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One man's many mad ideas.


Arbiter of light and dark.
Names: Mephos

Aliases: King of Nightmares (Dreams)

Titles: Envoy of nightmares

Originally angel of Dreams and hope

Moral alignment: Chaotic neutral

Race: Fallen angel

Age: his real age is unknown but he seems to be in his early 20s, even though he is much older than that.

Sexual orientation: Pansexual

Appearance: It has been so long that he has forgotten what he originally looked like, his distorted views likely making him block out the memory of who he once was.

Now Mephos resembles a young man in his 20s, well built if pale of skin, with eyes as red as blood and a bowtie as red as blood and hair as red as blood standing at 5'11. Although technically a royal he is seen nearly all the time wearing shady looking clothing that looks as if it was stitched together by an amateur. His hat is a cut in half top hat with a patch sewed onto it, the left side of his face is covered by his shady red hair but if one where to look past it they would see that the eye in that socket had been torn out and patched up with a big red X.



Lucid nightmare: A long almost ridiculously proportioned scythe that resembles more black mist than anything tangibly sold, yet like any scythe it can cut enemies just the same despite its misty like appearance. Nightmare is kept in his shadow and is a weapon formed from his own soul only breaking when he is either dead or unconscious (though he can reform it back later if he wakes up from the latter). It is a weapon like no other, able to bend and twist almost like rubber yet cut like steel and when used in the dream world it can be used to inflect harm to the person in the waking world.

Archive of sleep: It is a record of the dreams he has visited. Holding the deepest secrets of those who have been visited by Mephos, cataloging all of the hidden meanings behind someones desires, fears, worries, lusts, hopes… Although he usually blots out the latter to not be painfully reminded of a lie told so long ago. The book is leather bounded and is only capable of being opened by Mephos or someone as strong or stronger than him.

combat prowess: Thousands of years as a dream warrior has truly done him well as he is one of the most skillful fighter in the world. As he is now due to the madness he is now also completely unpredictable in combat utilizing wild attacks and tricky movements.


Yin and Yang energy (Soul energy): Since Mephos was first a High ranking angel he still retains some power over the light even though he has been corrupted and since his corruption he also had the power of darkness at his beck-and-call. While wielding these duel powers Mephos is capable of many great feats, examples would be using light to heal gracious wounds cause by a physical or magical ailment, along with blinding foes and enhancing the power of his soul weapon. Commanding darkness also can increase the power of a soul bound weapon as well as deliver many plagues and can also allow teleportation through darkness to anywhere as long as light does not touch it. When he is serious he will combine these energies, resulting in a very explosive combination that would cause even the lightest warrior to pause in fear at the sheer intensity.

Dream manipulation: Originally Mephos job was to be the guardian of peoples sleep, fighting back any nightmare that would cause possible distress to anyone in the dream world. After forsaking this duty he became one who gave nightmares to people instead of helping to alleviate bad dreams, taking pleasure in the abstract distress of those who he was suppose to protect he is capable of manipulating the dream world to suit any need he desires. Mephos is capable of entering the dreams of many in a range of about 7 miles, understanding nearly everything about the person from just entering their dream. With Lucid nightmare he can even harm people in the real world or even kill them if he had the whim to do so and since the dream world is his own personal ‘play ground’ surviving is the best anyone can do until they wake up. If one is prepared and has a large amount of magical power however they can block him from entering their dreams or at the very least limit his control of their subconscious mind.

Will-O-Wisp: Resembling fire, but It's actually much, much worse. Mephos has enough control over it to inflict purely psychological sensations of pain rather than actual pain but it is impossible to distinguish between the actual wisps and the mental ones. They are charged and launched out of his mouth or extremities. Because it is not fire, it cannot ignite flammable sources and spread the flames, only coating what it initially hits, and beings who are immune to fire can be harmed by it. The flames can be distinguished from most actual fires by the fact they are dark red no matter what they hit. The will-O-wisps while used mainly for causing pain they are also able to inflict other sensations, like pleasure or even a sense of dread.

