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North American Alliance

Type of government: Democracy
Leader: President Matthew Rayner
Capital: Washington, D.C.
Countries: United States of America, Canada, Mexico
Population: 380 million
Military Manpower: 1.5 million active enlisted personnel, 500.000 reserves
Laws: 3 different branches of Federal Government; Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. Each branch counters and balances the other to ensure one branch does not achieve more power than the others. Each State and Province have their own smaller government that answers to the Federal Government.


The United States, even in the old world, fought through many wars, even with itself. Their military was strong and their economy was eventually dependant on the war-mongering that was constantly pushed by later Presidents. This was in stark contrast to the relatively peaceful Canada to their north. Regardless of the U.S.’ motives, they were widely seen as one of the strongest militaries in the world, often sent to other countries to fight for various reasons.

When the Catastrophe hit, the U.S. was among the few countries to lend their aid to others. However, due to the damages and troubles back home, this led to them quickly spreading themselves thin and steadily wearing down their treasury. Eventually, all American troops were recalled, and the economy spiraled into a 2nd Great Depression. It wouldn’t be until the mass discovery of re-emerging magic that the country would come back from the ashes.

Canada wasn’t as badly affected by the Catastrophe, but the population was hit hard by the harsher than usual winters that led to food shortages. However, Canadians are nothing if not hardy folks, and the country would eventually stabilize despite the dangerous conditions. The reintroduction of magic into the world would truly allow the Canadian people to be able to live somewhat normal lives again, thanks to the now easy access to heat.

Role during the Hundred Years’ War

During the early years of the War, Canada and the U.S. kept to themselves. The Cold War between Russia and the United States had kept the two on complete guard against one another, and the eruption of full-out war pushed North America into isolation.

It wouldn’t be until the Confederacy attempted an invasion on the shores of Alaska that the two nations would form the North American Alliance and launch a counterstrike against the Confederacy from the East, across the Pacific Ocean, and thus joining in the fight allied with Britannia and the European Union.

Inherited Magic
Flight: Even in the world of magic, the American Military’s ideology of air superiority remains the same. Control the skies, control the battlefield. This lead to vast research in how to achieve the desired edge in this new world of warfare. While many variations of Flight exists, the Alliance Mages are by far the most skilled in its application. In the world, no one can go as fast them.

Artillery Magic: A close-guarded military secret in the Alliance Army. In a sense, the Artillery Magic might even surpass the A-rank classification due to its wide-radius destruction capability. From extreme range, the mage with knowledge and skill to perform this spell can level a city from long range. The intensity of this ability can be limited by the user, but the preparation time is long and the mage channeling the spell is vulnerable in this state.

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