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Side Story On a Cold Neverwinter Day IC

Discussion in 'Convergence In-Character Forums' started by Minerva, Jan 26, 2019.

  1. Minerva

    Minerva Christian Optimistic Nihilist


    "HOLD STEADY, MEN! WE CAN'T LET THEM INTO THE ENCLAVE!" A female voice shouted. There was slashing of swords, clashing of armor, and shouts of combat. blood stained the wood and stones in front of the city, Castle Neverwinter towering above them, clouded in shadow.

    "Don't let Valindra take the gate!" A male voice shouted before it was cut off by a gagging sound.

    "General Sabine, we can't hold out here much longer." another soldier shouted. "We need to fall back! We overreached!"

    The woman would turn her head around to see that the line had broken. She nodded and slashed her sword.

    "FALL BACK! HOLD DRAGON BRIDGE!" The woman shouted to the soldiers. There was another clatter of weapons, and the shout of "FOR NEVERWINTER!" as they turned to retreat.


    From nearby, a figure would watch as the soldiers ran back to their defensible point. To their safe have that she was attempting to siege.

    The Multiverse screamed. It was in pain, it was dying. Its heroes were being actively killed, its villains rising up. They were causing issues, thus it decided to go further. Pull from the bottom of itself and reach into the greater multiverse in an attempt to save itself.

    Wherever you were in your world, whatever you were doing, if you closed your eyes for the briefest moment, you would feel a cold wind blow. You heard a great flap of wings above your head, felt the sensation of being carried. It was brief, but you felt it.

    When you opened your eyes, you were in a city, but not one you recognized. Buildings looped above you and surrounded you. Unfamiliar sights and sounds pervaded your senses, and people mislled about normally despite the strangeness of it.


    If you would close your eyes again, you would get the same sensation, only to open them in a completely separate city. This one seemed much more normal, the sky above you was blue with slight clouds, and


    You appeared to be in some sort of city market. Merchants around you hawked goods, bards played songs on instruments, and children played. Everything seemed calm and peaceful. A woman stood in the shade, looking around. On her chest was a pin with a harp.


    Several carts with wounded soldiers would drive through the city blocks towards the market, on the back of one would be a large dragon skull with a brunette woman riding in front of it. "Hail General Sabine! Hero of Neverwinter!" The man at the front would say. "Once again she fended off the hordes of the lich Valindra!" A cheering crowd gathered around, curious to see what was going on.

    Meanwhile, several women in dresses and masks would walk around amongst the crowd. They all had different appearances, with several dwarves, elves, and tieflings standing in between the humans. They held several fliers in their hands. "Please come to The Moonstone Mask." they said, handing them out to various crowd members.

    Where would you go?

    @Alex Azure as Alucard (Castlevania)

    Yours Truly as Aqua (Konosuba)

    @Takumi as Arslan (Arslan Senki/Heroic Legend of Arslan)

    @Crow as Clarisse (Granblue Fantasy)

    @dark as Dante Aligheri (Dante's Inferno)

    @York as Elizia (Runescape)

    @Lucky as Fjord (Critical Role)

    @Hahli Nuva as Lucina (Fire Emblem)

    @Ver as Kazuma Satou (Konosuba)

    @Kaykay as Megumin (Konosuba)

    @Gummi Bunnies as Merlin (Fate Series)

    @Bark as Nino (Fire Emblem)

    @Archmage Jeremiah as Poppy (League of Legends)

    @CrunchyCHEEZIT as Richter Belmont (Castlevania)

    @Ottonomous Ghost as Ryze (League of Legends)

    @Yun Lee as Taric (League of Legends)

    @Jeremi as Scorpia (She-Ra)​
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2019
  2. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    "Wa- wa- woah? Where am I? Gran? Djeeta? Master? Where are you?"

    Clarisse was most worried about her current situation. Was this even Phantagrande?

    Not that she would know. Even after going under the tutilage of the greatest genius, she was still the biggest idiot to roam the blue.

    That wasn't entirely bad, but in this case, it was. It was the worst of scenarios. And to add fire to flame, it wasn't a scenario she could just perform her usual strategy upon.

