But We Were Happy
And the red light engulfed almost all of them.

That should have been the end of the story.

Without the paragons, there was no saving the lost worlds

No way to save the day.


But it wasn't.

A cry across the multiverse rang across and it reached people.

People in a space who had been erased and trapped in a void.

A way out... a chance to save the day....

But will this ragtag bunch be enough to beat a villain who can destroy anything?

....They have to be.

This is the sequel to The Only Hopes On Infinite Earths.

You can reprise your characters from the original game or play anyone you want. Arrowverse allowed this round.

1) All STC Rules apply
2)No god-modding or meta-gaming.
3) Oc's allowed for this game. You are allowed to play duos. It is recommended you play duos from the same canon, however, it is not a requirement and you may duo from two different canons.
4) 3 Images/Gifs per post
5) Be Nice to Everyone
6)Have fun

Character Sheet
Age (Approximately)
Extra Info: