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~Character Sheet Thread~
Magic Item or Ability:
Additional info:
What this all means:
Obvious. Make sure it makes sense, thematically.
Age: No minors or elders allowed. Keep it within reasonable age, given magic's effects on the body.
Gender: Obvious
Class: If you are a conventional wizard (spellsets and such), put "Spellcaster." Otherwise, feel free to employ any class you like.
Appearance: A picture is preferred, but not necessary.
Personality: What is your character like? Please provide more than one line, at LEAST.
Magic Item or Ability: Spellcasters: What abilities does your character have as a mage? If not a spellcaster, what arcane armor/weapon/gear do you possess and what does it do?
Weaknesses: What are your character's flaws?
Bio: What has their life been like so far?
Additional info: Anything else you need to mention.
Name: Tyner Derroga
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Class: Grandmaster (Tactician/Leader)
Appearance: This
Personality: Tyner is a quiet man, reserved in his intents and mannerisms. Under the most intense situations, he tries to remain calm and collected, constantly trying to analyze a plan for the best strategy. He sees himself as a scholar more than anything, and will often be enraptured by his studies. Tyner understands the true principles of justice due to his many previous adventures, and as such, tries his best to view everything from a non-partisan standpoint. He is commanded by a strong sense of duty, and has an almost fatherly affection for those under his command. While he may not get every joke or smile as often as he could, Tyner is someone to be respected, and may surprise you with a very un-Tyner-y flair...on rare occasions.

Magic Item or Ability: In incredibly rare situations of certain death, Tyner can morph into a magical construct of a quadruped beast, capable of extreme offensive attacks. This causes incredible wear-and-tear on his body though, and can knock him out for hours, even days, if he's not careful.
Weaknesses: Lack of Passion, Second-Guessing, Weak in Battle

Bio: Tyner cannot remember a time when he was not a mage. In reality, he most likely became one around age 15, when he stole a small glowing orb from a jeweler's safe. After displaying the symptoms of a mage, Tyner's life of petty crime ended, and he was thrown out onto the streets of Allatag. With nowhere to go, he turned to the local chapter of the Nomads, where he became fascinated by magical artifacts and their properties. After many years of service in many chapters (though he always seemed to return to Allatag's service), Tyner is the leading expert in Arcane Oddities in the Nomads. He was sent by the nomination committee of the Guild to oversee the Calary chapter's founding.

Additional info: N/A
Name: Ixil Y'vander
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Class: Hospitaller (Medic/Knight)
Appearance: Brown hair, green eyes, fair skin. 5'10", 160lbs, average build. His average features are marred by several ugly scars on his face, as well as a broken nose.
Personality: Ixil is a good natured fellow, is forthright, humble and sincere. He is jovial and talkative, and does his utmost to make the lives of those around him better. He frowns upon violence but finds it a necessity on occasion. He puts others to the same standard he puts himself, and expects them to be as open with him as he is with them. He has a strong moral compass, but at times loses track of the bigger picture following it.
Magic Item or Ability: Ixil is able to manipulate disease. He can relieve someone of a plague by taking it unto himself, then transfer it to another. A man with a fatal infection from a sword wound, for example, Ixil may take, relieving the man of the infection, leaving him to deal with the sword wound alone. The longer he retains the disease, and the more he retains, the more the diseases begin to manifest on him. He could hold said fatal infection for a week, perhaps, before the symptoms begin to manifest on him, and begin to kill him. Holding two would half his time, and holding one half as deadly would double it, etc. A touch of skin to skin is required to transfer the disease, and given diseases take some time to manifest, the time varying from days to mere hours.
Weaknesses: Compassion, Trust, Straightforwardness
Bio: Ixil was born in an ordinary countryside hamlet. He and his brother, one summer day, escaped from their chores one summer day at the age of ten to do some spelunking in caves near their house. He and his brother descended deep, and his brother slipped and fell, breaking his leg in the process. As Ixil left to get help, he found the way they came in was too steep to leave from. He went deeper through the caves, hoping it surfaced somewhere else that he could get out from. Deep in the caves, he found a small shrine, with a stone idol. He took the strange trinket with him. In hindsight, he would find that idol to be the thing that granted him his powers.

Ixil found his way from the caves late at night, and managed to save his brother's life. The village did their best to help him, but they lacked the skill to help him. A travelling man came through the village some time later, and hearing of his the child's injury, came to help. He did his best to heal the injury, but sorrowfully told the family that the infection that had set in was beyond medicine's ability to fix. Ixil discovered his powers then, and took the infection from his brother. The wandering man, seeing this, and realizing Ixil's potential as a mage, revealed himself to be a member of a nameless order of doctor knights, who traveled the land and healed the sick. Ixil was offered to be his apprentice, which he accepted.

Ixil learned of the sword and medicine through his master, as they traveled the land, as well as exploring his powers. He found that he could take disease from animal as well as man, but couldn't give a plague carried by one to one affected by it. At the age of twenty, the traveling man had taught Ixil all he knew, and they parted company. Ixil traveled to his hometown, and visited the friends and family he left behind long ago. Afterwards, he traveled for many years, before joining the Arcane Nomads.