    She looked at a flier being passed out, and looked at the cheers for a hero 'Sabine' who took out a 'Lich'. From her understanding, the Lich was a Primal Beast, which would mean that Sabine was a killer of Primals, which shouldn't be an easy feat for such.

    She looks around - noticing that the races here were different from the races back in Phantagrande. Truly an alien place.


    @Ver @Kaykay
  3. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    "Catra it's her birthday! We got to sur- hello?" Scorpia had closed her eyes for one moment of excitement when she found herself transported. The wind in her face felt nice though. Opening her eyes again she found herself in a bustling market.

    She scratched her head in confusion. This was kind of weird wasn't it? "Catra? Is this a prank? Because if it is hahaha, you sure got me!" No response from the crowd. "I guess not." The Fright Zone this wasn't that was for damn sure. It was pretty though, Scorpia didn't know the last time she'd seen this many people.

    One of the masked women handing out fliers walked by the force captain who took one into her claw. "Hey, thanks!" What a friendly bunch these people seemed to be! The Moonstone Mask huh? Guess she could check that out, they were handing out fliers after all.

    @Minerva @Anyone
  4. Hahli Nuva

    Hahli Nuva "My resolve will never falter!"

    When Lucina opened her eyes, all she could remember was the coming battles and mentally preparing herelf. The Future Witness was all too familiar with the sight of destruction and death, so finding herself in a nice, bustling city with merchants and whatnot was a little more than just jarring.


    Lucina dusted herself off, checking to make sure she was still intact. Everything seemed to be in order. Paralell Falchion hung from her waist, and her black mask was nestled in her belt. Elixers and gold were still here... everything wasin order. So the real question was, who brought her here?

    And why?

    She decided to take in the fresh air and watch some people shop until she noticed a woman with armor and a harp pin attatched to it. This reminded her of home, before Grima attacked, before everything fell to ruin. If she could get some information, then maybe Lucina could make some sense of this strange new world. The azure warrior approached the knight, choosing diplomacy as expected of a royal.

    "Excuse me? Could you please tell me where I am and how I was brought here? My name is Lucina, Princess of Ylisse and Heir to The Exalt. It is nice to meet you."

    @Minerva @Takumi @Lucky @York @Crow @dark @Alex Azure @Ver @Kaykay @Gummi Bunnies @Bark @Archmage Jeremiah @CrunchyCHEEZIT @Ottonomous Ghost @Yun Lee @Jeremi
  5. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM


    "Under a New Star"

    What a beautiful place this was. It was definitely a refreshing thing, to be in a new place. And even after becoming an Aspect, Taric still felt a rush of excitement at finding himself somewhere he'd yet to explore. And here in this beautiful city, full of life and joy and diverse, happy people...there was more than enough to enjoy.

    If only he could actually enjoy it.

    The second he opened his eyes, Taric knew something was wrong. There was a gnawing at his core that prevented any enjoymemt of this new place. He had been unable to put his finger on it at first; the bustling city was not uncommon to him. The architecture was unusual, but that was only a minor thing. Some of these people looked unique, even by Runeterra's standards...but that was minor too, compared to this nagging feeling. What was it, then, that was so troubling about this place? How could such a lovely city cause him so much alarm? As it turned out, all he had to do was look up.

    Ah. That was it. He was no longer in Valoran.

    Taric knew every star in the sky. Targon was his home, Valoran was his ward, but the stars? They were connected to him in a way that the land wasn't. This Sun...it was not his Sun. This sky was not his sky. This world was not his own.

    So what did this mean, then? Had he been brought to a new continent on Runeterra, one hidden off from all else? He wasn't sure. This sky felt so unfamiliar...where was he, then? He needed answers, ones that he would need to find through his old methods. And would you look at that? There it was, being handed to him of a shimmering platter. Or, in this case, a flyer.

    "Why, thank you." Giving a masked woman near him a dazzling smile, Taric took a flyer for The Moonstone Mask, taking the opportunity to look for the place. Hopefully he would find answers here...

