Hey everyone! I'm going to start an RP soon but I need at least two other people to get it started. I have specific kinds of characters in mind for the RP. I don't really care if the people I choose are new to the forums here (I'm new too after all) so no need to worry about that. As long as a character you have meets the criteria I have in mind, there is no problem. :)
Here are the things needed:​
First character: weapon weilder, has fighting/battling skills, human, adult

Second character: non-human, magic user, has fighting/battle skills, young adult

If you want to suggest a character that doesn't really have any of these, I can work things out if your character seems interesting enough to fit in the RP!

Alrighty! Suggest or link your character you want to RP with! I'll check them out and make a decision!​