Additional info: Wears an ordinary chain mail vest under his travelling robes, and carries an ordinary longsword. Generally carries basic medical supplies with him,
Name: Tyvin Tormen

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Class: SpellCrafter (Enchanter/Builder)

Appearance: This woman stands at a slightly tall height at roughly six foot, half of her head adorned with a mop of short crimson hair she never bothered to brush; the other half stand as completely clear of hair due to... Incidents involving somebody's curiosity with potions. In place of hair, there are blots of paint left there by a twelve year old that wanted to crudely draw 'cool' symbols on their bald spots.

Personality: With one arm infested with cursed crystal and another scared with regret, Tyvin is a person who's accepted the fact that her days are numbered, lucky to even make it to fifty. So, she intends to treat her days like one last glorious mile in a race (To make up for sucking at foot races back in the day), putting her powers to good use and to their limit. She remains out going and curious, spending her time expanding her knowledge on the ways magic can be used as well as how to apply that knowledge to better herself. However while she tries to remain positive about her situation, she can't help but feel jealous of everyday people.

Magic Item or Ability: Her original contact with a cursed bracelet she'd attempted to steal left her body scared in many ways, her power comes from her left arm that barley has any actual flesh remaining, most of that arm replaced with the crystal that allows her to use magic. Her access to magic works in glyphs and symbols she can create in front of her (Only with the crystallised arm), drawing with her fingers to cause different effects, ranging from useful to stupid (A weak barrier forming around her? Useful. But no foe shakes in fear at the prospect of bubbles!). To get the desired effect, she needs to know the symbol she's drawing and be able to do so without distraction, because if the symbol is drawn with even on smidge out of line, the spell can completely backfire. To compensate for the situations where she doesn't know of a glyph that can help, she falls back on the lessons of her childhood, hunting. Though a bit awkward with her strange arms, she is able to manage a bow, though she is by no means an expert.

Weaknesses: Impulsive, arrogant and rather grading on the average persons ears. While she usually means no harm, she doesn't really make an effort to be polite to other no matter they be strangers or friends or people she really shouldn't be pissing off, making her rather annoying at times. On the battlefield, she's not the most strong or tactical person. While she can work well on her own, she is a poor swordsman and at many times will require direction from others to get by. She means well, but when everything suddenly goes south, she finds it hard to adapt.

Bio: You know how life goes, pushed out kicking and screaming with nothing more than tears protecting you from the cold. See, I grew up in what many people like to refer to as a shit hole, not a coin to my name, just the bruises for how many people I've had to bend over backwards for. Father was a blacksmith with his head always in the smoke of a newly christened blade, mother was a hunting predator who hardly kept herself cooped up in doors; she brought in the food, he sharped her claws, I accidentally lit the rug on fire... Twice. Life was hard. The old lady was sick of it and left with every coin she could fit in her pocket, I didn't mind though, she never got me that bunny for my birthday. The old man, however... It hit him pretty hard. In short: life got harder and I saw an opportunity. A necklace, a beautiful necklace, doomed to rot away in a sealed tomb. Now, I ain't saying that what I did was all that nice for the family of the dead guy, but I couldn't let something so valuable stay under the dirt. I snag the container and get the necklace, I wasn't expecting it to break instantly, and I was expecting the crystal inside to jump out and impale my arm. The Old Man wasn't expecting it either when his seventeen year old daughter burst into his house, one arm a scarred mess and another a piece of of jewellery and flesh. He was hopeful at least, never looked away in horror, and supportive to the end. But I knew what magic meant here, I knew what I was, a burden. So, I took off into the night on my own, hoping one day I would return.

Appearance: This woman stands at a slightly tall height at roughly six foot, half of her head adorned with a mop of short crimson hair she never bothered to brush; the other half stand as completely clear of hair due to... Incidents involving somebody's curiosity with potions. In place of hair, there are blots of paint left there by a twelve year old that wanted to crudely draw 'cool' symbols on their bald spots. Her face looks normal for the most part, aside from the few strands of crystal that have spread from her arm and decorate her chin, running all the way up to the corner of her lips. She at least got to keep her green eyes and light skin tone. Below her neck, her body has become a mixture of scared flesh (Cracked skin, as if something inside her had long ago forced itself out) remnants of regret. Her right arm looks charred and contorted, her left almost entirely crystal. She keeps the left arm hidden by an extra layer of cloth and a single glove, while the other arm is usually easily visible. Travelling light, she usually wears a leather vest as well as leather boots and belt, a bow and quiver usually on her back when ever she heads on a contract; a dagger in her belt just in case.

Additional info: Animals for one reason or another seem to hate Tyvin.
I bet you 1 million rubles that Tyvin and Tyner totally have a joke about how similar their names are :p
My character sheet is now done! Enjoy!

The art does not belong to me and I will remove it if the artist asks me to do so.

Name: Aelora(Old name) Amorra [Name after the change.](Oddly sounds familiar to the word ORMR which in norse means dragon,snake, and serpent.)

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Title: Dragon of Chaos (Title given to the chaos that followed in her wake)

Class: Drache Brawler (Dragon Fighter basically.)