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  6. Takumi

    Takumi Member of the Yato Club

    Arslan Prologue: The Lost Prince

    With their initial group of four now becoming six with the addition of musician Gieve and preistess Farangis, Arslan felt just the tiniest step closer to reclaiming the Kingdom of Pars. Though...he had been worried-he wanted to be a good ruler, but he wasn't sure of himself just yet. His journey was just beginning however, and he had quite the ways to go before ever succeeding the throne. Closing his eyes, for the briefest moments with a sigh, he suddenly felt wind and...wings?

    Were there any falcons in the area? Opening his eyes, hoping to catch sight of the bird he assumed had been flying overhead and taking it as a sign of a good omen, but that wasn't the case. The blue eyed prince's eyes widened in worry as he looked around.

    "Daryun? Narsus?" He called, but there was no sight of his retainer, the future court painter or any of his other companions for that matter. This wasn't in Pars, and he couldn't have ended up in another kingdom so suddenly, so how?

    Noticing the injured soldiers and odd races in the vicinity put the teen on edge and made him much more confused.

    "Excuse me?" Arslan called, making his way through the crowd to try and get whoever these people were gathered around attention.

    "Do you happen to know where I am?" He asked, hoping that this General Sadine would be kind enough to inform him of whatever she knew, it seemed he wasn't the only one with something similar in mind either at least.

    @Minerva @Hahli Nuva
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2019
  7. Crunch

    Crunch Giga God Crunchmeister

    ~ Richter Belmont Prologue ~

    What a Horrible Neverwinter Night

    Richter Belmont was a firm believer in perseverance; that no matter the adversity and pain that lies ahead, the morning sun would always have the power to conquer the horrors of the night.

    It was an optimistic and, perhaps, foolhardy ideology to have in his circumstance. After all, no other mortal man could imagine the weight that falls upon the shoulders of one cursed with that baleful blood of the night. Never would he see a peaceful day in his life, they said, even if the battle has ended and the monsters have retreated to the hellish pits they crawled out of. The monsters would always walk the Earth again, long after the hunter has returned to the soil and passed on the burden of the hunt to his kin.

    If he or that kin would ever stop, drop the whip and say 'No, I can't. I won't'?

    Then the world would've fallen to the will of Dracula, and when the souls of men have been churned and drank from the surface Earth like mere wine, it would be all his fault. That, in such simple terms, is the circumstance of Richter Belmont. That is the curse of the Belmont clan.

    ... And yet Richter still breaks those rules at every opportunity he can. His life hadn't gone the way of violence and vampire hunting for several years now, ever since he put down Dracula and clawed himself free of the curse. His most recent memories weren't of grim training and preparation for the next night - they were of warmth. Happiness. Peace.

    There was no whip in his hand, only the hand of his beloved. There was no smell of death, just the scent of a warm meal on the wind. No shrieking bats were echoing in the night, for there was only the sound of laughter and life from outside the window. The feeling to be truly free from the shackles of a curse; the mere knowledge that everything would be okay, that he and Annette would be okay.

    It was divine. It was great. It was... human.

    While it lasted, of course.

    What a horrible, horrible night it would be to have a curse.


    When the sounds and visions finally subsided, Richter felt his body be laid upon raw wood by some unseen force, leaving a numbing sensation across the surface of his skin like he was dipped in a vat of ice. The man's eyes fluttered in some drunken state for a few moments before shooting open to the sight of a bright, blue sky hanging above him.

    "W-what...?" Richter muttered as he turned his head to the side and registered the sights and sounds around himself - people talking, the wind softly blowing, lively music echoing from buildings and alleyways. He planted his hand against the bench and forced himself upright, rubbing his forehead. He felt obstructed by something like his body had been wrapped in a cocoon. The Belmont drifted his eyes down to his clothing.

    "My... old hunting gear? What is the meaning of this?" Richter sputtered as he shot up from the bench and examined himself from head to toe - he was fully adorned in his old hunting attire, complete with a menagerie of knives, axes, and bottles of holy water slung about his person.

