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Official I'm New and Still Need a Roleplay to Join Thread


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@HisMarcMaterials I would recommend you check out a roleplay I'm starting up: https://www.storytellerscircle.com/threads/fantasy-magitech-tapestry-of-the-ages.8198/ It's a pretty flexible roleplay since I'm looking to build the world and plots around the characters themselves. Due to the nature of it, it's definitely very collaboratively driven and open to world building involvement. Only thing that's set at the moment is that we're aiming for a fantasy/magitech feel, with a stronger emphasis on the fantasy side of things.

And since it's starting out with the characters spread out through the world in divided plots that will join up later on, posting can be as slow or as fast as you need.


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I love this idea.

Would you mind if I pm you a character concept and perhaps you could let me know if it's setting appropriate/adaptable?

If it's not, then I'd love to participate with a purpose built character.


Yo! Noobly approved member here! I’m itching to jump into some good ole fashion plottage. I’m a big fan of the fantasy genre but my interests don’t lay solely with that specific one. I’m also a fan of the Potter-verse, horror/thriller, Naruto, Bleach, etc. etc. etc. It doesn’t take much to drag me in and lock down my attention! I’m a plot-whore, just gonna go ahead and toss that warning out there XD.
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I would love to join someone's RP. I like stuff that's real life, drama, slice of life, romance (as long the latter is not the main genre). But has more depth to characters and plot. I don't really know because i'm new and experimenting. I don't like action and I can't keep up with all the rules of a fantasy. Someone to stretch my writing skills with. If you have a similar time zone to somebody who lives in the UK that's a bonus! To give you an idea of my interests...some of my favourite tv shows are Gilmore girls, gossip girl, 13 reasons why (although this is too heart wrenching) and friends (I don't want an actual roleplay with any of these shows). I love the cosy small town charm of Gilmore girls, the focus on friendships like friends (maybe because my friends are never around pff) and the depth to characters and drama of gossip girls.


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Heyo, Defect here, brand new to the site! I have 6 years worth of roleplay experience and I'm open to all genres! I usually use demonic and mythical characters, so if you're looking to RP a concept with themes like that in mind, feel free to hit me up!

As for Romance, I'm fine with MxM and MxF, but I'm uncomfortable writing as a female, so FxF will be off the table! I'm also open to Fandom RPs, but I'd need to have a grasp on that Universe before I RP in it!

I'm open almost all the time, so don't be scared to slide over and start a chat! <3

Emily Royal

I'm more comfortable with genre/fandom based roleplays that have a loose plotline and developed more that characters interact with each other. With that said, I'm not very picky and am willing to try new forms/types of rp!

Supernatural Themes
Pre/Post Apocalyptic
Modern i.e. police force, detective, spy, government agent

Marvel (cinematic & comics)
Teen Wolf
The Vampire Diaries
Spy (Jason Bourne, Covert Affairs etc)
Star Trek, Stargate, Star Wars, Doctor Who
Pirates of the Caribbean

As for lengths, it can vary. Everything from a few sentences to several paragraphs. If I feel inspired, I tend to write a lot!


Hello!! I'm new here but I'm overall a fairly experienced roleplayer and writer! I'm 22 and have been actively roleplaying since I was about 14 or 15. I've loved to write and create characters and stories even longer! I like lots of genres ranging from horror, supernatural, and other dark subjects/genres to fluff and slice of life. I definitely excel at and enjoy darker themes best, drama and romance are a fair second place though haha. I'm down to explore any kinds of dynamics & story lines and I'm open to both group and 1x1 plots (but I'm definitely more used to 1x1). I write in third person with the length ranging from para to multi para. I'm down for both OC and fandom rps. I can be a bit slow to get to replies at times due to my mental health, but overall I'm a really enthusiastic writer and partner who loves befriending my writing partners and gushing over/developing our plots with love!


By hook or by crook
Hi All!

Are there any Wild West group RPs going on that could use another player? I've got a few wild west characters including a cowboy turned bounty hunter who is the good sort always willing to lend a helping hand; a small band of outlaws made up mostly of ex-confederate irregulars and a yankee girl from Pennsylvania; and a '49er prospector who managed to hit it rich only to go broke again in the never-ending quest for more gold.

But I like the genre well enough to whip up a new character if one of my pre-existing ones don't quite fit. :)
Not exactly new, but I've been away for 3 years and I'm ready to jump back in to the community. Some of my likes are:
-Fantasy (high and low)
-Medieval fantasy
-Dragon Riders
-Magical University

I enjoy semi-literate to literate roleplays, but I do not judge literacy by the length of your post. Give me an intelligible, content-filled and interactive post of any length and I'm a happy camper. My posts average anywhere from 3-12 paragraphs, depending on how much engagement I am getting from my partner(s).

So hit me up; I promise I don't bite!