You can tell most of characters appearance based on the picture above. But I will go ahead and clarify on some of the features. Amorra is 5'8 tall and weight is 150 pounds. Her eyes are a yellow color but with black slits instead of a round pupil humans have. She use to have brown short hair but since becoming the thing she is now her hair turned dark red and is very long. So long that she will spend time on braiding it so she would not step on her hair or anyone else. No matter how many times she tried to cut her hair it only grow back to this length.

As far as her attire goes she wears black leather armor that her mentor gave her that helps her move around while in combat. What I mean by this is that anything she wears has to be durable and adjustable to her body and scales. Everything she wears has to be custom made for her certain body type. When she was younger she tried to get clothes that would hide her monstrous appearance but nothing ever seemed to do the trick. She could never hide her feet or hands as they could not fit in shoes or gloves. But since the leather armor she wears now have magical properties her leather armor set covers her feet like if she had socks on but sadly her hands still could not be covered due to claws extending outwards based on emotions or combat.

Personality: Amorra before the change was filled with curiosity and loved meeting new people. She also loved helping out other people and working with her Papa but all that changed the day she became inflicted. Once she changed she went through a lot of trauma that changed her personality and actions. Due to the beast she has become erratic not to mention due to how she looked physically people have treated her horribly. Due to all that has happened she also has a quick temper and has a hard time getting along with people. She does however still have some pieces left of her old self and can be kind and caring in certain situations or with certain people like her mentor. But since she suffers from fighting mentally with the beast the haunts her she often displays erratic behavior. But since she has been like this for 7 years she is getting better at controlling her behavior.

Magic Item or Ability:
Magical Item-Draconic Gloves
These gloves were rumored to be a curse object and so no one dared touched them in fear of the rumors that surrounded them. One of the rumors is that once worn the user would be torn apart from the cursed beast that inhabited them and would never find peace in the afterlife.

When Aelora first came into contact with them something about the gloves perked her interest and she had an urge to wear them. After putting them on all she could remember was the screaming and a pain so strong she felt like she was being ripped apart over and over. When she woke her whole body was sore and she soon discovered she was different. Her whole body was covered in scales and her hands had become claws. She had become a monster.

Information we know about the gloves: Fuses with the user if he or she survives and turns the user into a dragon/snake ish creature. The user physical stats and senses are improved more than a human's. The user has hardened skin on the outside of her body. (Example: Her back, outer arms, hands, and legs are protected by hard scales.) The front of her body however is more human ish skin and needs to be protected as softer tissues are located there. The user also has bigger hands than normal people and they are equipped with deadly claws that can extend out longer when angered or in a fight. The user is also resistant to most illnesses and has a faster recovering rate than humans. As far as senses go she is able to see better in the dark and just better vision in general. She is also able to smell things better than humans like the scent of animals etc.

The user also struggles to fight back the ever so present beast that wishes to cause destruction upon the user and anyone around the user. When the user has not eaten anything for a while or becomes angered the user becomes prone to more beast like mannerisms if not careful the user can be overtaken by the beast. Amorra however has been fighting the cursed beast for 7 years and has great control even when angered but it depends on how angry she is.

Surprising enough Amorra has plenty of weaknesses. A major one being that her front side of her body can be pierced by normal weapons and so to try and counter that weakness she does whatever she can to protect that. Another weakness she has is she is slower and weaker when in colder climates. Similar to a snake she becomes sleepy in cold weather.

As far as magic goes she is able to withstand certain magics but she is not at all immune to it like she is immune to normal weapon attacks that have no magic to it. She could probably take some magic hits but as far as blocking magical items that are like swords and such it will pierce her armored skin. Her in itself is a major weakness. The inner battle with her and the beast can weaken her body and mind thus allowing the beast to take over and cause herself harm and others around her. So if you're able to break her will or make her go out of control based on her emotions she could lose control and become the very monster everyone thinks she is.

Bio: Amorra was born in a small town called Valran and she lived with her father and mother. Her father traveled a lot as a merchant and her mother stayed to take care of Amorra. When Amorra turned five years old her mother passed away and she was left in her father's care. Her father had to take her with him on his travels. Amorra for a while had a hard time coping with everything but eventually she grew use to it as she grew older. She had a fun time meeting new people and going to places she has never been and she also grew very close to her father.

Once she turned 15 years old her father had given her an interesting gift it was a pair of gloves that looked like it was made from snake skin. She thought they looked strange and wondered why anyone would even make gloves that looked like it was made from snake. Her father apologized as he knew it was not a great gift but he felt that the gloves were interesting and he figured she would find interest in them which she did but was hesitant about wearing them as if something deep down inside of her said not to. The gloves came in a pretty engraved box and she wondered where her father even got them from.

Amorra could not shake the feeling from her as she looked at the gloves and was curious about them. Her father had left her alone in the carriage as he went to get some supplies for their next adventure. She continued to look at the gloves until eventually curiosity got the better of her. She picked them up and put one of the gloves over her hand and she looked at it and it was too big for her. She then decided to put the other one on to see how it looked on both hands rather than one. That was the moment everything went wrong. All she could remember is the sound of screaming and the pain. Unimaginable pain ripped through her entire being it was as if her body was being destroyed over and over again. After what felt like forever the pain subsided but all there was in her view was darkness.

After what seemed like forever Amorra woke up but her body was sore and her ears rang and she felt like she was sick. When she opened her eyes everything was blurry and she was starting to get scared. She did not understand why she was in so much pain. It took her a while to get up but she did stand but felt weak. Her vision cleared and she looked around and realized the horror that was displayed in front of her. The town they were staying in looked completely wrecked like a hurricane came through there and what was worse was she saw bodies on the ground covered in blood. She screamed and then started hyperventilating and as soon as she did that she felt sharp pains throughout her body. She then looked at her hands and noticed they were different. Instead of her delicate smooth skin she was covered in scales and her hands were big and had claws at the end not to mention they were covered in blood. Amorra froze at the sight of herself and the town and pieced everything together. She started to deny the thoughts that echoed her mind and she she fell to her knees crying at all the emotions and everything going on right now. She was confused and in so much pain and felt sick.

Then she heard a noise come from behind her and was panicked by it and turned around quickly and saw the one person she loved standing there limply with eyes filled with terror. She quickly stood up and called to him but he flinched away. "Papa it's me... I..." before she could finish her sentence her father shouted the word monster at her and those words cut her deep. "No!" she shouted "It's me!" she said trying to approach him but he pulled out a dagger he had and yelled at her to stay away. Something inside her felt threatened and she bared her sharpened teeth at him and her claws extended and before she even knew what she was doing she charged at him. Her father then tried to defend himself but she was too fast and struck him down. In that moment she snapped back and could not believe her own eyes. Her father was dead and by her own hands and that was the moment that her life as Aelora died.

From that point on Amorra traveled from place to place all she could do was wander around. If people saw her along the way they would scream and run away or simply throw rocks and whatever they could do to make the monster leave. There was times when Amorra could not find food and she would feel herself being overtaken by instinct to hunt and kill. Whatever it was that overcame her wanted to feed. There was times where she would black out and not remember anything and sometimes she felt like she was being eaten alive with whatever had taken control. Nothing ever made sense to her and she hoped that one day it would just end.

One day she decided it was enough and let whatever was eating at her sanity take over. Then she remember the unbearable pain of her body being torn apart and starting to feel the same pain once more and this was when she saw it. The terror that was within her... eyes that glowed red and a loud noise that sent a chill throughout her soul. And for some reason that was when she started to fight whatever it was back it had grabbed her by its mouth and was going to devour her she just knew it but one thought came to her it was the pure thought of survival. Why did she want to live so much? She killed people... she was a monster... something not worth living.. Why did she fight? Was it because she did not want to lose to this monster? While her internal battle was going on she lost control of her physical self and went on a rampage. The monster was overtaking her and she was getting tired of fighting it off until she heard a loud voice telling her to keep fighting. What was this voice? It seemed to give her energy and she continued fighting until eventually everything seemed to disappear and she opened her eyes to find that she in someone's arms. She was too tired to fight whatever had her she looked over at the person and it was a man with long black hair and a scar on his left cheek. He looked back over at her noticing that she was awake and smiled over at her. "Who...are..you?" Amorra managed to say. The man simply looked at her and said one word which was: A Friend. That was the last thing she had heard as she drifted back to sleep.

That was when Amorra met Alexander who was an Arcane Nomad working for a small guild in a city called Calary. He was the one who had saved her life and given her a new one and that is also where she got her name from. Alexander decided to name her Amorra since she lied to him and said she did not have a name of her own. Ever since that day the two were inseparable. Alexander was 25 years old at that time and Amorra was 15. Alexander was a mysterious man even though she always was with him she could never find out what his so called power was or if he even had one. Alexander had taught Amorra many things about magic and even about herself. It helped her understand what had happened to her but it did not make it anymore easy.

Alexander trained Amorra on how to survive and make her life better than it use to be after the change. They did contracts together and Amorra lived in the tavern called The Nomad's Respite. Alexander had arranged a way for her to live there and that is a story all on its own. For seven years Amorra has lived there and went on plenty of adventures with Alexander until one day he vanished. Amorra waited for him to come back from one of his solo contracts but he never did. She even tried to look for him but it was as if he never existed and this made her very depressed and she began to act out again. She is now 22 years old and still working at the only place that had ties to Alexander and she still hopes he is alive somewhere.

Additional info: She's open to have a romantic relationship with but she will be a pain in the ass to romance lol. She can open up but it will take a while. I would have went with more information on her but halfway through I got writers block out of the blue =/. Sorry about that!
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Name: Elin Virier

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Class: Don't have a cool class name yet but I'm working on it (Buffer/Debuffer)

Appearance: Elin is gangly, slightly awkward 15 still growing into his limbs. He isn't very tall yet, but he has broad shoulders and keeps growing out of his clothes, so he might be one day. He has tanned skin with a smattering of freckles over his nose, and curly, light brown hair that is always sticking out from underneath a brown flatcap. He wears pants that he is consistently growing out of, meaning they rarely reach past his ankles, with suspenders and a light shirt. If he has to dress up, he usually throws on a waistcoat or the one coat he owns. He has hazel eyes and usually is grinning a little sheepishly. He owns one pair of shoes that are pretty beat up, but he loves them.

AvianAnnihilator on deviantart has a sketch up that is pretty close to my idea of Elin here

Personality: Elin was the youngest in a large family and never quite got to the point of self-sufficiency. Obviously being forced out of his home and having to live off his wits forced him to get smart fast, but he still does better with people around him. He isn't very good on his own. He gets easily stressed and easily scared, though he is all the more courageous for so often facing these fears. He is loyal to a fault, far too easily trusting, and very sensitive, though he has developed enough of a thick skin to live through the streets on his own for a good while. He will defend anybody who he thinks is being wronged and is usually fairly easy to manipulate because of it. He is endlessly compassionate, to the point of forgetting to feed himself if someone else is wanting. He isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but it's hard not to love his simple, caring nature. Since he became a nomad some of his more childlike qualities are coming out more prominently, especially around certain people, as he finally has an environment where it is ok for him to be more of a child. Easily disheartened by his lack of progress with magic, he makes up for it with tenacity and an infectious smile when he eventually succeeds. Though he may not always be the fastest or the strongest or the cleverest, you know if you ask Elin to do something, he will stubbornly persist and persevere until he gets the job done. He throws everything he has into any job he's given and tries his hardest at everything he does.

Magic Item or Ability: Elin has the ability to manipulate the skills of himself and others. Nothing too majestic, but he can offer a boost to someone's speed, or their strength. He can confuse an enemy to the point of rendering them useless, or make himself almost invisible if he needs stealth. An invaluable ally, he also works well on his own. However, he is still working out these abilities, and often gets confused if he tries to do more than the basic buffs and debuffs. Once he tries to manipulate more than two or three abilities, it usually requires a trade off-if he wants to make himself nearly invisible and also very fast, it usually means he gets a little weaker. To counteract this, he is working on storing these buffs in magical objects or potions with the aid of some more knowledgeable mages.

Weaknesses: Trusts anybody to their word, and is almost painfully innocent. Utterly guileless, he takes everything to heart and is easily hurt by those around him. He doesn't fully understand his ability, and cannot control it completely yet. He has a boyish desire to be a hero, but cannot stomach the thought of violence, meaning he usually prefers jobs that are about retrieving objects, and is a bit rubbish in a fight, though he is great to have along considering his abilities.

Bio: Elin was born into a large family with a bustling, busy mother always yelling orders to do chores, and a lot of burly older brothers. Always trying to be a good son, Elin ran to complete every task he was given, and ended up doing a lot of odd jobs for the neighbours to earn some pocket money. While in one of the town's taverns one day dropping off some supplies from his father, a man offered him some coins to run a letter to the noble house. Being a good lad, and having been paid a shiny penny in advance with promise of more on his return, Elin ran straight to the lord's house and dropped the letter into the stables. He waited while it was taken up to the house and was eventually given a ring to take back to the man in the tavern. The man in the tavern did not come to meet him for another few hours, and by the time he came to pick up the artefact, Elin had absorbed a lot of its magic. Within a few days, he began to show the symptoms of a mage. His family, not having time for him and fearing that he was infectious, cast him out, and the townspeople soon did the same. He never quite cottoned onto the fact that the lord and the man in the tavern had used him, a nobody, for just this reason. He set out for another town, working on farms and doing honest labour to pay his way, learning bits and pieces from the various workers he did odd jobs for. He slowly learnt more and more about his magic, but felt as though he was cheating, his backwards, superstitious view of mages ruining his potential, but he used it often enough to get out of tight scrapes with people who discovered what he was. As more and more of these kinds of encounters occurred, he felt more and more thankful for his ability, though it still confused him. He eventually was found by a mage who brought him to the local chapter of the Arcane Nomads.

