Hey there!
So, I'm looking for some new roleplays, as you might've guessed.

I prefer longer replies, the preferred minimum length of a reply would be around 400 words - I can go just about as long as you'd like though. I appreciate good grammar and punctuation, but a mistake or two every now and then has never sent me running for the hills before. I also very much like for my partners to contribute something to the plot; even if we end up doing something that was originally my idea, it's not just my roleplay. I love plotting and OOC talk, coming up with ideas and developing the story together.

Anyway, that's some basic info about how I roleplay. Let's go on to the fun stuff then :p
Usually I very much prefer historical fantasy settings (and will also do them now, if it's something you really want to do), but lately I've been craving modern settings.

What do I want in a roleplay?
- Drama
- Heartbreak and angst
- But also fluff and cutesy stuff
- I must admit I'm a sucker for happy endings
- Fake relationships or arranged marriages

What pairings am I looking for?

- Bullied/Bully
- Werewolf/Newly-turned-werewolf
- Con artist/'Victim'
- Con artist/Con artist
- Mafia boss/Cop
- Spy/Spy
- Poor guy/Wealthy trust fund guy
- Wealthy or famous person/Escort
- Famous singer or actor/Fan
- Gang member/normal 9 to 5 office worker
- Werewolf/Vampire
- Shape-shifter/Shape-shifter
- Human trafficker/Victim

There's a lot of other pairings I want to do, but I can't remember all of them right now. Feel free to suggest whatever you'd like to do as well. I'm open to a lot of things and pairings. (Even though some of the pairings listed above are pretty dark, I'm not looking to write about dominantly abusive relationships! I want actual romantic feelings to develop.)

Some plot ideas:
(YC = your character, MC = my character)

- YC is a con artist. MC is a con artist. They're trying to con each other, without realizing they're both trying to con a con.

- Our characters can't stand each other, but they're sent on a Very Important undercover job and must now pretend to be married and try to keep things professional.

- YC is the leader of a pack of werewolves. MC, a human, is caught in the crossfire of a fight between them and a rivaling pack and no one knows who accidentally turned him, but now YC must take care of him.

- MC and YC both go to a prestigious college. MC has been teasing and bullying YC since high school for not being wealthy like most of the other kids, and now YC's had enough - he blackmails MC into pretending they're dating to get the benefits of the wealthy lifestyle MC lives on his dad's money.


- YC's been bullied by MC's friends since high school and MC pities him enough to tell his friends off. Suddenly our characters are pretending they're dating and it's awkward, because they can barely stand each other at first.

- YC is a human trafficker and MC is an aspiring actor. Things don't go too well for my character after a shady "audition", but YC certainly wasn't expecting to develop feelings for his merchandise either.

- YC is a famous person who's been dubbed the "Slutty Heartbreaker" by the media and could certainly use some good publicity. He decides to be risky and pay MC a good deal of money to pretend to be his partner for a time, for all the "realized he was gay/bi after he fell in love with a normal person" publicity.

- MC's parents tried to set him up in a modern day arranged marriage and MC made up a wild lie about being in love with someone. Now the parents want to meet this mystery boyfriend to make sure he's... suitable. YC happens to need a bit of extra cash in his life, MC needs a boyfriend. Now all they need to do is make sure MC's parents don't find out YC is not actually a Harvard graduate from a wealthy family with a promising career in law/finance/medicine/whatever.

- YC doesn't really like his wife, he only married her for publicity and because they look good together. MC ends up being the secret lover/sugar baby. Eventually it's not enough anymore, but how is he going to handle a jealous wife and convince YC to file for divorce?

Well, there's just some ideas. I'd be more than happy to hear yours as well, like I said before, I'm open to a lot of ideas. So don't be shy to pitch me your own plot ideas!

Hope to hear from you soon :)
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Lots of Bumps. Most people aren’t seeing much traffic. I am open to roleplay. And I will do my best to suit your needs!

I do ask you clarify 400 words I usually put it in Paragraphs.

Sorry but I hate to see you all alone!


Lots of Bumps. Most people aren’t seeing much traffic. I am open to roleplay. And I will do my best to suit your needs!

I do ask you clarify 400 words I usually put it in Paragraphs.

Sorry but I hate to see you all alone!
@ODSTDRAGON Thanks for the reply :) what would you be interested in roleplaying? It's a bit difficult to explain 400 words in paragraphs since everyone writes different sized paragraphs. But I'd say it's about 3-4 fairly lengthy paragraphs. If you're still interested, please send me a PM :)