Hello! I am still in need of a Roleplay. I will basically do any genr as long as I can play an animal/humanoid/anything other then human. That being said, I am still open for occasional human roleplays, I just mainly play creatures because I feel like I’m better at them.

In the end, I‘m willing to try any type of Roleplay!

(P.S) These are the fandoms I can roleplaying because I understand the world;
*Xanje (a virtual pet game. I’ve tried to Roleplay there but there arn’t many there now a days)
*Wings of Fire (Book series)
*Warriors Aka Warrior Cats (have only read the first and second series of it, so bare with me)
*She-ra (Just recently got into this fandom because my friend loves it and invited me over to watch it. I don’t want to Roleplay as this quite as much as the others)
*Terreria (Not sure how we would make this work, but I could try)


The Red One
Hello! I'm Redfork2000. I joined the site today, but I'm familiar with roleplaying and writing in general, I've done it for several years.

I'm best suited to playing modern/realistic roleplays, though anything that has to do with superpowers would be a great idea as well. If you have any crazy or wacky ideas, feel free to tell me about them as well.

You can evaluate my grammar from this post. In roleplays I tend to fare best in roleplays where the post length is 2-4 paragraphs, though I can write more or less than that to fit your needs.

In terms of themes, I love roleplays that focus on romance, or at least have it as a subplot. However, I can also roleplay without romance with a more adventure or comedy style RP. That works as well. When it comes to romance, I will only play MxF.

I don't like horror, angst, overly dark roleplays in general. I prefer lighthearted roleplays overall. While drama and tragedy is ok, I don't like it if the roleplay is mostly angst and dark themes.

I am open to doubling, tripling, and roleplaying pretty much any number of characters you need. I love making characters!


Im Sneak, and Im a 20 year old Female.

I love fantasy and medieval stories. I write a lot and would love to join either a big group or a one on one to start
I havent really done real role play before!

I am a college student so my hours are all over the place but I can always make time.


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I'm not really new but returning......so I guess that counts doesn't it?

A little bit about me and what I'm looking for -- I'm a would-be writer and have been since as long as I was able to write really. I'm very much into the collaborative storytelling elements of roleplaying. I guess I should emphasise that although I do write (and enjoy) the occasional romantic subplot in my writing, it is just that -- a subplot to be tied into the overarching plot. I guess what I'm trying to say here is that I won't do romance for the sake of romance, it needs to make sense in terms of the character and thematically for the story.

What I am looking for is an epic fantasy or sci-fi based roleplay. I love the following in no particular order:-

1) High Fantasy Roleplay
2) Dark Fantasy Roleplay
3) Post Apocalyptic Roleplay
4) Sci-Fi (particularly Space Opera) Roleplay

I'm equally open to group or 1x1 rp's as long as the plot is well-written and there is sufficient room for deep and interesting characters with the emphasis on character development I'm all ears really, feel free to shoot me a message.

In terms of what you can expect from me, as you might be able to gather from the above, expect fairly wordy and detailed role-plays.

The below is an example of my writing style, the context to this piece was that I was playing an outcast wanderer who had been exiled from his family due to a prophecy that foretold that he would bring about the doom of his people. His twin sister was tasked with hunting him down and killing him to prevent this from coming to pass. After eight years of running from her, my character, Mahdi, realising that he had nowhere left to run to has decided to confront his sister.

Mahdi looked pained at his sister’s words. He looked down to the sand that blew in the wind. The particles of golden sand blew past him. The sun was fully set, and the moon had risen in the sky, bathing the world below in a silver glow. After a number of seconds, he looked up with a small smile as he regarded his sister.

“Dearest sister, mine is not a fate determined by my actions. Mine is but an accident of birth. Fate tells me that because I was born with the sight too, that I am destined to bring great suffering to the Vistani. Tell me, do you truly believe that Dalila. You have been my closest companion in childhood and my dearest friend until the fates deemed that I was to be different from everyone else.”

An expression crossed Mahdi’s face. It was one that, unless one had experienced it first-hand, contained such a depth of sorrow and pain it was hard to comprehend. Mahdi had the look of a man who had lost everything and had his world stripped from him. Such as he had. An accident of birth, not by design. A fate he had no control of. Something that had driven him away from everything that he once knew.

He looked up, and his heart reached out with the sorrow-filled expression on his face. Mahdi’s eyes told the whole story. Because the truth was, when you had already lost everything you cared for then what was there left?

“I am Dukkar.” His voice trembled at that word. “It is forbidden. I am reviled amongst my kin because you all believe that I will bring you harm. I am perhaps the only Dukkar living.”

He trembled slightly before he composed himself, and his deep blue eyes looked directly to his sister, gaining a clarity and a sense of strength in himself that was lacking previously.

“I don’t accept what fate tells me will happen. I reject my fate, and I want to prove to you that it can be done.”

He took a closer step towards the wagon, looking inside to Dalila.

“Sister…..do you still believe I can do such harm as what…..the others say?”