As the cosmos of the young world had been ordered by its own goddess, Aditi many forces where called into being to help manage and dictate how the natural order was to be. These other forces of the world would be soon be named angels by the first mortal races. One of these to govern the world of dreams was the fun loving Mephos who spent his time like the rest tending to the world he especially loved his job as he got to view the hopes and ambitions of the mortal races. Sometimes he would need to fight off the nightmares that would come out of the darkness of the mind. Darkness had been a strange blot on his goddesses creation that at time disturbed him. If All was good how come such ugliness could worm its way into the minds and hearts of mortal... And not just mortals. Like many children of the great goddess he was shocked and disbelieving of the times when one of his brothers or sisters would give into the darkness, forsaking what made them what they where and twisting them into perverted characterizes of something that used to be beautiful. The fallen ones. The Envoys of despair.

Epoch's went by and the once fun loving lord of dreams started to become manic by the amount of nightmares that increased day by day as it seemed that the mortal races and even those of immortal races grew more arrogant and lustful. His own heart once filled with hope and love suddenly became scornful and slowly became full of despair. Demons, the twisted abominations born out of the darkness that was parallel to creation sought to lower the beautiful work of his goddess into the murky chaos of their realm.... The only thing that kept him from falling into the tempting oblivion of nihilism was his beautiful creator....

All good things must come to an end. Even those things that seem powerful and glorious must too die one day. Aditi the great mother to all the angels and indeed all of creation as they knew it had suddenly gone missing, her illuminated throne vacated... With only a splatter of blood on it to give an idea of what might have happened.

Broken. Twisted. Full of unimaginable despair the once great lord of dreams after witnessing the throne of his creator, his mother, empty with only splatters of what could only be her blood became the monster he is today. Leaving behind the throne of heaven and becoming one of the fallen, become a lord of nightmares that spread his despair among all who live as he wonders the nexus of creation to alien worlds and times, as the world of dreams has no such boundaries such as place of time.
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Arbiter of light and dark.
Name: Taran Caelis

Aliases: Grandmaster, Taran, Zeus (In Elven tongue it means thunderer)

Titles: The invincible titan

Moral Alignment: neutral good

Race: Human

Subrace: Elf

Age: 160 (looks to be in early 20s)

Gender: male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual




Ascalon- Forged in dragons blood and tempered by holy fire Ascalon is truly a weapon of great renown. The gleaming silver great sword is completely indestructible, even through magic or great force can this legendary weapon be broken or even scratched. Never has it needed to be polished or even sharped a sword that personifies glory itself capable of cutting through nearly anything even made by magical means. Ascalon Transforms the users magical energy into powerful azure flames the burns all enemies that would bring harm to Taran, also protecting him from mental and spiritual attacks. In fact so close is this sword and Taran connected that the flames it produces does not harm those Taran wishes to keep safe.

Pendent- It was the one thing his parents left him, inside is an emerald jewel with a symbol inscribed on it. To this day no one know what the symbol mean or why he was left with it as a baby.

Combat Prowess: Raised and trained as a warden most of his life Taran has mastered every type of weapon that a warden utilizes, from swords to maces, axes and spear, as well as bows and siege weapons Taran is a master at all forms of combat.


Lightning manipulation- Exactly what you would think it is. The element of lightning, or electricity. This is similar to fire and sort of goes hand-in-hand, but with a more... Shocking touch. Basically this can range from something as minor as stunning someone temporarily, to something more devastating, like causing an actual lightning storm. Granted, the latter would be risky to the surroundings if their and especially if bystanders are still around. Even since he was a kid, he seemed to have some control over sparks and electric currents. Lightning manipulation involves the ability to create/generate/increase, absorb, conduct, and shape electricity of various intensities. On a stormy day of thunder and lightning, Taran will feel especially empowered and invigorated. A small bond to magnetism, he can also move and shape some metals, and he can turn into a small sphere of lightning as a way of teleporting, he can use this in combat but the energy it takes up would be a huge gamble.

Half-elf physiology-Like all Elves, even half breed ones, Taran has an extended life span that can reach into the hundred of thousands of years, this near immortal body comes with physical advantages such as supernatural speed, agility, healing, strength, endurance and even able to hear and smell things that normal people could not, his elf blood more intoned to the world than his human blood. When wearing heavy plate-mail he can move as swiftly and gracefully as a dancer. Although while its true he shouldn’t necessarily be as strong as a full blooded Faery Taran’s training and lightning magic have enhanced his body to above even the pure pedigree of his ilk, faster, stronger, and more durable than others Taran’s body is like a fortress that moves. Or like the body of a Titan.