    "Either someone is playing a trick on my mind, or I've tripped and fallen into a storybook," he muttered to himself with a furrowed brow, scanning the area he was in, before beginning to step forward. "I need to get to the bottom of thi--"

    Something caught itself on the hunter's leg as he stepped forward, accompanied with the sound of chains jingling against cobblestone. Richter glanced down and widened his eyes at the sight; an iron chain whip, crafted into the shape of a cross, sat coiled beneath the bench. The hunter kneeled and placed his hand upon the weapon's handle, feeling a warmth resonate from within its metal.

    "... This isn't good."

    Richter shaked his head and yanked the whip up from the ground, expertly clipping it upon his belt with a quick motion before turning and walking off towards the gathering crowd with clenched fists.

    @Minerva @Takumi @Hahli Nuva @crowd gang​
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  8. Gummi Bunnies

    Gummi Bunnies The Magus of Flowers The Convergence Series GM

    -Merlin Prologue-
    "Another Grand Tale Weaved Away From Human History"


    An eternal garden endlessly flourishes around a lone tower. A lone tower deliberately isolated from the natural flow of time. This natural flow of time shamelessly witnessed by a single mage who possessed the blessing of clairvoyance. This mage carelessly played with the fate of a single girl and the fall of a kingdom.

    This tower was this mage's punishment. A fitting curse for the mage who thought that it was his role to only watch human history progress. In a way, human history was doomed to always repeat itself in a cycle of self-destruction. Many civilizations in the past came apart due to their own folly. The same occurred similarly to civilizations in the distant future. It made the mage wonder if he hadn't told the girl to pull the sword out of the stone and become a king. If she still done that from her own ambition? But that was too far in the past, and he couldn't go about to see such a thing again.

    Or so he thought.

    Gah! The mage gasped out in brief pain, holding up his right hand to the side of his head. This lured the attention of the small beast that shared the same space as the mage of flowers, the creature tilting his head in surprise that the other was actually in pain. Then, the pain subsided.

    ❝ Ah... how strange... I must've laid my eyes in the wrong place in time... ❞ The mage mumbled mostly to convey to the beast on what happened. With clairvoyance, he was to seek out what was incoming for the gradual proceedings of human history. Instead, he was abruptly halted by a force that purposefully blocked off those gifted eyes, leaving that to be a missing portion of events never to be seen by the mage. He figured it was only a shame that he would never get to witness such things in that blocked off space, so he figuratively flipped ahead to see what lies beyond that locked book.

    Unfortunately, the mage would never get to do that, not yet.

    His eyes merely blinked for a moment, and the mage found himself not in that distant tower anymore. Strange. He attempted to use his clairvoyance to see what would be a clear-cut solution to this sudden predicament. The eyes that saw all was gone. Awfully strange. This must be a work of True Magic. Substantially freeing a trapped mage from a tower that didn't exist in the time axis was not something anyone could do with ease. Furthermore, blocking off an ability that the gods have given him, there couldn't be any other explanation... right?

    Wherever this person responsible was, the mage only wished to view this as an opportunity. It wasn't like he's had a chance to wander away from that distant tower on his own. The mage threw on his hood, more so to hide a few inhuman traits of himself.

    Taking his first step towards the gathering crowd, the mage stopped for a second to look upon his feet. Flowers rapidly blooming and dissipating at an alarming rate wherever he planted his feet to the ground, regardless if he stood in places where flowers weren't meant to grow on. He supposed it was a sign that he was vaguely connected to the Garden of Avalon, but not imprisoned in such a place for now.

    Paying no further mind to that strange side-effect of territory creation to his being, the mage saw it as appropriate that he observe this crowd, for they cheer for a hero. Perhaps this was a loose string of fate that he would be drawn into a new realm that praised another hero of another tale.


    ❝ What a splendid audience you've gathered here due to your feats... General Sabine, was it? As a lone traveling mage, I am glad to have traveled here to Neverwinter during such an occasion! ❞ The mage of flowers merely played out his role as a wandering mage. Select others had the idea to ask on where they were, giving away the notion that they were in the same predicament as himself. Surely there was something to be resolved if that was definitely the case, but for now...

    ❝ As this land is heavily foreign to my knowledge, may I ask what is this dastardly horde of Lich Valindra? I hear that this has not been the first time you've crossed paths with such vile forces, but I believe I... can provide a lending hand if this event dares to repeat itself. Wouldn't you agree, O Hero of Neverwinter? ❞

    This was only another tale for the mage of flowers, Merlin, to partake in.

