New User New to the site, not to RPing. Searching for partners!!!

Of all the ones I have listed, which ones are you most interested in?

  • Royalty\Royal Ball

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  • Vampire\Human

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  • Slave\Master

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Hello one and all! I am brand new to this site, but I have been RPing for years!
I am currently searching for new, LITERATE to SEMI-LITERATE, RP partners. I expect 5-6 lines a post (but feel free to post longer!), as I will do the same, with correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. though I realize some errors will happen and that's fine. As for gender, I prefer to role play as female and if there's romance, I prefer that my partner role plays as a male. But if it's a group RP and others would like to do LGBTQ relationships, that's totally fine; I'm just not personally into it. I like to RP a wide range of scenarios, and I am always looking for new suggestions and to try new ideas.

Some of my favorites to play out are:
Royalty-Royal Ball
Zombie-Apocalypse (Pre, Post, or During)
Super Hero-Magic School
Abandoned Island
Trapped With a Serial Killer
Demigods-Camp Half Blood-Camp Jupiter
The 100esc


And I am always looking for more, so feel free to leave some ideas! I like stuff with action, romance, and a bit of thriller-suspense.

If you want to start a RP, please drop a comment or send me a message with some ideas.

Hope to hear from you soon! :)
A Serial killer RP could be interesting. It's not a fetish of mind, so I won't sexualize it, unless it's creepy, anyway. Even then, it would only be threats by phone. I'd enjoy a Stalker RP, with me being the stalker, who may or may not be actually be a monster. D:
Interesting. Personally, I'm not interested on 1:1 RPs, but there are definitely people that are! I hope you find a partner to write with ;).
Good to see another new person. I have had some experience with one on ones. I would probably be open to trying one with you if it was more focused perhaps on realism than other fantastical elements. Otherwise sci-fi would be cool.
Yeah, I was just telling I wasn't into that sort of thing too. My new ERP just got started, so I'm going to be focusing on getting that running, so I won't be joining any new RPs for a bit. Good luck
Welcome to Storyteller! I love your avatar <3! Disney movies are my favorites and I really adored Lilo and Stitch! Currently I am not looking for roleplay partners as I am part of... 3 or 4 group rp's so I already have my hands full atm T_T! But I hope you are able to find some 1x1 partners! If you do not find anyone 1x1 rp partners then there is a lot of group roleplays going on that is still starting out so you can easily jump right in there!

Anyways I hope you will enjoy being here and if you ever have any questions feel free to pm me!
Hey, just so you know. Once your account is approved you'll want to move your RP recruitment stuff over to the Bulletin Board. That's the area of the site that people go to when they're looking for RPs to join.

Anyways, as an interrogation site introduction ice breaker I got some questions for you. :p

1. What are your favourite RP Genres?
2. What is so hot it's cool, yet so cool it's hot?
3. How much weight is Stitch capable of carrying?
Yeah, I moved it already! But thanks!
Oooh I love questions! lol

1. I like Romance, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Thriller\Suspense...pretty much anything lol.
2. A comet maybe? Or Ice? Poptarts? Or Meeeeee? Yeah, that's it, Me! ;D
3. A LOT.
So I was right, it is me! xD hahaha I love riddles lol. Sometimes I'm really good at them, but other times I'm so stupid lol