Additional info: He craves connections with other people, and will eagerly soak up any jobs or any training anyone will give him-hint hint nudge nudge other players.
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Name: Shiori Lessa
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Class: Tracker and Spellcaster
Appearance: With unkempt dirty blonde hair, a pale face and pupilless eyes, the right one containing swirling deep blue markings similar to the text of her book and the runes on her body, Shiori has a very strange appearance. With her always looking tired despite having great amounts of energy. Several black runes dot her body in the same strange text that the book contains, which appeared on her body after contact with Veda along with her strange eyes. She has a very short stature and seems frail, however, she can defend herself, using both punches and the spells from her beloved book. Her small hands are always clutching her precious book and her build is light. Often wears long cloaks that are long, draping over her body in a way that makes her look rather scholarly. Her garb apparently is summoned by the book. Her book is leather bound, with strange runes and maps of otherworldly places on the inside. The soft cover is a deep blue, and the paper is a creamy color. If anyone but Shiori touches it, it seems to administer a highly painful sensation. It is very attached to her and will teleport to her location if she is in danger or is too far away.
Personality: Distant from many, she does not work well with others. She is curious and always wants to learn more, however, she is afraid that she will be denied. Extremely smart for her age due to exposure to her magic Item. Protective of her book, she will fight desperately to get to it if taken away from her.
Magic Item or Ability: A large book, seemingly an Atlas or another kind of Reference book, full of pages written in a text that only Shiori can read. It shows maps of this world but also of seemingly other dimensions or planes of existence. She can use this book to look up about anything, and the maps can guide her to wherever she wants. However, she is hesitant to use this power.
Weaknesses: Timid, afraid to speak her mind and cold and distant from others. She gets very angry when her information is disregarded, often being very bitter to those who misjudged or undermined her. On her Missions, she is efficient, and does not bother to smell the roses. Her only "Friend" is her book, Veda
Bio: She lived a normal life in her Village, had many friends, did her studies and was a normal girl. Her parents loved her even though the marriage was unstable, and all was well. But then there was the fighting. Money seemed to be the problem, always the problem. She couldn't Understand. Why were her parents frustrated and angry when she came home? Did she do something wrong for them to cast her aside? They fought continuously. Her Mother accused her Father of letting them down. Her Father accused her Mother of her over spending in the market. One day when her parents were fighting bitterly, her Father in a fit of rage threw her out of the house. Frightened she ran into the desert and ran for as far as she could. She didn't know where she was going, she just knew she had to get away. Something called to her, even as she grew tired and hungry. A crumbling tower, full of books that were ruined from age that sand that blew through now that the walls no longer stood to protect them. Except for one, on a table. As she reached for it, a raspy voice sounded and warned her of the book, seemingly coming from nowhere. "Take it, if you value Knowledge more than anything else." She was confused, but she wanted to know. Why her parents abandoned her. Why money was ruining her life. How she could fix it. She touched the book, and fell into it fervently, reading all she could. She didn't know how long she stayed there, reading and understanding the book full of strange marks. That same raspy voice sounded in her head, but not it was more soothing, explaining the texts. One day, she decided she must share this knowledge with her village. All the wonderful things they could know! When she came back, holding her precious book, which she now called Veda, she was surprised at their disdain for her. Not only was her knowledge laughed at for her age, they eyed her book suspiciously, and shunned her as if she had a disease. Even her parents left her, despite her trying to show them how they could fix everything. When she approached the house of the wretched, for those with incurable sickness and curses that made them not fit to be in society, they too sent her off. Rejected, she lived on the edges of town. She heard people mumbling about Mages and how sad it was that she had fallen prey to the "Cancer" of the item. Confused she asked Veda, which told her of the magic in this world, knowledge that was withheld in her school for fear of it. Figuring out that the Item she held so dearly was magic, thus making her a Mage, she was determined to find her place in one of these Mage guilds that the book told her of. She worked hard to master the use of her Item and tried to join even with her age. Traveling to many cities, 4 years later, she finally joined, and now goes on quests not only for money but also to feel like she belonged somewhere.
Additional info: Her book seems to be the only thing that she needs, not really needing food nor water, eating only if forced to or if kept away from her book. The book, which she calls Veda, seemingly talks to her, and she treats it like a dear friend. She is only able to spell cast with Veda and otherwise her only magical ability is her understanding of ancient texts and adept mind.
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Name: Loren (Ren) Averell
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Class: Lightening Element Spellcaster (though for the most part he channels magic through something rather than casting because it’s easier and not as taxing on his body)

Appearance: Ren stands fairly tall at 5’10” and weighs about 160 lbs. His hair is almost pin straight and the colour of raven’s feathers, it falls just past his shoulders and he usually wears it half tied back or fully tied back in a bun. The shock of magic and the way it was introduced to his system caused a rather large chunk in the front of his hair to grow in silver-white within a few months. After this happened Ren did his best to ‘correct’ it through natural dyes but never quite managed to get it to work. He doesn’t mind it as much as he used to but being called old man is still a sore spot for him. A similar thing happened to his eyes, once a warm, solid brown they are now a pale stormy gray interlaced with veins of pure silver white.
As a result of his ‘introduction’ to magic and in turn the way with which he uses it, Ren has a number of pale lightning bolt-esque scars that almost seem to carve themselves over his tan skin. They are primarily focused over his hands and lower arms, the tips of his fingers completely covered in pale scars which disperse as they move up to his shoulders, as well as a central spot on his chest where the runed silver circle of his necklace lays. There is also several connecting scars that cross his forehead in a pale shaky lines that almost resemble a circlet.
The majority of the clothing he wears is plain and dark. He’s learned to be careful around long sleeves though and normally wears them pushed up to his elbows if he doesn’t have access to a sleeveless shirt as some of the methods he employs while using his magic have been known to light them on fire. He’s fond of cloaks or other outer-clothing that is both warm and can be easily removed. He wears several silver rings on each hand and a coiled silver band on each forearm because of their conductivity. Often having to polish them though as silver had a tendency to oxidise.

Personality: Fits into the Neutral Good alignment pretty well. Though he’s usually a calm and relaxed sort of guy who doesn’t let too much bother him when things bother him, they really bother him. His abilities have been known to react to his emotions and when angry his hands and their ‘lightning bolt’ scars will occasionally spark with lightening and have accidentally shocked people before, something that once he cools down causes him a lot of upset as he doesn’t like losing control. Definitely prefers to be a follower not a leader but will step up if he feels that it will reap the most benefits or if the situation has become to chaotic.
A bit of a protective type - though it’s not always obvious - Ren usually prefers to cast from a distance as defence in order to protect his companions rather than use them offensively and get in the thick of things. He’s inherently agreeable and unless given a reason doesn’t tend to disagree with others and will back them up if their moral alignment is similar to his.