    @Minerva @Takumi @Hahli Nuva @CrunchyCHEEZIT
  9. Minerva

    Minerva Christian Optimistic Nihilist

    The tavern could be found a short distance away, however, it was in a strange place. It was on an island floating in the sky that had been chained to the main floor. A bridge led up to it. Once inside, the tavern was extravagant.


    A group of women were gathered in the upstairs area, dressed in their masks and fancy dresses. Men drank at the bar itself, making jokes and laughing it up, and people lounged around in the couches.

    An elf woman smiled as you entered. She approached the group. "Welcome to the Moonstone Mask. I'm Liset Cheldar, the owner. I suppose you're here because you got the handout?" She said with a calming and kind voice.

    The crowd cheered as the carts made their way through the streets. "Together, they slayed a Dracolich, a feared Dracolich!" He said. When Arslan and Richter would approach , he would look at them, a bit warily. "This is Protector's Enclave, the safest place in the entirety of Neverwinter!" He said gesturing his hand. "By the grace of Lord-Protector Neverember." He would glance at Richter. "Are you alright, sir?" He asked, with a concerned tone.

    The guard leading Sabine would draw his sword as Merlin approached. Sabine waved her hand, causing the soldier to put down his dword and back off, begrudgingly "Oh? You wish to fight for Neverwinter? I'm grateful for the help.We could always use more mages." The woman said. "Especially since Valindra's getting bolder, attacking the gates. Just find Sergeant Knox and he'll get you set up."

    The guard stepped in. "Valindra's a menace. A lich who's been leading her undead armies against the gates of the Enclave here. Last time, she summoned a Dracolich, devestated our army before we could take it down."

    "Ah, you're in Neverwinter, the Jewel of the North. Well, it was, before..." The woman sighed. "It's nothing. Welcome to the city." She adjusted the cape and her shoulders. "I'm Boward, representative of The Harpers. It's pleasure to meet you, Lucina. Is Ylisse a land in Kara-Tur? I've met Harpers from everywhere in Faerun and never heard of it."​
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2019
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  10. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    Scorpia let out a low whistle when she saw the area the tavern was sitting on. "Wow, fancy!" And it only got better on the inside. As the elf woman addressed her Scorpia grinned. "Yeah!" Scorpia showed her the flier now pierced by the claw. "I figured if they were handing out stuff that it would've been rude to not come and look, you know? So uh..." She looked around slightly confused. "What's this about exactly?"

    @Yun Lee @Minerva @tavern
  11. Crunch

    Crunch Giga God Crunchmeister


    The name repeated itself multiple time through Richter's head.

    The reawakened hunter looked at the man speaking to him with incredulity, like he was speaking with an alien - not knowing that he was, in fact, doing something along those lines. Richter normally prided himself on being the well-traveled type, knowing every nook and cranny of Transylvania in the event of trouble. Yet, in all of the hunter's travels, never once did has he heard of a land named 'Neverwinter'.

    Richter shook his head, still looking at the man like he was a ghost. "Yes, yes, I'm fine, I just... don't remember how I got here. Nor have I ever heard of this place you speak of. Tell me, do you know where I can look at a map? Some kind of regional map, maybe? I have to figure out why I am here, and who, exactly, is behind it all. Unless this is just some trick of the mind."

    "Valindra's a menace. A lich who's been leading her undead armies against the gates of the Enclave here. Last time, she summoned a Dracolich, devestated our army before we could take it down."

    Richter's eyes visibly dilated, his entire frame tensing up like a bloodhound given the scent of it's intended target. He turned and cast a glance in the direction of the guard who uttered a mention of the lich and her army of undead, his ragged and confused breaths slowing and become more clear. Confident. Focused.

    Something about this got much clearer. Or, at the very least, familiar.


    The hunter looked back to the man he was speaking to, furrowing his brow and resting a hand upon the coiled whip slung to his waist. "Tell me another thing, friend. What year is it? I may have found the answer to my last question."

