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I see you wandered into Ages Eternal, the Roleplay about Life, death, and the never-ending cycle of a certain planet yet to be named. I won't bore you with monologues, though, Let us jump right in!

What is Ages Eternal?
Ages Eternal is about all the Ages of the Mortal Realm, particularly centered around a special planet gifted by the Almighty to a pantheon of demigods. We will play out it's history in important episodes, snapshots of each era, called Ages for simplicity.

The First Age is Genesis; the planets creation story. We will be taking the role of the Pantheon of demigods who can create mortal things, but not control or destroy. Our adventures here will define the world for the rest of the RP.

How do I jump in?
Create a character in the Character Sheets thread, and then find a IC thread that interests you - And RP there. Bare these guidelines in mind, of course.
  • First age we play as Demigods, but in all ages following we will be regular characters and between ages the character sheet might change. You wont have to adapt old characters, but make sure the character you make for each age uses its age's sheet.
  • When joining, join the latest age and make characters for that age. We create new ages when the old ones are entirely concluded and people are ready to move on - so keep in mind you want to join an age in as early a time as you can! ...In other words, don't resurrect past ages. You could create a paradox in the story.
  • Bare in mind the sort of characters we need for each Age. We won't try to be restrictive, and we want you to get creative, but just be careful not to be disruptive. It will be clear what sort of characters we need/don't need.
Characters we need now/ current Age
The current Age is: Awakening, 1st Age

For this age we need the Demigods of the planet. If you really want to play a mortal you can, but bare in mind their is no society yet. You will more or less be a caveman-esque character.

Any questions can be answered on this thread! Thank you!
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I hope this RP takes off. This is going to be pretty cool. I've tried this RP idea before, but I didn't have the patience to run it. I'm happy something like this is happening!

(P.S.) I need to find a place to insert some Giant Cat-Birds in here. Been watching Jack play The Last Guardian, and I love Trico. Coming from an owner of 4 dogs and 4 cats, its probably not that surprising.
Thank you, I do too.

You can certainly create Cat-bird-people to be your minions or maybe a plague upon the world, assuming your still going with an evil character.
Okay, nows your chance. IC thread is up!

If you guys want to create your own sky-islands to better suit your characters, we can say it cam from your ball of fire.
I really don't plan to have a civilization, is that okay? I plan to keep humanity in check mostly, and tempt it.
You don't need to have any civilizations, that's okay. I plan to make several, but no one's obligated to make any if they don't fancy that aspect of world-building. Most of the RP's are going to be character driven, I think.
Yep, your in the right place, Oto.

EDIT SO TO NOT DOUBLE-POST: The only thing I see up with the characters you want to bring, Oto, is that their is only one deity in the generation before us, the Allfather. Your characters would either need parents from among our characters or just have their backstory reworked to fit this. Other then that they would be great to have in this RP.
Oh geez...This is gonna take some major revisions for my characters...And I see you've edited already. Huh. Well, That'll take a while, but I think i can bring them in by tomorrow.

EDIT: Hm...Geez. This will be someone difficult. I suppose I can have them be twin goddesses of Light, Darkness, Twilight, and the four basic elements, but I styled them after Music and Dance as well. Hm...Any tips or thoughts?
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Just thought I'd post it here so everyone sees, Pawnige won't be back until Saturday, so the RP won't start in earnest until then.
:( sorry @Lazzamore, today was busy, and I'm tired, so unfortunately, no IC post from me tonight. I'll post when I can, I think probably tomorrow, because of the freeze, but it's never certain. I will post when I can, though.
so when are we actually starting? and is it ok if i just follow along for a bit and then jump in in a few more days? I need more time to work on my characters. They can be created by the Allfather a bit later if it works ok.
@Spike1d23 Your post is not bad, If not a little short. I would just say to stick yourself out there and go all out! Make vivid descriptions and Word pictures! Even if you think your not good at that, TRY! Because the more you do it the better you will be! So yhea its ok for a first. But i would say to Be a little more descriptive with your words and dont worry about it sounding a little silly at first!