. Saoirse also knew she was different when the children got older and she didn't seem to be getting any bigger. The monks realized she must have had angelic heritage, and that she may actually be long-lived.

One day, Immortal Master Rowan was sent from the upper regions to lift the monastery up. He was taken by how quickly Saoirse took to the rigorous physical, spiritual, and mental training and took her in as his pupil. Saoirse was overjoyed, as this meant she would get to go to Rowan's School for the Gifted, or RSG. They were an independent entity to the Interplanetary Scientific Mage Association (ISMA). That was where she learned the fundamentals of Ki, the Living essence that is in all things, and all of their lessons, as well.

There were many different core specializations in the school, but Saoirse was sorted into the House of Valor, a focus group of self-enhancement.

On her sixteenth birthday she was ready to participate in the Trials of Valor, a perilous test that would allow her to attain Tier 2 in each level of specialization if she did well enough. They were the ultimate test of Tier 1 self-enhancement skills, an obstacle course where she would experience attacks, traps, and tests of strength, speed, and much more. An assassination attempt in one of the runs made her realize that someone in the school didn't want her to succeed. It took Saoirse nearly three days to finish the Trials of Valor, overcoming insurmountable odds. Although it was the longest any student had ever gone, it was the first time any student did it on their first try. She was also the youngest.

The following attack on the school changed everything. An untold number of Masters and students alike perished. The Remaining survivors fled. Immortal Master Rowan was murdered by the Immortal Master Aoife. Saoirse was kidnapped and forced to become her apprentice. The school was overturned by ISMA. Doctrine and Prayer was removed entirely from the curriculum. Surviving students became slaves to the new system overnight and were only spared due to their potential.

Abilities: Self-Enhancement

  • Enhanced Strength: Tier 2
  • Enhanced Speed: Tier 2
  • Enhanced Agility: Tier 1
  • Enhanced Dexterity: Tier 1
  • Enhanced Stamina: Tier 2
  • Enhanced Mobility: Tier 1
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Tier 1
  • Enhanced Senses: Tier 2
    • Seeing, Hearing, Smelling, Feeling...


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