Magic Item or Ability: Ren possesses the ability to call and control lightening because of a runed amulet. He utilizes this ability two ways; a) channeling it through himself and casting from his hands and b) channeling it through a metal weapon (his preference is silver because of its conductivity but he is able to cast through any conductive metal). Though he possesses this ability because of the amulet he does not need it to successfully cast though it does help him to focus his power.
Even though he is more than able to use his ability both ways he often prefers to channel lightning through something other than himself because it does not come with all of the same negative side effects that channeling it through his own body does. (Minor; Weakness, exhaustion. Major; Uncontrollable shaking, remaining conductive and actively sparking with lightning even after casting is done, blackouts, etc). He learned this fairly quickly after gaining his abilities without doing too much harm to himself - though this method is what caused the lightening scars on his arms - and switched primary methods, something that likely saved him from dying far before than even the already shortened life span of a mage.
He primarily wields a 6 foot long bladed silver staff which he has trained to fight with as well as to cast with.

Weaknesses: The unstable nature of his affinity to lightning often reflects in his personality and emotions especially when they are strong and negative. It is also very taxing on him to use his magic, especially when channeling through himself.
Though as time has passed and he’s gotten slightly used to it Ren has a hard time killing people, even if they’re bandits. He’ll do it, but he won’t feel good about it. The only way he’ll kill without hesitation is to protect someone else that he cares about.

Bio: The runed circular amulet that Ren wears on a cord around his neck is one that had been in his family for as long as anyone remembers, a tradition of it being passed to the eldest child on their tenth birthday carrying it down the line through generations. In carrying on with tradition being the eldest of four children, the amulet was given to Ren when he turned ten. Three years of the amulet being in his possession passed without consequence and would have continued to pass until Ren in turn would follow the tradition and pass the amulet on had fate not held a different path for him.
Having traveled into town to run errands for his mum Ren caught the beginnings of what would turn out to be a record breaking storm that rolled through the small settlement as he made his way back home. The first strike of lightning forked downwards and lit the sky, hitting not too far off in the distance where it struck a tree with a deafening crack. The second strike hit him.
Had there been anyone around to see it would have appeared as a miracle, the lightning crackling around his body almost seeming to be absorbed into his chest, not harming him other than a few black marks where his clothes had lit on fire then were immediately set out by the rain. The strike knocked him unconscious of course, would have killed him had he not been wearing the amulet. Which upon being struck began to absorb the lightning, creating the white scar-like lines on Ren’s chest as it did so, imbuing him with the lightning-based magic that he wouldn’t discover for another month yet.
He lay there unconscious in the mud and gravel for nearly two days until the storm passed and one of his younger siblings found him and brought him back home. His family, not knowing what had happened, along with the help of the town’s resident healer eventually brought him back to consciousness. For a month following the accident everything appeared as normal, then a chunk Ren’s hair began to grow in white and the colour started to slowly fade from his eyes. Fearing the worst he was brought to the towns healer again, a young woman who had originally come from a much larger town. Instantly recognising the signs of magic and in turn the faintly glowing sigils on the amulet that hadn’t been on it before Ren had been struck she sent them away. Telling them never to return to her with him, to send him off into the woods and leave him there, that he would only bring misfortune as magic always did.
As a result of the town being as small as it was there had been little trace of magic within it, and never any that proved to be particularly destructive giving the residents little fear in regards of it. The horror stories they had heard were just that, tales to scare children and nothing more. This disregard for magic saved Ren from being cast out, though it was only a matter of time until he eventually would leave.
Another three years passed and at age 16 Ren got a first taste of just how destructive his powers could be. Provoked by one of the in-town kids who had gotten into a fight with his younger sister Ren had called down a bolt of lightening without even knowing that he was able to do it and had accidently killed the kid. He had used his abilities little after discovering them, not understanding them and just plain having no use for them. Though of course he experimented a little, creating sparks as ‘magic tricks’ for his siblings when his parents weren’t around and other little things.
Horrified by what he had done, the magic still buzzing through his veins Ren started running and didn’t stop until he was as far away from his home, from his little sister and his family as he could get. He ran for three days, only stopping once he was too exhausted to go on then starting again as soon as he had rested. Eventually he reached the edge of the forest that had surrounded the small town he grew up in, collapsing at the doorstep of a quaint house surrounded by gardens with a plea on his lips.
The inhabitants of the house, an older woman and a child she called her daughter took him in. Both were touched by magic, the older woman with an affinity for plants and the young girl a feathered cloak that allowed her to change her shape when wrapped up in it. He spent five years with the pair, learning to control his abilities and to channel them doing his best to forget about the family that he had left behind and the death he had caused.
At the end of three years, nearing his 21th birthday Ren left in order to do something more with his life. He had heard tales of a group of mages from the older woman that had sparked his interest and set out to join them, wanting to do something more with his life and employ his abilities for the good of others.
Ren has been a member of the guild for 4-ish years or so, mostly doing small jobs and getting more used to his abilities and the ways that he can use them.

