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Time Of Day: Early Afternoon

Anxiety was the quickest way to ruin a mission, so a flame had to burn confidently. That was what General Hikmah always told her when she was nervous. It always worked, before. When he was only a few rooms away. When everything was only training and the next mission. When she just had to be the best and pull pranks.

Now, she was a guard, hanging out, with high class and commanding sirenian demons. Commanding sirenian demons that were very, comfortable with each other, shooting harsh words and quick wit like bullets and received them like gifts. She saw many of her peers in training do that with each other. She, well, she had to train, get stronger, and pull pranks then set-up others. She was busy. So, to be so quickly added to Ladies Airen and Fuctner (Dyle, because she was on a first-name basis somehow) and Sir Yew’s trio so quickly was, odd. They were quick to pull her along and ask questions that she never thought about before. It all kept her overwhelmingly quiet, as her mind raced with questions. Like, what does she do? What was Conner’s? Why did they have preferences? What did she prefer as attractive (because that was what Lady Airen meant, right?)?

Shula knew what was attractive, power, sharp looks, seductive attributes, and more power. She knew she was not attractive to others, but what was attractive to her? The gender choice was simple. Males made sense to her but none she had ever met riled or stoked her fire, like Avaddon.

Shula froze a bit. She was definitely not attracted to Avaddon. He was her ward, her leader, and the nicest idiot she ever met. Plus, that was just absurd. Shula shook her head and focused on the trio in front of her. Sir Yew was hungry and he probably did not want to wait on her. He also asked her questions.

She sat next to Sir Yew and quickly glanced around the wine-red accented old-fashioned restaurant. There was an exit in the back, though it was through the kitchen, there were bathrooms to the left which was where there were windows, and the main exit entrance they came through. With that noted, Shula focused on the trio of sirenian demons.

“I’m sorry for staying quiet, I’m grateful for your guys’ company. I’m just, uh,” Shula twiddled her thumbs as her fire grew in heat and warmed her skin, reddening it a bit. “I’m not used to being out in my free time. Not because of my superiors!” Shula said quickly. “I just don’t remember what I like to do that doesn’t have others wishing they never met me.” Shula shrugged. Then she looked at Sir Yew. “But I remember telling you that there is no Mrs. De'Angulis, sir.” She smirked.


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Airen O'Bechtel
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“I just don’t remember what I like to do that doesn’t have others wishing they never met me.”
Chuckling, the Siren observed the hesitant female. Actually, there was nothing to worry about... except for her kin, but she could handle his ass soon enough. Either way, it was somewhat of a bizarre delight. The first thing their new companion could think of was to check Conner's for any possible entranced and escapes, or for someone to enjoy herself. However, Airen angled her head at Shula. Sweet, dashed through her mind as she excused her silence. It was a wonder she didn't take her legs in her hands and fled. Alone the fact that Yew sat beside her would have the Siren ran miles.

"Don't worry too much honey," she chimed and leaned back, taking the drink in her hands and sipping on the straw. A milkshake, the usual. "You are in the presence of my brother, the champion at making people regret to know him," Airen laughed and nodded to him. "You can say a lot and do a lot, nothing will ever top this ass."

“But I remember telling you that there is no Mrs. De'Angulis, sir.”

"Ah, he loves to do his assumptions. You can imagine how hard he is to handle, sadly," Airen began and gazed at Shula, "I shared a home with him for so long, I got used to it. The best advice I can give you is to smack him, and by any chance steal my makeup back from him."

Sighing, Airen lowered her drink. Did she share most of the time with him in the house? Not really, it had taken the oldest sibling to care about her younger sister and brothers. Only a few years before the incident she had grown used to their presence and some nights, one says, she was roped in self-destructive blaming for not bothering sooner. And yet she had only met one of the three siblings she had, the other two were somewhere in different territories. She had to change that by any chance.
Her phone vibrated again, two calls and one message. Everyone was panicking, their Leader kinda disappeared. Airen was not unbothered by the fact, yet she had seen where her smoke headed and with whom she was. Perhaps after lunch, she could go and investigate without interacting with her, just checking. For fucks sake, couldn't the redhead stay put for once? It was like watching another little kid beside Yew.

