Akashic Arcana Night to Remember

The blue haired man perked up at the mention of Shiro from the Academy, "Shirosaki Kuro," He explained slightly, "He does attend the Academy and if you have seen him before you will know it easily enough. Long white hair and demonic looking golden eyes. Dumb ass does parkour all the time despite being far better as actual ballet and gymnastics. So how do you know my little brother?"

He sipped his tea as he glanced her over with a new look in his eyes. It was similar to that look someone gets when they find another holds the same hobbies as themselves. Amused with a hint of curiosity. It wasn't often someone talked about Shiro without complete hatred or distrust in their voice. Her mentioning of the white haired boy was one of simple curiosity.
Rosa shrugged almost nonchalantly "As I said, I don't know him, I just know of him" she explained, she had only seen him in person once, in passing down the student halls "He is friends with a friend of mine, they're in the same club together, gymnastics ironically"

Rosa finished her tea, taking the moment of quiet to gaze out at the water. Italy had some stunning views, but here at the academy was somewhat lacking by Rosa's standards, this, however, was definitely a view she could settle for and made a mental note to return again when she had some free time, she then refocused on the conversation "His friend is Iris Harington, might of seen them around, colourful hair, kinda wacky, I know she likes to go out to clubs and stuff like that"
He smiled at her lazily as he leaned back in the chair becoming more relaxed as he listened to her speak. It was soft and gentle compared to Shiro's graveled voice. A nice change for once he decided as he sipped his drink a bit more before glancing at her, "He's not in gymnastics club really he just takes over their turf because they can't keep him from making it his play ground. I haven't seen him in some time though so haven't heard of this Iris person. I'll have to pay the runt a visit sometime soon."

Their meals were brought out short time later. Grimm merely picked up the bowl of pasta noodles and sauce along with a set of chopsticks and began eating. It was odd that he didn't thank anyone for the food before hand suggesting he didn't hold a belief in any gods.
Rosa glanced up as their food arrived, the familiar cheesy, peppery smell of the carbonara made her stomach rumble, she thanked the server with a rather bright smile. She noticed that Grimm had already started eating so she too got stuck into her meal, twirling the pasta around a fork. Taking her first mouthful of the delicious meal she made a hand gesture to show just exactly how tasty she found it. The fair-haired female had forgotten how much she missed home comforts.

It didn't take her long to finish her meal, once she finished, she dabbed a napkin neatly against her lips to make sure no sauce or food had been left astray. Rosa then sipped at her drink, leaning back in her seat glancing at Grimm "That was superb, I will have to come here for food again, you have good taste in Italian restaurants it seems" she explained with a small smile.​
Grimm smiled softly at her, "Well that will be easy for you as," He points to the left of the skyline, "The academy is right over there and from their front gate it is only a ten minute drive."

He continued to eat at a fair pace it was as if he didn't have time to merely enjoy the meal before him not that it was surprising really. His status alone left him always on his toes keeping an eye out for the next enemy that thought himself stronger than him, "Once finished here where do you want me to take you?"
Rosa smiled back before her gaze followed to the skyline, she spotted the academy and felt pleased that at least she wouldn't be needing to walk very far to the restaurant whenever she wanted to return. "How convenient" she spoke softly before her gaze went back to Grimm.

She thought about his question, she had no where better to be and was beginning to enjoy her company, even if she had been in an incident involving his club "Well, I didn't get to spend much time in your establishment, perhaps we might return there?"
He arched a brow at her question to return to the Hollow's Den. It was odd to say the least but he supposed he couldn't deny her the pleasure if she desired it, "If that's where you want to go then I'll take you back there," He states as he finishes his food, "I'm sure things have calmed down a little."

Glancing at his wrist watch he noted the time before pulling out his wallet and dropping 11,000 yen on the table and leaning back, "Let me know when you are ready."