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Official I'm New and Still Need a Roleplay to Join Thread


Deific Reality
Rune Wars GM
I'm new here and I'm not sure what's available to join. I'm primarily interested in fantasy RPs. I posted a Fantasy RP to join as well in the OOC forum.

Here's something I recently wrote for a forum RP.

A woman clad in dark blue robes, that were nearly black, gazed down from a mountain peak. Many lush green valleys could be seen, from this vantage point the world seemed to be incredibly small, only large buildings in the cities could be made out, otherwise they were a wash of dulls grays and browns. However, to this woman she could see much better than that because she was basically a cheater. She was barely not a teen but if any could see her true age and appearance she would certainly be mistaken for one. Perhaps only Yma knew what she really looked like, that and those from her village. There were of course two others she trusted but one had passed away. Well trusted with who she really was. Her village wouldn't know who she was, not anymore.

The woman looked to her right where a small patch of wild flower denied the unlikely hood of survival in such a high elevation where the air and oxygen was thin. Even the nutrition in the ground would not be great and yet it was wild flowers a shade of crimson that bloomed here and not weeds. Naturally these flowers were known as Crimson Tears and only bloomed in desolated areas, but here the beauty was truly astounding with the backdrop view. Probably no one else even knew to come here to enjoy their beauty, but most sought them because of their material value and not their rare beauty. But it wasn't a flower you could inhale the fragrance of, especially up here, but it had a unique aroma which proved quite deadly for most. Up here though it wasn't concentrated enough to harm anyone.

For now the woman was sporting a bright cherry orange curly hair down to her shoulders with light green eyes that sparked and a face with freckles. Her build was average for an elven teen, and for now she made her attractiveness normal. After all she could cheat if she wanted to, but in most cases such social cravings had no appeal to her. No one knew here real name, not anymore, or at least couldn't identify her with it. She never really wore her own skin, always the skin of others. Now she was known as Twilight, but she rarely used the name because far too many knew it. But this was a land that would know it for it was entirely another world. This was of great interest to her. Twilight had been to many planes and studied them extensively but never a world similar to her own. Sam had told her once that going to places like these were impossible and even the evident planes they could travel to were not he true ones. The ancients of her world, the true inhabitants as Sam told it made it impossible to actually go somewhere else. However, Sam had taught her how to go around those locks. Once again Twilight was grateful to her master.

In the distance the elven teen spied a building it was in the mountains, she decided to drop by. Twilight took a step and her surroundings shifted to have building in front of her, the same building she had just seen. She heard a bustle inside and realized this was basically a Tavern of sorts, especially since her hearing was cheating too and she heard all the conversations within with complete clarity. She understood their language as well. Twilight briefly wondered if this perhaps was the world her people were stolen from and put in the world they all believed was their world now by the Ancients simply for their amusement? For now it didn't matter.

Twilight walked in and over to an empty table and sat. Then she spoke in a backwater wood elf dialect fluently strictly on purpose.

"Fruits, nuts, Ale." Of course it was broken because it was in the common tongue but the accent was quite thick so it sounded like grinding bark despite being obviously a female's voice.
Hey y'all! I love writing and role-playing. It's chaotic at home right now, so replies might be slow. Depending on my mood, I might write anywhere from one-liners to paragraphs upon paragraphs. I'm obsessed with Star Wars, but I'm open to other things as well


What am I in the mood for… I like soft scifi and science fantasy which has an emphasis on crazy weapons (Starfinder RPG, RWBY, Soul Calibur, Ratchet and Clank, etc.). More than guns and swords. I like roleplaying cinematic action scenes, even if my character commonly fails or underperforms due to their stats. I’m mildly interested in a Dragonball game, with or without crossover elements.

I’m interested in the post-apocalypse Science Fantasy setting (and rule set) Icosa https://icosarpg.carrd.co/ , so reach out to me if you’d be interested in a forum game. I’m somewhat interested in a Pokémon forum game, but I’d be picky and I’d desire to toleplay the actual “training a wild animal that is mildly attached to you” aspect, to make combat all the more rewarding. I’d also be interested in any RP game focused around summoning creatures, so feel free to reach out.

I like DnD 5e’s ruleset, but I’d need a non-medieval fantasy setting to join another game/RP thread. I’d also strongly desire homebrew classes, though I’d be able to bring up a ton if the GM is picky about what’s allowed.

Check out the CYOA in here ( ) and let me know if you’d be interested in RPing any Scenarios at the end of the document/imgur. I’d prefer to use dice rolls somehow in it though.

Finally I have this 01% thought-through idea about an AI spaceship game/thread? You know Toy Story and the movie 9, about toys doing stuff without their humans around? Like that, but with multiple ships going around the galaxy. Possibly finding alien civilizations, possibly finding a different society of humans and figuring out how you want to reach out to them, whether you want to support a race of AI to give you even better company… Possibly drawing some inspiration from those Ship Girl and Tank Girl franchises that seem so popular by giving each ship one avatar, like Edi from mass effect.
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