Additional info: The amulet that Ren wears is of course magic, though it had been dormant for many many years before falling into his hands and in turn never affected any of its wearers. It was only by chance, and a stroke of luck - or unluck as it may be - that he happened to be out during a storm and get struck, the amulet almost seeming to call the lightning to him. The lightning ‘activated’ the amulet and granted Ren his abilities.
Though not relevant in Ren’s case the amulet could have also been activated had just it been struck by lightning. This was the case many years back when it had resided around the neck of an ancient statue of a forgotten god, supposedly she was a deity of lightning and storms but her tale was lost to time like so many others. The amulet - charged - had been taken from around the god’s neck supposedly by one of her followers and in turn gained their own lightning based abilities. The amulet lost it’s power when it’s owner died and eventually found its way into the high branches of Ren’s family.
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Name: IVan Strakticv


Gender: Male

Class: Knight

Appearance: 6’5, Short brown hair, sapphire eyes, Muscular

Personality: He is a standoffish type. He keeps to himself and is very analytical. He is very skilled in combat though. He calculates risks and uses logic to get to the responsible solution. He is devoted to the Knighthood and very loyal. He is very protective. Sometimes he comes off as arrogant but really he is just speaking his mind

Magic Item or Ability: enchanted armor- blast proof, Fire proof, Magic proof

Weaknesses: Women, people that are in trouble

Bio:Ivan was interested in the knighthood as a child he watched the knights train and wondered when he would be ready to partake in the training himself. His father was a knight so him being on the grounds was allowed. He looked on at combat and was introduced to it at a young age. He was skilled at hand to hand combat. He has trained in this art since 10 years old. He is a very skilled swordsman as well. He travels with a broawd sword, bow and arrow and small sword. His archry skills are just as good as anyone’s he uses them to suprise his enemies and for scouting. Where a sword would draw to much attention or isn’t able to go. When he was 16 he was inducted into his servatude of being a knight and was under his father. He has been in three battles since then and has lived to tell the tales of those bloody conflicts. He is breed for combat and now knows it to be his life.

Additional info: Women are a weakness because he loves sex

Cato L’astaer

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Class: Spellcaster/Researcher

Appearance: Cato has emerald green eyes, tan skin like warm cocoa and messy light brown hair that is slightly longer in one side of his face. Standing at 5’10”, he has a lithe and fairly athletic build. He usually wears a dark green coat over his normal working clothes. Since the side effects of magic have been dealt mostly inside his body, his identity as a mage is nearly unidentifiable.

Personality: Cato is fairly good-looking. He brandishes his charm like a weapon, and almost easily bends people to his will with the charismatic smile he so likes to wear. While he may at first seem fickle and reckless, the few people that actually know him is aware that he is dependable, loyal and sharp, especially when it comes to more serious things. Still, it does not change the fact that he is indeed quite an infamous troublemaker, as his curiosity and determination to know stuff about the world oftentimes land him in sticky situations.

Bio: Cato doesn't remember much of his childhood, nor does he remember his parents, but he remembered the pain. He had grown up in the household of a cult who worshiped the liquid from a spring which is said to have magical properties. The cult has been much too hungry and crazy in their devotion that they chose to recreate a god, and used young Cato as a vessel, urging him to take in more and more of the liquid every day. The liquid was faintly glowing and thick and burns through his throat, he remembered that. But he doesn’t remember breaking down from the pain and creating a sonic boom that knocked everyone out in a quarter-mile radius around him. That was how a middle-aged mage found him, lying unconscious beside the spring. He was thirteen.

When he woke up, the mage introduced himself as Caesar L’astaer, a traveler who fancied himself as a researcher of different magical items that can be seen around the world. Cato found out from him that the cult has been brought to the attention of the authorities, and that since the liquid from the spring has already assimilated into his body, Caesar has adopted him so that he will have a guide in controlling his newfound power. Cato learned a lot from Caesar. When the man died at the ripe age of 46, Cato decided to don his adoptive father’s coat and continue his research to keep his memory alive.

Magic Item or Ability: Cato’s abilities revolve mostly on his power to manipulate and change the properties of the wind around him. Since he was thirteen, he had been fairly creative in experimenting variations to make his abilities more useful. Solidifying wind to pull sharp glassy daggers out of thin air? Piece of cake. Summoning a breeze of wind to ride on through over long distances? Sweet! Creating a wind barrier to fend off or trap in enemies? No problem! One ability he discovered and uses sparingly though, is the ability to make the wind pulse in a certain way, creating sound. With just the right frequencies, he can turn hard rock into dust, knock out a person, or even drive them mad.

Weaknesses: Cato’s sonic boom when he was thirteen, while made out of desperation, also left quite a huge toll on his body. Since then, Cato has been partially deaf. He gets by with his affinity to how the wind changes around him, by “feeling sound”, as well through lip reading. He had gotten so good at it that few people could notice. However, it still poses as a disadvantage every now and then.

Additional Info: Because of his history, Cato bears a little grudge for people who worship magic. He also has a fondness for child mages, especially since he sees himself in them, and he wants to support them the way his father supported him.

Note: Since Cato's father was a mage, I've been thinking that Cato may have already been a part of the guild since he was younger, and is just travelling away every now and then to do his dad's research. If that's the case, he may already be familiar with Tyner. @Southpaw, what do you think?
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Accepted, but do me a favor and lose the enchantment on the coat. That, plus the "draining oxygen", is slightly OP. Other than that, awesome character, and I'd love to have Tyner know him.