    @Minerva @Hahli Nuva @Gummi Bunnies @crowd​
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  12. Ver

    Ver Endearing Misanthrope Staff Member Moderator The Convergence Series GM

    Kazuma Satou - Prologue: God's Blessing on this Weirdass World



    Lo and behold, Kazuma Satou found himself in an unfamiliar place. It was certainly similar to the kingdom of the fantasy land he had been transported to the first time he... uh, valiantly sacrificed himself, but right off the bat, there was something off and different about this place. There was no doubt about it, this place was different from the kingdom. People yelling about the victories of some big name called Sabine, a lich called Valindra (he never heard Wiz mention that name before, he'll have to ask her about that later), and a lively crowd, but that wasn't all that bothered the young man.

    It was also the other... people around him. A lot of them looked like fellow adventurers, but... actually competent looking. Seriously like people he could find in a real fantasy game! Steadfast expressions, distinctive clothing, cool weapons! And yet, whether for the better or not, they seemed just as lost and as puzzled as he was. Were all of the people here whisked from wherever they came from -- different places all across the board -- into this foreign land? It was easy to overhear the answers that responded to the individuals' questions; a place called Neverwinter that he'd never heard of before, a Dracolich (now that sounded scary, but also another term he'd never heard before, just how much was Wiz keeping from him?!), and other stuff. And a side note...

    Ouuuuuughhh, now that's a serious fantasy hero! Maybe I've just been looking in the wrong places all this time! Kazuma thought enthusiastically as he gazed upon Richter from afar, taking note of his fiery gaze and really cool headband. And here he thought such fantasy heroes weren't real after bumping into that Mitsurugi guy, but hey, he shouldn't be that rude about Mitsurugi.

    His sword was worth a pretty penny at the market. Maybe he should have kept it and sold Chunchunmaru instead, just so he wouldn't have to bear a goddamned sword with that name.

    "... Wait a minute."

    ... Aha. That was the realization Kazuma came to. Why everything felt so pleasantly different.

    There was no confused moaning in his ear. No high-pitched shrieking that put literal crows to shame. He was free. HE WAS FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    "They're gone... THEY'RE GONE! I'M FREEEEEEE! THEY'RE GONE! THAT EMBARRASSING CRUSADER AND THAT STUPID USELESS GODDESS ARE GONE! AHAHAHA!" Kazuma started cackling out of nowhere like a madman, his eyes filled to the brim with momentary elation, "Hooh, maybe Eris-sama decided to bestow mercy upon me and sent me into another world! Like a reset button! I would have liked to remember something like that, but hey, another new fresh start! A real adventure this time! Maybe I can make some real friends along the way this time! This is the happiest moment of my--!"


    Then Kazuma stopped as he noticed Megumin standing right next to him.

    "... Oh. You're here too."

    Well, there went that.

    @Kaykay @Anybody
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  13. Ottonomous Ghost

    Ottonomous Ghost ?̺̖͉̞́ͭ̅ͅ?̨͔̀̂͆?̲͉̫̈́ͩ̓ͮ͛͜

    Ryze - Prologue


    As the Rune Mage sealed away the red World Rune, the one he had fought to obtain for hundreds of years, he recoiled at the terrible memories of it. He remembered the foolish rulers that had decided to use it as weaponry for their petty wars, and the destruction they had caused. Thousands of lives lost in an instant. The sight would never leave him. But, now, the power was sealed away, its temptation thwarted by the only man capable of resisting it.


    Ryze sighed a breath of relief as he looked upon all the World Runes he had successfully captured. Almost all of the chambers were empty-- except one. He just needed one more Rune, and the arduous part of his quest, which had spanned a millennia, would finally be over. There would be no final respite for him, though. He needed to ensure their safety for as long as he was alive. He'd do anything to stop this world from crumbling due to some power-hungry mortal that doesn't understand the power it holds.

    The question that remained now was: where was the next Rune? It had taken him so much time, so much precious time, to procure all of these runes; he was afraid that the last one may be in the wrong hands. It could be used again. He clenched his fists, his heart bolstered by determination. He'd need to find clues, fast.

