Official I'm New and Still Need a Roleplay to Join Thread


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New and need a roleplay to join but prefer to be approached rather than approach others? Post here! Just include a bit about your writing style and what you're looking for in a roleplay.

GMs looking for players for their roleplays are encouraged to browse here to look for good matches.

Please be advised that posting here is no gaurantee a match will be found but our staff and GMs will certainly make all effort to hook new players up with roleplays.

Note: Please don't use this thread to advertise specific roleplay concepts. Make a separate thread for those.


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Hey everyone, I've looked through a lot of the Roleplays available and a lot of the interest checks and see that there's a bit of age in a few posts. I love to play a large variety of stories, but tend to focus on fantasy and science fiction; anyone that is looking for someone to fill in for a spot and post actively I'd love to join whomever reaches out first just to get reintroduced into role-playing and I'm down for whatever time commitment needed ^^ Look forward to seeing what is out there.


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Hi my main experience is in Homebrew sci-fi and fantasy settings. I am an adaptive roleplayed and love getting super into my character.i can play dice which I feel are fun for the randomness or standard, my roleplay style is more about story and character immersion than fighting and systems. I'm down to play just about anything if it sounds good. I'm okay with doing research on the settings you propose but I do have A family so it may take me A day or two to get A working understanding.


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I'm KeekeeI, at your service.

I have mostly done fantasy rps and rps set back in time but I am really flexible. I am willing to try something new and I can adjust my writing style to whatever the rp needs. And if I'm not familiar with something I'll look it up or ask. I won't let it stop me from not doing an rp.


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most of my rp experience is fantasy and sci-fi but i am always willing for something new! I consider myself semi-lit and I am good when it comes to communication to my partners. I have characters that I would love to play but it does depend on the rp, but I can always add to my roster lol



I'm Avens, 27 years old, very new here and looking for roleplays ~

My writing style:
Between the two men, Wyatt felt quite small and he certainly felt like the noobie of the group. In truth, he was. This would be his first time at sea, his first time away from his family, and even his first time away from this little port town. Before, he was taking care of his mother while his father drank until he couldn't even remember his own name. Now, he was going to take a chance to get up on his own two feet. Tomorrow morning, his father was going to wake up to an empty bed, and Wyatt would make sure he was well away with his sword and whatever belongings he could carry.

He held his cup up high as the two men cheered with him and then took a gulp. The ale tasted good. When he set the cup down with a soft "Ahh", he noticed that the captain had taken such a long gulp that Wyatt wondered if the other even had to breathe. Air was a thing you needed after all. He wasn't that sure of what to say or what to do right now. But hanging around with these guys at the moment couldn't hurt. He would be spending months with them on the same ship after all. Wyatt already felt like this was the right choice and the satisfied smile was already playing on his lips. He could barely wait to start this adventure, his blue eyes already shining with the longing.

What I'm looking for
  • I prefer to play Male x Male (But I can do M x F on occasion, just discuss it with me)
  • I play side characters, but I prefer to not be the only one playing these.
  • I don't mind if your English isn't perfect. Mine isn't either. Just have fun~
  • I prefer at least a few sentences of reply to work with, but shorter replies are just fine!
  • My favorite genre is fantasy.
  • Please communicate with me! I love to plot ahead.
  • Preferred writing style is the 3rd person.
  • I prefer one on one roleplays or group roleplays with 3 people. Sometimes, 4 people can work too but then the plot must really interest me.

What you get
  • Active roleplayer, I roleplay almost every day and will reply multiple times a week. I can also reply multiple times a day if I have a case of 'hyperfocus'
  • I'm at UTC +2 (Amsterdam), please keep this in mind.
  • I do not play underaged characters (only as side character / NPC).
  • Most of my characters are softies.
  • I'm open to ideas and idea changes! Just send me a PM.
  • I don't mind chatting either! Feel free to strike up a conversation

The roles in italic are my preferred ones.
  • Gang leader x Victim
  • Supernatural x Supernatural
  • Alpha x Omega
  • Best friend x Best friend
  • Prince x Prince
  • Werewolf x Mate (can be werewolf or human, what you prefer)
  • Currently, I'm open for anything ^^


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Howdy! I have experience in several genres of roleplaying though more-so in some rather than others. I've recently rededicated my interests in roleplaying (so I may be a bit rusty) and I enjoy both: 1x1 and group chating. I prefer dark and twisted roleplays and/or creatures/fantasy, but I'm adaptive and open to new ideas. I'm excited to collaborate with others and get back in the swing of storytelling and adventures.


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What's up? I can really do any sort of genre or type of RP, I'm up for it all and can adjust where necessary. I've done RP before on other sites, so I have some experience. Honestly, whatever you want to do, I can do it. My writing style can be described as intermediate. I normally write in third-person, but I can do first-person if that is desired or needed. Whatever weird or odd stuff you might want to do, I would be down for it. I've mainly done Science fiction, Fantasy, and Action/Adventure, but I could easily do any other sorts of genres!


