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New OC I'm trying out


The Storyteller of the Circle

Name: Nicholas Shadelight
Alias: Shadelight
Age: 23
Occupation: Professional Gambler
Species: [UNKNOWN]

Appearance: (See above)
Personality: Nicholas is usually calm and distant in most situations. He loves chaos and anything spawned from it. His remarks are usually sarcastic or meant to deceive in some shape, way, or form. He hates to take his mask off, and cleans it obsessively. If any circumstance leads his mask to show any portion of his face, he falls into a blinded rage, intending to destroy anything/anyone who wronged him in this way.

Major Abilities:

Darkness Incarnate: Nicholas can manipulate darkness and shadows in a 30-foot radius to his will, even giving them physical form. He can also become a shadow, making it impossible to see him in a dimly-lit place or a dark corner of a room. Nick can not use Darkness Incarnate in bright light or places without shadows.

Abyssal Corruption: Nicholas can harness the source of his powers, The Abyss, to corrupt anyone he sees fit. He corrupts people by touching them. However, he cannot control this ability, so he has to wear gloves. This corruption can manifest as fiendish horns sprouting from the target's forehead, or the pupil of one's eye to expand to fill the entire eye. Regardless of how it forms, it renders the victim insane, causing them to wreak havoc on anything not spawned or corrupted by The Abyss. Most humans die from this corruption in fifteen minutes or less.

Minor abilities:

Uncanny Luck: Nicholas is extremely lucky, making one-in-a-million events seem common, such as winning a big jackpot at a casino.

Other traits:

Light Sensitivity: Nicholas is almost blind in bright light and he burns very easily in sunlight.

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