    @Ver @anyone

    And then, Ryze found himself in a completely different world. He blinked several times, in awe of the place he found himself in. There was no such place in Runeterra named Neverwinter, and he was sure of it. So how did he get here? He had not used his Realm Warp spell to teleport anywhere, and that spell never even had the capability of reaching beyond Runeterra anyway.

    The sights that filled his eyes were dismissed almost immediately as he realized that he'd need to quickly find some way out of here. While he was dawdling about, unknown powers conspired. General Sabine and the lich Valindra were irrelevant for now.

    The first sparks of annoyance began with a masked woman requesting him to go to the Moonstone Mask. He scowled at the offer. "What? Is that some kind of tavern? Do I look like someone who'd waste time in such a place? No. I have better things to do, so go away." With that, he glanced around, trying to decide where to go. He really was at a loss, though. He knew Runeterra like the back of his hand, but he hardly knew where the city limits of this place was.

    Just then, his ears were invaded by the yelling of a young man. With a deep sigh, he responded. "Can you quiet down, kid? As much as I hate asking a lunatic for advice, you seem to know something about traveling between worlds. I'm in kind of a hurry right now, so if you could enlighten me on that, that'd be helpful."
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2019
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  14. Takumi

    Takumi Member of the Yato Club

    Neverwinter was not a kingdom or realm that Arslan was familiar with at all, and brought a hand to his chin in thought momentarily. Practically lost in thought as he listened to Ritcher converse with the man, the prince glanced to the man then. Arslan was, technically, no stranger to war despite not being extremely experienced in combat.

    Overhearing what was said about this Valindra, Arslan's interest and curiosity peaked. Before he could question it, someone started yelling and cackling like a mad man, which caused the prince to jump momentarily. The silver haired boy turned to cast a look of concern towards Kazuma, and just as abruptly as he started laughing he stopped.

    He wasn't sure what kind of company he was in, but now he was feeling a bit uneasy with Kazuma's sudden outburst like that.

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  15. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    It seemed another young lady had the same idea as Taric, as he was not the only stranger in this place. Yes, this floating tavern was exquisite, and if he was still the man he had been before, he would probably spend an entire day here. But now, he had an obligation to Valoran, and if he couldn't find his way back as soon as possible, there was no telling what damage could be done. Even so, the laidback and luxuroius atmosphere of this establishment put him slightly at ease, making his conversation with the owner far easier.

    "I was wondering the same thing, Miss Cheldar," Taric said. "I have only just arrived in...er, could you perhaps tell me what city this is? I'm rather new to the area, you see." Talk about the understatement of the millenia.

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  16. Minerva

    Minerva Christian Optimistic Nihilist

    "1491, Dale-Reckoning. Welcome to Neverwinter, sir. From the way you're dressed and your questions, I presume you're an adventurer? If so, I wish you luck. Last few didn't fare so well. " He pulled a map from inside of his bag at his side. "Here you go."



    Meanwhile, there would be a shrill shout from somewhere behind him within the crowd. "KAZUMAAAAAAAAAA!"

    "Ah, you're in Neverwinter, the Jewel of the North. Welcome to Protector's Enclave, established by Lord-Protector Neverember following his arrival in the city from Waterdeep." She said looking past them. She frowned a small bit. "Any more questions can be answered in a moment, please follow me." She said, walking towards an area marked "VIP". As you walked, you would notice a pin with the moon and the harp on her chest. ​
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  17. Takumi

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    "I'm sorry, d-did you say 1491?" Arslan spoke up, blue eyes landing on the man in an instant. Simply thinking he was in a different country, it turned out Arslan was in a completely different time-many many years ahead of the year 320, Pars Era. It was...almost frightening, really. Paling, Arslan really began to worry.

    It was almost too much to comprehend, and the loud shriek he heard somewhere in the distance wasn't really helping.

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  18. Lucky

    Lucky Gay Panic


    Waking in a strange place was not that unusual for Fjord. Him and the Mighty Nein were often going from place to place and didn't have a set place where they rooted themselves. Hell, for the past few weeks, they had been on a boat, under the ocean, in temples and in a magical box of wonders where there had been a dragon. So, he just assumed that him and the Nein had gotten drunk and maybe he had passed out. He padded himself and didn't seem to be missing anything, he wasn't robbed, that was good. He took a paper and shrugged, heading for the cavern.