Hello there. I'm Dante, i'm 20 years old, and i'm looking for an RP to join. Probably just one for now.

*I prefer 1x1 but am open to group RP.
*My preferred genre's are horror. sci-fi/cyberpunk, and urban fantasy/supernatural. I'm open to high fantasy/medieval but I have very little experience with it. I'm open to any genre that isn't slice of life- I need some dark undertones and beyond-human capabilities to keep me interested.
*Ask me about fandom RPs. I like Marvel, TWD, Dead by Daylight, Stranger Things, The Magnus Archives, Overwatch, and probably more.
*I prefer to include some element of romance in all my rps, but it does not need to be the central focus. I prefer MxM. Open to FxF. MxF is my least favorite, so talk to me about it first.
*I typically write 3 paragraphs or more, but above all I just want to have fun, i'm not that picky.
*I love to chat OOC, plotting ahead is pretty much required because i'm not always the best at thinking up something on the spot.[/QUOTE]

Here's a writing sample. It is a reply for a horror RP i'm currently doing. Warning for kidnapping & gore.

(context: Klaus kidnapped Travis to torture him in his red room. Travis mentions Klaus's dead sister, which sets him off.)

"You'll probably be fine." He shrugged that worry right the hell off, like it hadn't even occurred to him, even though it certainly had.

Stepping away from the man again, Klaus crouched in front of his setup and gave the camera two thumbs up. He clicked off the attachment to the tripod and pulled it over to Travis, nearly tripping over wires in the process. Pointing the camera into Travis's face with one hand, and the other outstretched to grab him by jaw. "Smile for the camera." He teased, then clicked it off. The screen on the computer went black, and he went and placed the camera back on the tripod.

"Come on," He said, reaching for the back of his head to the strap that held his mask in place. "Now it's just you and me. Anything you wanna say to me?"

Just because Travis isn't going to die now doesn't mean he isn't going to die later. Between now and then, Travis will never see the outside again. Never speak to anyone on the outside again. Never tell them who red room killer was. Klaus let his mask come off his face and slide out of his hands onto the floor. He unzipped his sweater, too. Despite the chill outside, all the excitement was making him sweat. He shot a glance at the window. Night had nearly fallen. Time always got away from him during these... sessions.

Klaus couldn't help the scoff that escaped him as Travis went on, explaining how Klaus was the one who's got a skewed view on things. Wasn't the first time he'd heard it. It's a roundabout way of telling him he was crazy, which he was used to hearing even if it did still irk him. When Travis mentioned his sister, a few things happened. First, when Klaus caught onto what he was saying his hand flew of its own accord and struck Travis across the face. That wasn't gonna do much. Hell- he'd already been stabbed, a slap was hardly going to break him. Intimidation wasn't the point. Klaus just so badly needed Travis to stop, stop talking you don't know anything.

The next thing he did was shove two fingers into the open stab wound.

"You didn't know her and you weren't there, so don't fucking talk about her like you were. She was the only good thing left on this repulsive excuse for a planet. She deserved to live!" He spat with fire in his eyes, fingers curling in the wound. "She was... She was..."

He yanked his hand away and looked down at it, seemingly mesmerized, still inches away from Travis's face. His expression was twisted. Pained.
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I'm technically not that "new" here, but I still don't have any roleplays going on so, why not?

Hello, you can call me anything you like! If you don't have anything to call me as, you can call me [REDACTED]. I'm in the GMT+8 timezone. That's all you need to know!

About my roleplay:
  • Writing length: One medium-length paragraph. I'll usually match up with yours, though!
  • Writing errors: Some repeating sentences and improper use of words, nothing extreme. English isn't my first language, but I'm sure I can communicate well enough.
  • RP type: 1x1 and groups too!
  • Character amount: I can roleplay both one and multiple characters.
  • Strengths: Slice of life, modern, and several pop culture subjects. I'm curious about many topics, so there's a large chance I'm interested in your idea. Also, if you dig small details, I can totally add that.
  • Weaknesses: Action scenes, playing as existing characters, historical, romance, and sci-fi. But, if you'd like to play any of these with me, go ahead! I'll do my research.
  • Limitations: Extreme gore (I can handle the usual tear and spill, but I draw the line when it becomes inhuman.), explicitly sexual content, and roleplaying real people (It's my biggest weakness, I'm sorry).
  • Fandoms: I know quite a bit anime and manga, go ahead and ask that if you'd like to know.
  • Other: My skills are a bit rusty. Also, if you have any ideas you'd like to implement into the roleplay, go ahead and talk to me about it! I don't have any writing samples right now but trust me, it's decent and readable.
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Hello. My name is Annie. You can call me Annie. :D
I am new, @Blitz brought me in very recently. I play female characters only. I suck at playing a gender I am not. LOL I consider myself pretty literate. I am a writer, outside of Role play, so correct spelling and punctuation matter to me, though everyone makes mistakes and typos do happen, even to me so I am pretty understanding about it. They especially happen to me when I am starting to get tired, or my fingers don't want to work in co-operation with my head. I like to do 1 on 1 role plays but I can and will do some group posts, as long as it's not over 10 max.