He had been about to say “my people” before he realised that wasn’t true anymore. He was an outcast now. He had no people, and no home to turn to. He smiled as he reached inside and touched her arm gently.

“I have nothing left. I don’t believe my being here and you here is a coincidence. This was a story that is to play out to its conclusion. If you still believe that I have it inside of me to cause great suffering, and that story is to end in you killing me, then I accept it.”

He looked directly into her eyes.

“I have nowhere left to turn to. I have no one to go to. They say home is where the heart is. I have no home if it is not with you my Sister..... and I would like to come home now. If that means I die, then so be it. I die by the side of the person I care about most in the world, and I would not have it any other way.”

He looked behind him at the stretch of desert that disappeared into the distance as far as the eye could see. He then looked back, still smiling sadly.

“I will not survive the night in this land out here. Either way, my life is forfeit.”

"You are... brother... and sister. Do you... not... love each other? To seek a sibling's death..." Another spoke, closing his eyes while whispering, "Please... do not even consider such a thing."

Mahdi looked over to the pained looking young man who spoke. He wondered at the words, and the inflection of the tone. The way he closed his eyes......as if he was remembering something himself. At the words, the look of pain in Mahdi's eyes intensified as they shimmered with the moonlight reflecting off his blue eyes. As he spoke, his words were halting, and his voice broke.

"I do love her. With all of my heart and soul." The emotion was reflected on his face, his heart bore for all to see. "Sometimes.....it isn't enough to love, is it....Sister?"

The next words he spoke had the depth of feeling that he contained inside of himself.

“I miss you Dalila.”

He stepped forwards and knelt down in the sand. He looked down to the sand, baring his neck. "I will always love you my sister, but you must do what you have to do. I will not stop you."
Hey there! I’m somewhat new and I’m looking for a roleplay to join. I’m usually in the crime/law enforcement/superhero universe, but at this point I’m getting desperate and I’m seriously wanting to get back into the groove that I’ll roleplay anything at this point.
I’m no so good at anything fantasy, but can’t grow if you don’t try something out of your comfort sone, right?
I’ve been writing for 13 years and can write any length.
Hit me up!


Hello! I joined a couple of weeks ago and I'm still looking for a story to join. I'm flexible/don't care about post length (I can write a lot or a little) and I don't care what your grammatical abilities are like. What matters is that the story is compelling. I sometimes disappear for days at a time because of work, but I always return!

Here's a list of genres that I like. I have no concrete story ideas at present:

  • fantasy -- historical, modern, high/low -- I am strongest in this genre
  • history - I'm most well-educated in the pre-history and antiquity eras of the world, Middle Ages/Renaissance of Europe, and Age of Enlightenment and Exploration. I am always happy to look up and research things for stories I may be writing.
  • I'd be very happy to write in the world of Harry Potter, but I have no interest in playing with or interacting with canon characters
  • post-apocalyptic - I'm not a huge fan of sci-fi, but I like Western-influenced settings here. I might be convinced to write a good sci fi plot

I'm pretty much open to ideas, but these ideas are particularly interesting.


Hi there! I've been on this site for a few weeks but I haven't really been able to role-play yet. My interests are mainly:
  • fantasy, it doesn't really matter what type.
  • post-apocalypse. I like creative takes on this genre, but 'noncreative'? takes on it are alright too.
  • I'm not a part of many fandoms, though I'm alright with roleplaying in some fandom worlds, though I am not interesting in roleplaying with canon characters. at all.

Adore Angel

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Hi! I'm new here and am really excited to start rping with people! I have a lot of free time on my hands right now, so I don't really have a story limit. I can RP with as many people as I can right now :) I like to consider myself an experienced RPer... Been doing this for over ten years now... Yeah, I just aged myself there. Dangit I'm not that old >.< Anyways, I'm looking to do a lot of 1x1 rps right now to build relationships and friendships with people on this site, but I am also down to do group rps. I'm not the biggest fan of randomly jumping into group rps when the rp is in the middle of the story though so if it is a group rp, I'd prefer it to be a little newer like not as many posts so I can catch up easily, or a brand new group rp.

I RP Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Romance mostly. Right now my most developed characters are Adore and Seanne. They've been with me the longest and have more stories than all of my other characters combined. But my other characters, since they are new, are characters that I'm looking forward to write stories with so I can develop their character and backstories a little more. Here's the link to all of my characters: https://www.storytellerscircle.com/threads/all-of-adore-angels-characters.9277/

Right now my muse is leaning towards wanting to write with supernatural beings, Vampires, Angels, Demons, etc... I'm also a fan of roleplaying in all kinds of fandoms too if anyone is interested in a fandom story of any kind. But with Fandoms I try to do crossovers and I'll bring in usually either Adore or Seanne. I don't feel like my other characters are developed enough to hold their own in a fandom crossover story yet.

I look forward to writing with all of you!