Novels by old people.

Atlantin tutkija

Teller of truth
I was reading Missippi writing by Mark Twain the other day I enjoyed it a lot, to say the least. Then a dumb question popped into my head, what are some of the good older writers out there. So I began doing what I do best, I compiled a list. William Shakespeare will start the list, I know it sounds all to common but I believe his works were timeless along with his words. J.R.R Tolkien, I understand it is an obvious choice but a good one at that. The Lord of the Rings continues to remain one of the most epic tales in the history of writing. Finally, I set my sights on one of the oldest writers known to the world of literature and that was Sherman Melville himself, his Moby Dick was one of the most revered tales of swashbuckling adventuring at the time. Still today I hear my grandfather quote the books. These are some of the best authors out there so I encourage you to read their works and have a nice day.


Don't Overthink It
I too like to read books by 'old people'. Lol I love that. The writing styles are so different from today and I never fail to read passages that take my breath away with the alliteration or beauty of the descriptions. A few standouts for me to add to the great ones you've put here and this list could be endless.

Charlotte Brontë, all the Brontë's but I love Jane Eyre so much.
F Scott Fitzgerald
Edgar Allen Poe
Jane Austen
Isaac Asimov
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Charles Dickens

I'm gonna stop there. Soooo many great authors. sigh Reading and writing is such a joy.