    He couldn't have arrived at a better moment as the woman explained where he was. He couldn't say he didn't have any questions. "
    Well, as long as our questions will be answered Can't say that I ever head of Neverwinter. Sorry, if I seemed to have snuck up, wasn't my intention. Name's Fjord, love helpin in any way that I can." It was a very notable that Fjord had an incredibly heavy Texan accent.... though how natural and real it was up for debate.

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  19. Crunch

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    Richter's expression grew into a concerned scowl as the man presented him with a date and a map that he did not recognize in the slightest. He was almost tempted to pinch himself, or at the very least, find the nearest church and beg for answers from above, but all the hunter could muster was an irritated groan.

    "Did you say... 1491? That's over 300 years ago. Damn it all, what is the meaning of this?!" Richter snarled and clenched his fists, looking out over at the sea of heads moving through the streets of the old city. Some of them look familiarly human, while others would have provoked a drawing of his whip as a reflex, had the Belmont not been raking his mind for coherent thoughts.

    "Something brought me here with a purpose. Whether that is of good or evil intention, I need to find out who and what they are and put an end to this... this chaos. And the worst part is that I may already know who that is." Richter openly monologued as he cast a glance over at the discussions surrounding him of this so-called lich. A term that Richter has heard before, in fact; in the oldest, most fantastical crypts of the Belmont family lore. Three centuries is a long period to be dragged forth in time, even if this is some dream he is trapped within.

    It could be him. Time can't stop a curse, can it?

    If a Belmont was brought here with some purpose in mind, then the words of the folk begin to match up, and that subtle scent of blood hanging in the air will be all too familiar. Richter closed his eyes and released a heavy sigh, pressure escaping his tensed muscles, hands moving from his sides to grip the tail ends of his flowing headband.

    Forgive me, my beloved Annette. The curse upon me hasn't been lifted yet, it seems. But... whatever happens, I'll find the source of all this. I will return...

    With a swift pull of his hands, the headband tightens.

    ... once I put an end to the monsters that plague this place. That is my word.

    The hunter abruptly turned and accepted the map from the man, swiftly rolling it up and stuffing it away on his belt. "Thank you for this, friend. Once I find the meaning behind all of this, that 'Valindra' will not spill another drop of innocent blood," the hunter clapped him on the shoulder and firmly nodded. "You can bet on that. Stay safe out here."

    With a confident smirk and energy in his steps, Richter turned and began to flee from the crowd, glancing around at the sights of Neverwinter and wracking his mind once more for a plan of action. The road to finding the cause of his 'kidnapping' isn't going to be spelled out. If the map is to be believed, this entire region is practically alien to him. With no personal reference of where to go and what to do, he's going to need allies.

    And Richter wouldn't dare let himself be caught denying help from an ally for the second time.

    The question is; where can he find someone willing to get the bottom of this?

    That man looks like a blueberry.


    Wait, that's it!

    Richter brought himself to a halt as he was about to walk past Kazama, Ryze, and Megumin. The tall fantasy hero that Kazama described would quietly observe every individual mentioned, looking at them from head-to-toe with different expressions of confusion and wonder. They certainly looked foreign, yet somehow out-of-place in this foreign land, and that is precisely what he might need.

    He finally approached the group, catching their attention with the heavy footsteps of his brown leather boots. "Excuse me. Forgive me for being a stranger, but," he paused to unfurl the map of the Swords Coast in front of the group, displaying the same thing Richter saw - a land completely foreign-looking to someone particularly 'disconnected' from this world. "I'm going to assume this map doesn't make sense to you lot, right?"

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  20. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    "Ah! A gathering!"

    Clarisse whizzes towards the group of Kazuma, Megumin, Aqua, Richter and a strange blueberry-hued man. She wasn't the brightest, but even the most primal mortal instincts would be able to tell what stood out.

    "Hi hi~. What's the commotion~?"

    That was all she said, thinking of not another word to add to the conversation.

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