My writing style is pretty laid back, I try to do two or more paragraphs but some days it's hard to get even one paragraph down. One thing you will never see me do is one liners. I prefer third person style writing and I like to do role plays with supernatural beings, such as shifters, werewolves, vampires, that sort of things. I like Romance story lines with some drama thrown in..... some of my influences are particular novels of the supernatural romance genre (ask and I'll tell which ones), T.V. series: Buffy the vampire slayer, Angel, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Bitten, Hercules and Xena to name a few. Movie influences: The Labyrinth (with David Bowie), Twilight (yes, the shiny vampires, I just leave out the shiny part), Alice In Wonderland (Johnny Depp is HOT), Thor (All of the Chris Hemsworth ones).

I am more into realistic than anime so I prefer characters have a face claim/Play by which could be a real actor or actress or model. Some anime is okay but please show me the image you want to use for the anime and make sure I am okay with it. For my character's significant other/mate I prefer a Male/Female scenario. Not because I have anything against same sex relationships because I do not, I just do not play those scenarios well. I am not wired that way. I have lot's of Original Characters I haven't been able to use in years and I am dying to get them out there and see what kind of stories they can have. I am working on a character line up but not all the sheets or girls are listed yet. If you see one that interests you please PM me and I'll give you a run down on her.
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Heylo! I'm new and i need a roleplay to join o-o

  • My writing length: A few paragraphs...but if you want i can write longer!
  • I can do 1x1 rps but i love being in a group too!
  • Character amount: I can roleplay one and multiple characters.
  • Strengths: Slice of life, modern, romance, sci fi and fantasy. I'm curious about other topics, so there's a chance I'm interested in your ideas.
  • Weaknesses: Roleplaying real people, Still scenes (it can be calm but if there's absolutely nothing going on..i can't), and not being able to put my characters to use.
  • Limitations: Extreme gore, sexual content, and roleplaying real people (It's my biggest weakness, I'm sorry T^T).
  • Fandoms: I know some anime but i love undertale so...we can talk about dat ^^
  • Other: I'm probably gonna be a noob at this but it'll help me (and can..)
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Hey everyone! Agape here!
I am new-ish and still trying to get around the site but I have been roleplaying for 10+ years. I roleplay as both genders but I tend to lean more towards female or male depending on my mood. I think that I am very literate because I tend to write many paragraphs when I can and love writing details. I can't do script though. I never do one-liners if I can help it.

I like roleplaying with a group or 1v1. Either one is fine! I usually roleplay with many or one characters but I can do either or. I usually roleplay Romance, Slice-of-life, Fantasy (all types), or anything else other than Horror or Mystery, and depending on the Fandom, I can do that too. I also never roleplay canon characters because I just don't understand them other than maybe Draco Malfoy.


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Hi! I'm a brand-new member looking to rp with someone.
I have never done online rp so I'm a bit of a noob, my apologies! I prefer writing in a "script" format, such as "name: speech" and "name: action" if that makes sense. I'm better at open-world rps, where we take the world and characters and create a new story or side story rather than strictly following the canon. Character ships are important to me and I like them to be established before the story begins. LGBT and inter-racial relationships are fine, I'm not prejudiced at all.

I don't mind playing multiple characters and gender doesn't matter to me. I ALWAYS have at least one oc, often more!
Genre: I'm fairly flexible when it comes to genre, but I prefer fantasy/sci-fi and action.
Length: I can do line by line or multiple paragraphs at a time.
Group size doesn't matter to me. 1 x 1 is fine but I'd be ok with a larger group.

I'm in quite a few fandoms and I'd be happy to rp any of them, if anybody knows them that is!
  • Madoka Magica
  • Doki Doki Literature Club
  • Splatoon/Splatoon manga
  • Harry Potter
  • Undertale and Deltarune
  • Skylanders and Skylanders Academy
  • Soul Eater (I'm new to this fandom, only at episode 30 right now. No spoilers please?)


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Hi there, I'm new to the site but an experienced roleplayer.

I'm looking to join a fantasy roleplay, or to link up with a few people to build a new one from scratch based on a few worldbuilding ideas that I have but which could use refinement and addition from others.

I'm more interested in a collaborative storytelling emphasis than something stat and diceroll driven, but I'm open to that as well.

I have a certain character concept that I'm especially interested in playing if it's setting appropriate, but I'm open to building a character from scratch for a setting or plot that grabs my attention.

I'm an essential worker working long hours at the moment, so although I promise to be an active and frequent roleplayer, my posting schedule may be a bit broken up around real life right now so a medium-frequency game that I can post to around 3 days a week would suit me best.