Magic- Although more of a man of action Taran can utilize the arcane arts. His affinity for lightning and fire magic are (of course) Masterful when implemented. Although when it comes to other schools such as control water and earth he is at best a novice and at worst screws up. His Moto is ‘stick to what your good at.’

Weaknesses: While technically immortal Taran is still able to die from external means such as being killed in battle or even a powerful curse. His hands might be tied if civilians are put in danger caring about the code of his order to always defend the helpless.


Arbiter of light and dark.
Name- Sol
True form.

Human form.

Passive abilities:
Psychic resistance- Any ability that attacks, manipulates, or distorts ones mental or sensory abilities will have a little or no effects on Sol. (Example would be an illusion that would seem realistic to someone would be blurry in Sol’s eyes.)

Blazing soul- A soul born in primordial flame Sol's very being is indeed hard to tether down, like a wild fire he is a chaotic element that cannot easily be controlled and any attempt to steal or tamper with his soul will end in disaster.

Cosmic senses- While far from being omniscient or even wise Sol is capable of telling or at least have a rough estimate of how strong something is and able to sense life on planets as well as picking out a single individual in a crowd.

Eldritch physiology- Sol’s body is a strange mixture of physical tissue and cosmic energy allowing him to possess godly levels of strength, enough to tear through dimensional walls, reflexes that allow him to react to light, and even an insanely fast healing factor. In fact so Alien is his physiology it does not follow the natural laws of physics and thus he is not bound by them. One of the many abilities he's gifted with is shape changing, allowing him to look like the alien species on whatever planet he's on.

Active abilities:

Cosmic fire manipulation- Generated from the core of his being Sol is able to control and manipulate a seemingly endless amount of cosmic fire. This powerful energy does not act in the same way normal fire behaves and is in fact not bound by the limitations of the laws of physics, usually warping them to suit whatever needs Sol has. Since his physiology is somewhat biased off this reality breaking plasma his physical abilities cannot be accurately quantified. Discharging devastating energy blast that can destroy cosmic objects, or manipulating it into different shapes and densities effectively creating highly plasma matter out of thin air. When going all out his flames can reach theoretical temperatures and actually start melting reality around himself.

Gravity manipulation- Sol gravity alteration abilities are quite impressive, being able to both shut off, intensify, and redirect the flow of gravity between matter. This, in essence, gives him both matter alteration and telekinetic powers, able to lift, reshape, and set matter around him. This power also gives him the ability of flight between worlds by warping his own gravitational field through space. For more offensive uses Sol can condense matter into a net of extremely dense graviton particles, simultaneously superheating and supercharging the matters atoms into highly destructive plasma.

Overcharge- Like the name implies when all options are worn out and Sol having a difficult fight, its time to pull out the trump card. By overcharging every Atom in his body, Sol body will push past his limitations, becoming propelled by an ungodly among of energy for one purpose, to win. Pulverizing the environment with the shockwaves of his speed while burning all around him into ash, some have given him the title ‘god of destruction’ while in this form.

Hakai- The cellular activity and radiation of enemy ceases function after targeted and grabbed, along with almost all potential energy. Background energy such as electricity and radiation can also be absorbed, just walking by a city would cause a total blackout (although he can turn it off). If aimed at living things, kills all tissue in seconds by draining the energy from it.

Sol is very curious and at the same time impulsive this usually land himself in situations where its easy to tell he’s the odd ‘man’ out. Reveling in combat Sol loves a good fight, often times seeking out powerful opponents. Although coming off like a entity of little intelligence he is not as dimwitted as he seems.

Sol for as long as he could remember has been alone in the universe. His beginning a mystery to everyone even himself, some have speculated that he was some freak experiment gone wrong, an entity from another dimension that somehow was brought into this one, or even that he was born out of the dust clouds of the cosmic giant corpses.

Either way he wonders the universe. For what reason? Who knows, perhaps even he docent know himself. All he seems concerned about is having good food and good drink and a good fight…. Perhaps even friendship.
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