"Now," she hummed and brought herself back from her mind and gawked at Shula, "When you don't go out in your free time, what are you doing? Training? Oh, and don't be afraid to ask us everything you want. It's fine."
The Siren blinked a few times, patiently waited for her response and somehow she awaited her brother's ailments. It would spice things up, or mess them up and she ended up insulting him to the finest.

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Time Of Day: Early Afternoon

Watching the female act like a captured prisoner had brought little delight to the male Bichtel. The smoke, the weird way they moves... Yew shook his head, leaning on the plush seats before gesturing for a waiter. Yes, his older sister have ordered but it looked like it was not enough. Those who have sat with Yew on a table knows that the male usually buys half the kitchen.

His eyes rolled as Airen started with her usual rant of him being the biggest douche in all of Haven. Well... she might not be wrong on that.

What caught his attention was the Rose's statement. His grin was once again on his face, eyes glimmering with mischievous mirth.

“But I remember telling you that there is no Mrs. De'Angulis, sir.”

"Yet, love," he started, fangs protruding from his lips. "There is no Lady De'Angulis, yet." If they were standing, Yew would have walked around the female and examine her from head to toe. Since that was impossible at the moment, he did the best next thing. Like a snake that he was, he was planning on prodding through the thoughts and opinions of Shula through the eating. "Come now, why would you be invited to a meeting where only the leader and the second-in-command were requested to come?" He nodded his thanks to the waiter as he started distributing drinks of different colors. "If you say that I am the same..." he shook his head with a low chuckle. "I have been the representative in meetings ever since we got back to Haven. I have attended more than Serpent's second-in command herself."

His head tilted towards his sister, a silent demand to say whatever problem the female Bichtel had. That was the third time she turned to look at her phone without breaking the screen or throwing it in a flash of anger. His attention was then ripped from the females as plate after plate came flooding into the table.


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Ruri Ryker
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I'm sorry this took so long!

"Thank you,"
he replied at her congrats. Never settled. Why didn't he settle down with a family?
There was work to do! He was the second in command! He was important! Plus, if he ever got a girlfriend, it was very possible she could be used as bait against him, and Ruri would hate to do that to someone.
"I don't know, I have a long time for stuff like that. Plus, I'm waiting for the right person."
Ruri wasn't overly eager at dating someone, it hadn't happened in a while. Ruri had been super popular in school, him being as different as he was, and being so charasmatic. He had asked some girls out in school, though it hadn't worked out. At least five girls had asked him out themselves or confessed their crushes to him, and, for all except one, he politely declined. If he was really desperate, he would start asking girls out. Meanwhile, he was content being single.
For now, at least.
The temperature seemed to drop ten degrees as Arakiel told him she had had a family and that they had all gone to a better place. It pained Ruri to see her that sad.
"Oh, congratulations. I'm sorry about what happened though." They really had drifted apart, huh? She had had an entire family of her own that Ruri was oblivious to. It kinda hurt even more when she tried to smile just so he wouldn't feel so down.
Ruri took a sip of the wine provided as Arakiel started to talk. It wasn't bad.
"Trying times." Well. Ruri had found that all times were trying. Some more than others, but there is barely a time in your life when there is not a challenge you have to work through, where there is pure, problem-less bliss. But Arakiel was right- nobody had seen times like these before, and this was certainly harder than learning how to walk and stuff like that. "No, you're right-" Ruri nodded at her, he had been thinking the exact same thing- "it's counterproductive to shoot insults at each other and argue when we should be working for the better of Haven. If anything, we should be getting closer so we can work as a team," Ruri finished. "I know that sounds sappy, but seriously, it wouldn't hurt if we started getting along a little bit." Ruri found it just annoying.
Arakiel explained the story of Shula, and then asked if he had "eyes" for her.
Here they were, the conversation shifted to romance, and they were talking about crushes and such as they had so long ago.
"No, I was just curious." It was true- Ruri had become curious when he had seen them so close, for some reason. Ruri cocked his head on its side. Shula was beautiful, there was no doubt about that, but Ruri really never thought about it. Shula had a hot temper, though she did try her best to hide it. She was loyal and had a good set of morals, and she did not bicker with the others. A smirk grew on his face. He gestured with his glass to her. "Though that may be subject to change, and we will see. Are you trying to pair me up?" When it came out, it did not sound like an accusation, more like a teasing question. His smirk lingering, he continued, "Is there anyone you have eyes for?"